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Brothers & Sisters Finale: Who's Going to Die?

Brothers & Sisters' Walker family has overcome cancer and a miscarriage this season, and it has dealt with the loss of the family business. What else could go wrong? From the look of the promos for Sunday's Season 4 finale (10/9c on ABC) - a lot. The episode includes a massive car accident, and it appears that at least one Walker won't survive. So, who? Well, the show can't go on without Mama Nora (Sally Field). Who would hold everyone together? "She is there to save her family, and I think in the finale, she is mostly invested in making sure the family stays together," executive producer David Marshall Grant tells TVGuide.com. To Read More Click Here .

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: Time Jump Ahead!

It's a technique numerous other shows have used to press the reset button a bit - the time warp. Same characters, years in the future, with gaps to be filled in later. Brothers & Sisters won't be making an extreme warp, but the series will move forward 12 months between the May 16 season finale and the Season Five premiere. Executive producer David Marshall Grant reveals to EW why they're doing it - or most likely doing it, in any case. Excerpts from the show-runner's interview below: Q: What are the advantages to leaping forward? Grant: We all know that Rob Lowe is leaving ... [so Kitty] is going to be single next season. It’s going to be more of a nod to where we were in the first season with her dating. When you add the possibility of jumping a year, it could be really good ... at this point the odds are strong that we will do [a jump] or something like that to shake us up. To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peeks - Brothers & Sisters 4.22 "Love All"

ABC has released sneak peeks for the upcoming new episode of Brothers & Sisters that will be airing on May 2 and we have them posted for you below. EACH OF THE WALKER SIBLINGS IS STRUGGLING WITH A PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .

'Brothers & Sisters': Balthazar Getty returning full-time?

Balthazar Getty has made some recent appearances on "Brothers & Sisters," but there's a chance we'll see a lot more of him next season. An inside source tells Zap2it that ABC is considering bringing Getty's character, Tommy Walker, back full-time next season. While Getty has remained on the opening credits, he only just returned to the series as the threat from Dennis York was reaching a critical impasse. Currently living in Seattle, Tommy's life fell apart after he illegally tried to acquire enough shares in Ojai to overthrow Holly. He then ran off to Mexico and joined a commune before deciding to follow Elizabeth and their daughter to Seattle. This wouldn't be the first of the cast shake-ups for next season. Rob Lowe leaves this season. And earlier this week, we reported that Gilles Marini is officially a regular for the next season and Luke Grimes, who plays half-brother Ryan, is out. Source Here

'Brothers & Sisters' promotes Luc, drops Ryan

If you like Sarah and Luc together on Brothers & Sisters, then you're going to love what I'm about to tell you... Gilles Marini, who plays Sarah's Harlequin-esque French beau, will be returning next season as a full-time series regular, according to showrunner David Marshall Grant. But while Sarah will be gaining a steady companion, she'll be losing a sibling: Grant also confirms that Luke Grimes has completed his run as Walker half-brother Ryan. News of the casting tweaks comes as the ABC drama is preparing to say goodbye to Rob Lowe. But Grant insists no further departures are planned. 'There may be an episode or two that some [characters] might not be in,' he says, 'but aside from Rob [and Luke], the [entire] cast is returning.' Brothers & Sisters wraps its fourth season on May 16. Source Here

Luc and Sarah to Be 'Brothers and Sisters' New Power Couple?

Ever since Gilles Marini invaded the set of Brothers and Sisters, the audiences have been ecstatic in tuning in to the show. It's no wonder the writers (and the network) have given the thumbs up on focusing on his character even more. That is, despite the misfortunes regarding his visa. The 34-year-old actor told TV Guide about his recent success on Brothers and Sisters, hinting that there's more of Luc Laurent to come. In addition to that, he'll really find himself a place in the Walker family. All thanks to Rob Lowe leaving. The source reports that the departure of Robert McAllister will pave the way for the introduction of the show's new power couple. Initially, he and Kitty (Calista Flockhart) held up the romance on Brothers and Sisters. We still have Justin and Rebecca, as well as Kevin and Scotty. However, it looks like we're zeroing in on a new couple and things are going to change. "Hopefully, Luc by then will be in deep with the family, and his big heart will help them," Gilles Marini revealed to the publication. He also said that the writers are planning to fast-forward the timeline to one year just so the story concentrates on his character and Sarah (Rachel Griffiths). To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peeks - Brothers & Sisters 4.20 "If You Bake It, He Will Come''

A new Brothers & Sisters episode will be airing this weekend on April 18, but ABC hasn't released any promo photos or even a press release. They have, however, released five sneak peeks for the upcoming episode, which you can view below. I wish I had more information for this episode to share with you, but I hope these videos can tide you over. Enjoy! Source & Previews

More Photos - Brothers & Sisters 4.22 "Love All"

Yesterday we posted promo photos from the upcoming May 2 new episode of Brothers & Sisters and today ABC has released another batch, which you can view below. EACH OF THE WALKER SIBLINGS IS STRUGGLING WITH A PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Brothers & Sisters 4.22 "Love All"

A new episode of Brothers & Sisters will air on May 2 and ABC has released promo photos and a synopsis for us to share with you below. EACH OF THE WALKER SIBLINGS IS STRUGGLING WITH A PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Brothers & Sisters 4.21 "Where There's Smoke''

Brothers & Sisters fans will have to wait another two weeks until the next new episode airs on April 25. ABC has released some promo photos and a synopsis for the episode, which you can view below. NORA AND SAUL ARE FACED WITH SOME TOUGH DECISIONS WHEN THEIR AGING MOTHER'S HEALTH IS COMPROMISED, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .