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Top Moments: Conan Goes Coco for Christmas, Survivor Gets Dumb and Dumber

Our top moments of the week: 8. Best Diss: When Phaedra and Kim whip out the claws about Phaedra's due date on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the new mother takes a nasty swipe at Kim's alleged nursing degree: "Honey, just because you strip out of a nurse's outfit does not make you a nurse, baby girl." Not exactly something we thought we'd hear from the mouth of a self-proclaimed Southern belle, but we'll take it. 7. Worst Second Act: Now with some extra time on his hands, Larry King drops by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to chat about semi-retirement and debut, as Leno dubs it, his "bright young comedy styling" in a stand-up routine. "If you're watching to book me, I tell stories..." King says, before launching into two lengthy jokes, er, stories, even supplying his own "bada-bum" after one punchline. All we can say is: Don't quit your day job. Oh, wait... 6. Sweet 16 Award: After 16 years  and two children together, Bret Michaels decides it's time to make an honest woman out of his girlfriend, Kristi Gibson, so he pops the question on the season finale of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It. Her response? "Are you sure?" "I'm sure," he tells her. So, uh, what's going to happen to that Rock of Love bus? To Read More Click Here.

Bret Michaels Is Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

It certainly took long enough! Bret Michaels asked his on-and-off girlfriend of 16 years to marry him. On Monday night's finale of his VH1 show Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, the Poison frontman got down on one knee. Kristi Gibson's response: "Are you sure?" Michaels followed up with, "I'm sure." The couple has two daughters — Raine, 10, and Jorja, 5. Michaels, 47, suffered a brain hemorrhage in April a month before he won Celebrity Apprentice and will undergo surgery for a heart defect in January. "And if it doesn't work out and I die during the operation, will you roll my ashes and smoke me?" the rocker asked his bride-to-be. Source & Video

Is Bret Michaels Closer to Being An 'American Idol' Judge?

Even before Simon Cowell could really leave American Idol, we've seen quite a lot of names floating around as possible replacements. Right now, it seems we're all settling for one of those names: Bret Michaels. In an interview with Parade magazine, the Poison frontman (and reality star) admits that he's meeting Idol producers in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. "I don't know [if I'll be replacing Simon]," he said. "We have a meeting in L.A. in a couple weeks and we're going to sit down and talk. They did a poll and I think it was Madonna, P. Diddy, Howard Stern and myself, and I took 50% or 60% of the vote and that's tremendous." "I'm not built exactly like Simon Cowell, but, at the same time, I respect what he did," he added. "But I would have to bring my own personality. I think if they have someone in there to try to imitate Simon, it would be a mistake; he's an original. Bring Bret Michaels in to be original to who and what I am. Bring someone who can bring a little grit, true grit back to the show." To Read More Click Here .

Bret Michaels, American Idol Apprentice?

With auditions for Season 10 of American Idol set for Nashville, New Orleans, Jersey City and San Francisco this summer, speculation is heating up about a replacement for Simon Cowell, who left the show after the May 26 finale. "There's no replacement for Simon," former judge Paula Abdul told TV Guide Magazine at the Tony Awards. Abdul, who's now busy on her new upcoming CBS show Got to Dance, pointed out, "They broke the mold [with him]. We all know that!" Former Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis, starring in Rock of Ages on Broadway, told TV Guide Magazine, "I like the Bret Michaels idea. It's totally against the grain." Michaels, who won Celebrity Apprentice and survived three seasons of wannabe groupies on Rock of Love plus a recent brain hemorrhage, would be great, said Maroulis. "He's a rock star!" Though Idol's viewership has been declining over the past couple of years, "They still have 16, 17 million viewers, and that's still a lot of people," Maroulis pointed out. "It's about the contestants and their opportunities." Source Here

Bret Michaels' new VH1 reality show: Cursing, flatulence, and tears (all from his 4-year-old)

Image Credit: Carrie Reiser/VH1VH1′s sneak peek at its fall reality series Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It featured footage shot before his emergency appendectomy and brain hemorrhage and showed the rocker as we’ve never seen him before: as a father. It’s only natural to want to compare it to The Osbournes - after all, the sight of Bret sitting in his 4-year-old daughter Jorja’s magic castle or driving his 9-year-old daughter Raine to the bus stop in a golf cart is about as surreal as seeing Ozzy Osbourne handling trash bags. But the storylines are definitely different: Bret has been together with the mother of his two children, Kristi Gibson, on-and-off since 1993. After the Rock of Love years, he acknowledges that his life is out of control, and he wants more of a balance. Kristi is tired of being alone and wants him to be as committed to her and he is to his girls. “I’ve got lots of boyfriends… in my closet,” she confessed to a friend, who’d asked what she does when Bret’s on the road. (“There’s different sizes, different colors, but I find myself going through a lot of batteries,” she elaborated to the camera.) To Read More Click Here .