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Robert Knepper Brings 'Prison Break's T-Bag to 'Breakout Kings' (VIDEO)

From 2005-2009, 'Prison Break' entertained audiences on the FOX network. But while it was uneven throughout its run, one thing remained consistently fascinating. The breakout character of the series was Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, played brilliantly by Robert Knepper. It would prove to be the defining role of his career, and thanks to 'Breakout Kings' (Sun., 9PM on A&E), he got a chance to return to the character. The move puts the new series firmly in the same reality as 'Prison Break,' which means there is at least a remote chance of seeing some of that show's other characters. 'Kings' creators Nick Santora and Matt Olmstead were both writers and producers for 'Break' so they had a good handle on the character of Bagwell. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/03/21/robert-knepper-prison-break-t-bag-breakout-kings-video/

Breakout Kings Sneak Peek: T-Bag in Action

While fans can't wait to see Robert Knepper reprise his role as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell on this Sunday's new episode of Breakout Kings , the actor tells TV Squad he was hesitate to take on the role again. "I wanted people to have the same reaction, the same horror when they watched Prison Break ," the actor said. "[But] the [ Breakout Kings ] script was so fuc-ing good, I think we achieved that." Return to TV Fanatic after "The Bag Man" airs to read our review and see if we agree with Knepper's assessment. Until then, get a look at T-Bag in action via the following clip. //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/03/breakout-kings-sneak-peek-t-bag-in-action/

Breakout Kings Promo: The Return of T-Bag!

Through two episodes, our critic has been relatively satisfied with Breakout Kings . Read her latest review of the A&E drama HERE. This Sunday, though, the series will air the installment many fans have been waiting for, as Robert Knepper reprises the role he made famous on Prison Break : Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. The cons and lawmen will set their sights on this prosthetic-handed criminal, aiming to capture him before he crosses the Canadian border. It's been awhile since we've heard the sinister snicker of Knepper's fun character, but get an early look at him on a different network below: //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/03/breakout-kings-promo-the-return-of-t-bag/