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Break Blade TV episode 12 [Final]: Empty Feelings

I must say as much as this ending did finish the story and conclude everything, I felt it just made me realize once more how shallow this show was despite its appearance. Everything started so well, but by the end the episode felt rather empty. There were a lot of characters which all went through some development and evolution, yet none of them really had any screen time, only Rygart really had the screen time necessary to follow his transformation, but he was by far one of the least interesting character by the end of the show. I felt like after 3 or 4 episode we’ve already had seen enough of the guy and I was definitively ready to move on to someone else…more interesting. Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 11: Fall of Krishna

The beginning of this episode was such a cruel light of false hope. I was certain at the end of last episode that Girge died in the volley of fire. I didn’t expect us to see him again afterward, didn’t expect for him to live a second more. So I was so joyous when I saw that he was in fact simply wounded and captured. So far Girge had been the highlight of the show for me, I could relate to his character and look forward to his development (plus he was a complete badass). All my hopes were rejuvenated, maybe he could join the army of Borcuse, maybe he would be kept as a prisoner, no matter the path taken it meant we could have more chance to see him develop…but no. Instead they brought it back to life only for a few seconds, just long enough for me to get my hopes back up just in time to see him die. It was cruel, it was well done, but it also reminded me how much I don’t really care about that many characters now that Girge is dead. He stole the spotlight for me, so now the show feels a lot less interesting, which isn’t a good thing considering we still have another episode left after this one. Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 10: Terrible Lost

Girge is a real monster on the battlefield, we had already got an overview of his skills previously when he nearly defeated the whole of the Athenian elite after the last battle, but this episode was something else. He was alone in a half-destroyed golem and managed to defeat every single elite soldier sent at him. He alone was able to take down a force which could have otherwise defeated a complete army of regular soldier. No matter his attitude, he was a man with skills above everyone else, he was completely in the right to judge others. I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if I was called completely useless by a guy like him, I would deserve the insult. The guy is a whole army on his own, the guy pulls more weight than your entire squad could ever hope to achieve, you are dragging everyone down by your lack of strength. Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 9: Girge Vs Rygart

With the way things are going, I’m starting to like Girge much more than I ever liked Rygart. I understand that Rygart is the main protagonist for the show, but he is so undisciplined and impulsive sometimes that it makes him really difficult to relate to. It is so difficult for me to understand the actions of someone emotional who acts before they think, Girge seems much more human and normal to me than Rygart in many ways. Girge might be enigmatic and a traitor, but he does things for a reason. He never seems to complain, or at least never for real. He might look and act like a sociopath, but in the end what ever he does always end up helping everyone and working out fine. Maybe he is overconfident and insubordinate, but at least his insubordination ends up in huge tactical advantages, not in ambushes that leads to the death of your team. Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 8: Ninja Time

I think there was a definite theme to this episode and that theme was Ninja. I will talk about the battle and everything else, but what really took priority this episode was that theme. First we had Rygart coming into battle so rapidly that he took out a whole wing before anyone noticed him. With his new throw weapon and the way he jumps around when he is shot, Rygart really fought like a ninja. He was definitively not as stealthy, but it remained just as impressive nonetheless. It seems that he comes equip with new armor and new type of armor at every single battle. I wonder if it simply because they are improving the design of the armor or just because they feel like testing multiple design depending on the situation. Those questions probably won’t be answered, because truth be told, the reason is probably just to give the anime more flavour and to make things differently from one fight to another.   Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 7: General True Last Battle

Things are slowly moving forward towards the real fun and real war. This episode we even got our first lost of life. General True fell in battle…and in quite atrocious way at that. While I did previously mention my dislike for the complete incompetence of the general, I must still admit that I was a little touched at his death. He might have been a terrible general, but he remained a really good human being in general. Taking care of orphans and playing with kids in his spare time, the guy had a good heart even though he lacked a brain. His lack of common sense and tactical combat knowledge made it really unsurprising that he would get cornered by the enemy and caught in a fight he wasn’t prepared for. Not having the only intelligent fighter of his team with him will have been his final mistake as a general. I’m actually surprised the guy managed to lead as a general for so long with the way he fought, but now he had a real enemy and his carelessness brought an end to his life.   Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 6: Busty 12 years old

Zess is alive, Cleo is alive, everyone is alive ! I can’t say this is the exact outcome I was hoping for, but oh well, I figure maybe they will have another time to die in the future once we get to know them a little bit better. For now we got to take a look into the eyes of Cleo and how she saw the world. It really cannot be easy for a little girl of 12 to fight into a war which she is unable to understand properly. I really can’t blame the girl to have such a skewed view on reality, I too was really brainwashed and subjected to the manipulated history I was told in school. It cannot be expected of a preteen to know about everything in the world, even less so when they have been told lies about it all along to make them more fearsome soldiers. Like everyone I hope that Cleo will come to understand the world she is in and how everyone around her are not as barbaric and evil as she believe them to be. There are no barbarian in this world, from the tribes of the Amazon to the government official of China, there is no people in this world which can be though of as a sadistic monster without any morals and honour. Governments and mass of people can be insane and evil in their action, but the individual themselves are never the source of it all. Cleo is 12 years old, some people live their entire life without understanding such basic principle, her hatred and reaction cannot be seen as wrong.   Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 5: Ramming Bull

I am aware of how late this review comes out and I will catch up to Break Blade today, so from episode 6 and 7 should follow shortly. Into the episode itself. This episode was somehow slow despite all the action, as weird as that sound. There was a lot of combat and mecha battles on this episode, but very little progression in the story itself. We got to see the mecha in action and the resolution of Rygarts resolve of previous episode more than anything else.   Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 4: Resist Destiny

Reality hit Rygart big time this episode. He was such a foolish boy, he had great values and he was raised as an infirm. He always bowed-down his head and accepted fate, he ran away when in trouble and tried to make everyone around him happy. Being a pushover never brings happiness to anyone, even those you let yourself be pushed over by. Without a will to fight, you cannot find your own happiness or those of others. Rygart is to blame for the death of a soldier and it provided no result. He saw someone die because of his desire to save everyone and even the enemy he tried to save decided to commit suicide rather than become a prisoner. Must have been a tough realization to find out that the world isn’t made out of bunnies and rainbows. Read More... //

Break Blade TV episode 3: Incompetent General True

Oh so terribly cliché, to have the two friends talk to one another and have their whole discussion and misunderstanding be cut-off by a stupid general out for glory. I don’t know how anime world works to constantly have a general that is absolutely incompetent and ruins every plan and the live of thousands of soldier. It also happen that most of them are exactly like True, fat with a mustache and bright-coloured hair. I must admit I found that scenario a bit lame, just because I,ve seen it so often now it is getting redundant. It is a lazy way to make things happen that to have a stupid general messing everything around. But I guess Break Blade is not the youngest of story either, so I will excuse the show that cliché. Read More... //