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"Bridalplasty": The reality TV apocalypse no one watched

The E! reality show "Bridalplasty" concluded its first Botox-injected season last night. In case you're not among the 600,000 or so viewers who religiously tuned in for the season, 12 brides-to-be competed in challenges (trying to distinguish between Dom Pérignon and Andre Strawberry Sparkling Wine, for instance) to win surgeries -- liposuction, rhinoplasty, implants or dental veneers. After 10 brides were eliminated, "Bachelor"-style, Midwestern gal and fan favorite Allyson beat conniving Janessa and won a lavish Malibu wedding, in addition to multiple cosmetic procedures. //

Bridalplasty Competitors Plot Against Each Other While Recovering From Nose Jobs [Video]

Bridalplasty Competitors Plot Against Each Other While Recovering From Nose Jobs" href="//" class="pp_image"> Last night on Bridalplasty , two competitors plotted to take down another bride-to-be with the help of a code devised of complicated pantomime. Then they laughed in the other bride-to-be's face about it. This is what getting married is all about. //

Dominique's Nose Job Shocks Fellow 'Bridalplasty' Contestants (VIDEO)

Dominique is the third bride to win (yes, win) a free surgical procedure on 'Bridalplasty' (Sun., 9PM ET on E!). Do these ladies realize that cosmetic surgery is still major surgery -- i.e., there's going to be blood, bruising, swelling and such? Dominique has just received a nose job. Fellow brides/contestants run to the door to greet her. Their exuberance quickly fades as she walks in slowly, with two black eyes and a heavily bandaged nose. To Read More Click Here.

Bridalplasty Gets Even Uglier

Well, it's official. The end times are here. Now that Bridalplasty is actually a thing, it needs to be discussed. Worst. Show. Ever. Not only is the concept of self-esteem deficient brides-to-be who vie for plastic surgery before their impending nups as busted as some of the contestants' personalities, this reality chintzfest from the brain trust behind Rock of Love is also incredibly cruel. To Read More Click Here.

'Bridalplasty' host Shanna Moakler talks new E! reality show: 'We're not trying to Heidi Montag anybody'

We  had a fun time with former Miss USA and reality star   Shanna Moakler   after her interview on the   KTLA Morning News . Moakler is the host of E!'s new reality competition series   "Bridalplasty,"   where brides-to-be battle to receive their wishlist of plastic surgeries and their dream wedding.   "This show, you're getting it all. The drama, the challenges, the eliminations," Moakler tells us. "You're getting the competitiveness, but you're also getting the docu-style. "It's 12 brides living in a house and each week they compete in different bridal challenges, whether it be cake challenges, gown challenges, flower challenges," Moakler says of the show. "Beforehand they all made a wishlist of any plastic surgeries that they could possibly dream of. So if they win a challenge they get to pick one surgery off their list and get it done. The final bride, the last bride standing, gets everything off their list and a $100,000 wedding." To Read More  Click Here.