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5 Things to Expect from the Bridezillas Reboot on WE tv

You probably watched the show and felt your eyes pop as your jaw dropped. Do people really act like this? And more to the point, why would anyone put up with a woman like this? Well to be quite honest a lot of Bridezillas charm is that they are supposedly completely truthful and don’t script anything. At this point we might roll our eyes even harder and think "yeah right". But in reality, one can only imagine that if there was a script then much of what comes out of the mouths of the brides would seem canned and extremely unbelievable. READ MORE...

Bridezillas Reboot In Works At WE tv For 2018 Premiere

Bridezillas , the wedding show reality series that became a cultural phenomenon and spawned the hit Marriage Boot Camp franchise, is getting a reboot at WE tv . The network said today it has ordered 10 new hour-long episodes for premiere next year. The original Bridezillas ended its run in 2013 after 10 seasons and launched spinoff series and hit WE tv franchise Marriage Boot Camp which recently concluded its eighth season. Casting is currently underway nationwide for the   ...Read More... //

Sisters Take Screaming Match to the Street in 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

Erica, a not-so-blushing bride to be, got into a nasty war of words with her little sister, Jamika, the night before her bachelorette party on 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on WE). The screaming match, which later turned violent (Shocker!) and spilled out onto the street for the entire neighborhood to witness, began when Jamika announced that she was too busy studying to help Erica with her party favors. //

'Bridezilla' Accuses Husband of Infidelity at Wedding Reception (VIDEO)

On 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), Angel and her husband have been married just a few hours when she accuses him of cheating on her. During the reception, she pulls him into a side room, but their mics are still on.  "I know you have something going with her!" she says. He replies, "I was  dancing !" She counters: "Yeah, with the person that I know that you've had sex with!" The groom says, "You're doing this right now at our wedding -- right now? You think I would invite someone like that, here?" He has a point, but she only changes the subject when dragging him into the women's bathroom and demanding: "You're going to help me piss right now." He makes a deal to help "if you give me a kiss and tell me you love me." When the happy dysfunctional couple sits down for their final interview, she demands a drink  immediately . "They're pretty [beep] slow. I'm the bride. I should have a drink like this --  bam ."  Again Angel brings up his dancing with another woman at the reception. For some reason, he's inspired to kiss her at this point and whisper about the ensuing evening's activities. Source & Video