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Broadchurch Series-Finale Recap: An Aberration

In its final bow, Broadchurch jettisons a lot of what made it so special.   ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: The Usual Suspects

This show loves a good cliffhanger.   ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: A Brilliant Life

This weeks episode reminds us that trauma doesnt just break you once.   ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: Truth, Lies, and Consequences

The most sharply focused episode of the season.  ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: More Answers, More Questions

The Trish Winterman case plummets into a deeper, inescapable horror.   ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: Ashamed to Be a Man

Is Clive Lucas a red herring?   ...Read More... //

Broadchurch Recap: Who Attacked Trish Winterman?

On Broadchurch, trauma has the insidious ability to linger and resurface, again and again.   ...Read More... //

‘Broadchurch’ Season 3 Review: Privilege, Consent, and Farewells

If I had to pick a favorite TV show genre it would undoubtedly be "British crime," which combines my Anglophilia with a love of mysteries. It’s largely because of this that I returned to Broadchurch for its third and final season with hope and positive anticipation, even though Season 2 was largely a disappointment (it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as good or as impactful as Season 1, which was originally conceived of as a standalone miniseries). But with the end in sight, and having learned from some (though not all) of its past mistakes, Broadchurch returns with a new crime and a larger theme about consent that may still be a shadow of its former self, but still a very compelling one. READ MORE...

Broadchurch Season-Premiere Recap: Do You Believe Me?

The first episode of Broadchurch season three is devastating.   ...Read More... //

Review: Broadchurch Ends Its Run as Entertaining and Moving as Ever

David Tennant and Olivia Colman return as bickering partners in the last season of BBC Americas popular crime drama. ...Read More...