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BREAKING IN Does The Impossible: It Will Be Back on FOX

Coming back from the cancellation heap is never an easy feat, one that is rarely managed by a show whether that show is a drama or a comedy. So, the news that is coming out of  Deadline  that the FOX comedy  BREAKING IN  is coming back is certainly rare indeed, but one that will, undoubtedly, please the small, but dedicated fan base. The single-camera comedy that stars Christian Slater and Bret Harrison is to get a 13-episode mid-season order in what is being called a "complex deal with series producer Sony Pictures TV" (that is technically still being finalized). Read More... //

'Breaking In' not dead yet, Jane Lynch talks Emmys: News from FOX's press tour

News and notes from FOX's day at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday (Aug. 5):- FOX dropped its comedy "Breaking In" in May, but the show has been clinging to life ever since -- and it could still have a shot at returning to FOX.It's not an easy shot, but the network's head of entertainment, Kevin Reilly, says that "Breaking In" could be in the mix when FOX tries out a block of four half-hour comedies on Tuesdays in the spring (when "Glee" would otherwise be in repeats). "I like 'Breaking In.' We all liked 'Breaking In,'" Reilly says. It fell just outside the bubble (along with several other series) when FOX put together its 2011-12 schedule, "but ultimately we had a very passionate group of producers and actors who wanted to try to keep it going. I think as part of that four-comedy block, it still has a shot."Reilly stresses that he... //

'Breaking In' Still Alive at Fox ... Sort Of

Somehow, Fox's 'Breaking In' is still alive. The Christian Slater comedy was bounced around the network's schedule, shedding viewers like wildfire. Premiering to close to 10 million viewers and fizzling to just over 3 million, the series was as good as dead ... until Fox picked up the actor's contracts for a possible Season 2. According to Deadline, the actors are contracted until Nov. 15, making 'Breaking In' a possible mid-season contender. Fox is splitting the cost of keeping the actors under contract with producer Sony Pictures TV. //

BREAKING IN “21.0 Jump Street” Episode 8 (Season Finale) - Photos

If you only watch one show  tonight, make sure it is this one. If Breaking in does well, it might come back from the dead and be "un-cancelled". Episode Synopsis:  BREAKING IN "21.0 Jump Street" Episode 8 – When Contra Security  is hired to find a teen cyber-bully, Cameron finds  himself back at his former high school, where he must relive his un-glory days in the all-new "21.0 Jump Street" season finale episode of BREAKING IN airing Tuesday, May 17 (9:31-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Read More... //

Breaking In Creator on Raising Season 2 Hopes: Fox Recognizes There Is Something There

The Contra Security team of Breaking In has protected priceless works of art and famous celebrities, but the cast and crew behind the scenes of the Fox comedy are working on their biggest assignment yet: trying to get a Season 2 renewal. Less than a week ago, the freshman comedy was one of five shows axed by Fox. Even next to the cancellations of cult favorites like Human Target and Lie to Me , the news that the network was ending Breaking In came as one of the bigger surprises because of its star power (Christian Slater, Bret Harrison) and its impressive ratings (the series has averaged 7.7 million viewers in its post- Idol berth). "It really couldn't have gone any...  //

'Breaking In' finale first look: A fighting chance on new night and time

"Breaking In" fans, the series isn't done-zo yet. Not only do we still have the season finale to savor, but the show has a chance to return for a sophomore season.Reportedly, FOX is considering a reprieve for the series after its recent cancelation announcement. The season finale has been moved to Tuesday (May 17) at 9:30 p.m. ET as part of its Tuesday night comedy block where it may find a more appropriate audience as opposed to following "American Idol."Zap2it has an exclusive photo above of star Christian Slater (who plays Oz) with Mike Tyson, who's guest starring in the finale as himself.Tyson hires Contra Security to protect his estate, but his boxing prowess comes in handy when the crew takes on a case to find a cyber-bully. Cameron (played by Bret Harrison) goes totally "21 Jumpstreet" (but funnier looking) to find the teen culprit, but may find some bad high school memories are hard... //

'Breaking In' still alive? FOX reportedly reconsidering cancellation

Come on, FOX. Bring back "Breaking In." To quote Cash, we're in like Slytherin.Tuesday, May 10, FOX canceled all of their bubble shows, including "Lie To Me," "The Chicago Code," "Human Target," "Traffic Light" and "Breaking In." Talk about a bloodbath. However, Deadline reports that FOX is now reconsidering "Breaking In's" cancellation and is in discussions with Sony Pictures TV about possible ways to bring back the show for a second season. No decision will be made until after upfronts next week.The workplace comedy starring Christian Slater has had an interesting history: It was the network's highest-testing pilot last season, but FOX ended up passing on it. Sony TV extended the options on the cast, refusing to give up, which lead the network to order additional scripts. FOX picked up the show to series in November."Breaking In's" ratings have been pretty strong, thanks in large part to their lead-in "American Idol." The show has had... //

Breaking In Canceled by Fox

Just moments after we posted the news that Human Target  had been canceled by Fox , we caught win from  Deadline  that the new freshman comedy series  Breaking In  was also canceled by the network. Poor Christian Slater.  The guy just can't catch a break. Breaking In  premiered to solid ratings for Fox.  The series, which focuses on a group of thieves who work at a security agency, had nearly 10 million viewers for its premiere episode, and had  American Idol  as a lead-in.   The ratings for  Breaking In did drop-off after the premiere, and started averaging between 7 and 8 million viewers each week. Read More... //

BREAKING IN “Breaking Out” Episode 7

This week’s episode of  Breaking In  has an awesome title…"Breaking Out". Haha. Next  Lie To Me   should have an episode named " Tell me the Truth ". Episode Synopsis:  BREAKING IN "Take the Movie and Run" Episode 5 – After the team botches their assignment to secure KFC’s Secret  Recipe, Oz orchestrates a team-building exercise, trapping the gang inside Contra Security  over the weekend, forcing them to work together in order to break out of  the office . Cameron’s feelings for Melanie come out in the open, and Cash becomes jealous when Josh dates a co-worker in the all-new "Breaking Out" episode of BREAKING IN airing  Wednesday, May 11. Read More... //

'Breaking In': Michael Rosenbaum talks Comic-Con ep, 'Goonies' and his Superman shirt

Michael Rosenbaum is in heaven.Before you jump to any conclusions, we should clarify that he's in nerd heaven: Comic-Con. Well, "Breaking In's" version of The Con anyway.Rosenbaum fans can see the actor in action (and costume) at Comic-Con tonight, May 4, on an all-new episode of the FOX comedy. Contra Security, with new addition Dutch (Rosenbaum), heads to Comic-Con to recover the first print of "The Goonies" sequel (not actually happening, sorry to crush your dreams) that has been stolen by a Ninja Turtle. "Goonies" and Ninja Turtles? We. Love. This. Show. So how does "Breaking In's" version of The Con compare to the original? "I think they've replicated it pretty well," Rosenbaum, who has been to Comic-Con, says. "What's Comic-Con without Darth Vader or stormtroopers or Boba Fett or Gandalf the Great or Yoda? We've got 'Avatar.' We've got it all. It's nerd heaven and I'm definitely a nerd."While some of his co-stars are... //