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Recap: "S3X"

This episode of Brothers & Sisters definitely lived up to its name. Coming off a monthlong break, the show picked up right where it left off and threw in some raunch for good measure. Sarah was on the prowl, ultimately "crunching some numbers" with a steamy Ojai accountant; Nora was once again wooed by her British architect beau, Roger; and Kevin and Scotty were nearly persuaded into a threesome by one of Kevin's exes. Robert wants to move his recovery into the bedroom, but Kitty has a headache - and maybe an intellectual affair. Let's kiss and tell, shall we? Before we get down to all the bow-chicka-wow-wow, let's address something serious: Tommy calls Julia, and tells her he is coming home. Naturally, this news brightens Nora's world, but it sends the rest of the Walkers into panic, as they all urge Nora not to "pounce." She is dismayed by her children's lack of faith in her, and all she needs to prove them wrong is several bags of fertilizer. Yep, she's gonna garden 'til her boy comes home. Nora's gardening gets cut short when Roger the architect with the open marriage drops by in the middle of a midnight "man in the moon" marigolds-planting session. Nora tries to blow him off, but then he drops the D-word, followed by the L-word. As much as Nora is thrilled by the divorce and that crazy little thing called love, she tells Roger her life is as messy as her mud-streaked gardening clothes until she gets Tommy back home and settled. That doesn't keep her from dreaming though. The two chat about selling her home and splitting their time between Paris, London and a beach house, where all they do is read and drink. As beautiful as it all sounds, a phone call from Julia reminds Nora that her fantasy will have to wait. When he hears that Nora thinks she might be feeling the L-word too, Roger confirms that he is willing to bide his time. Too bad that Julia's call was only to tell Nora that Tommy wasn't coming home after all, that he needed to find himself. To Read More Click here .

Watch a sneak preview from BROTHERS AND SISTERS Season 3 Episode 21 "S3x"

The Walkers keep up hope that Tommy will return home when Holly considers dropping the charges. Meanwhile Sarah makes yet another major career change, Kitty questions whether or not her marriage will survive, and Kevin and Scotty consider a surprising proposal from Chad (guest starring Jason Lewis), on " Brothers & Sisters ," SUNDAY, APRIL 19 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

'Brothers and Sisters' 3.21 Preview: Sarah Has Sex in the Office

The cloud is changing for the Walkers family in the next " Brothers & Sisters ". After a tough year involving the marriage trouble between Kitty and Robert, the scandal of Tommy within the company and the arrival of a lovechild, they will celebrate good things happening in their lives. Based on the preview, Nora is dating a man who has left his wife and gets an "I love you" from him. Sarah meanwhile, goes to the wild side and has sex in the office. Rob and Kitty repair things in the marriage while Ryan kisses Rebecca. Titled "S3X", the April 19 episode witnesses good things coming out for the family. Sarah reclaims her Ojai office and meets Cal, a staffer in accounting who helps her unpack. When David, Holly, Rebecca and Ryan have dinner, David can't help but notice Ryan's behavior around his daughter. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source here