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'Breaking Pointe' Review: Who's Who in the CW's New Ballet Docu-Drama

Ballet isn't for the weak. That's one of the many lessons Black Swan taught us, and now TV fans can see just how fiercely competitive the world of ballet is with the CW's newest reality series Breaking Pointe . //

Breaking Pointe: Ballet West's Adam Sklute Talks About the Show & What It Really Takes to be a Dancer

The two new CW summer reality series couldn't be more different.  The Catalina (which already premiered this week) is a light-hearted (and sometimes ridiculous) look at a hotel staff in Miami.  Breaking Pointe , on the other hand, is a quieter, more serious look at what it really means to excel in the competitive and demanding industry of ballet. Breaking Pointe introduces us to Ballet West, a company with slightly less than 50 dancers.  Of those, we really get to know about 7 dancers, all at different levels of their career.  There's Principal Artist Christiana Bennett, who is a veteran in the company.  On the other end of the spectrum, there's Beckanne Sisk, who, at younger than 20 years old, has the kind of natural talent that could really help her rise through the ranks of ballet at a more accelerated place.  The series will take us through an entire season at Ballet West, but the pilot episode begins with "contract week", when employment contracts are renewed or terminated, and all of the dancers learn their place in the company for the coming season. Read More... //