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'Brothers and Sisters' 4.20 Preview: If You Bake It, He Will Come

A clip from the April 18 episode of ABC's TV series "Brothers & Sisters" has come out as a teaser. Faith and family can weather many storms for the Walker family will take everything they got to solve their problems. Still reeling from his discovery of Nora's buried secrets about his childhood, Kevin refuses to attend his own birthday party. Meanwhile Justin, Tommy and Kevin confront Dennis York. Additional casts for the next episode include Peter Gerety, Daniel Oshionebo, David Oshionebo, Anne Betancourt and Gilles Marini. Gilles will come back for another guest stint on an episode called "Where There's Smoke..." which will air on April 25. In this forthcoming episode, Nora will be suspected by more than one member of the family that she might be pregnant. Source & Preview

Details on 'Brothers and Sisters' Flashback Episode Unveiled

We're fast-forwarding to the April 11 episode of Brothers and Sisters even though it's a 2-hour flashback special, only because we can't wait to see the guys in their 80s 'dos. The photos and the press release have already been launched by the network. But since many fans don't favor such details, we'd much rather warn you first. Alright, if you don't want to hear anything about the upcoming episode of the series, look away now. Spoilers for "Time After Time" below! TV Guide gave out their scoop on the next installment of the series and revealed that the flashback is brought about by Holly (Patricia Wettig). Her investigation regarding Dennis York's plans of buying Ojai foods leads the family to trace the company's origins. "Holly gets closer to understanding the truth," executive producer David Marshall Grant revealed. "Dennis brings a whole lot of baggage, and Nora and the whole Walker family are going to be affected. [The flashbacks] are all in service of understanding the secrets of the past." To Read More Click Here .

First Look: 'Brothers and Sisters' Siblings in the '80s

ABC has released a bunch of stills from the flashback episode of "Brothers & Sisters" which will air on Sunday, April 11. The Walker siblings are portrayed by younger actors in this special episode which takes place in 1986 when William Walker was alive and well. Called "Time After Time", the episode will be two-hour long and divided into two parts. Executive Producer David Marshall Grant told EW that the episode will go back to three different time periods and expose a "shocking and transformative" secret about the Walker family. Cody Longo is portraying young Tommy after Joe Jonas backed out of the project. Kay Panabaker is Kitty, Anna Wood is Sarah, Kasey Campbell is Kevin and Dylan Thomas Larsen is Justin. The photos of the Walker parents are not yet released but allegedly Nora will be portrayed by either Rachael Leigh Cook, Courtney Ford or Nora Zehetner. Source & More Photos

Brothers & Sisters Spoiler Alert: Robert in the Cemetery

We don't have anything more to go on here other than what Rob Lowe, who has recently become a Tweeting fiend, posted online. But the picture he posted may foreshadow doom. "[Dave] Annable and I on the set of Brothers & Sisters today," Rob Tweeted as the caption for the image seen below. "Love him." Notice where they're standing. Is Robert done for? While Lowe's controversial exit from the ABC drama is all but certain, and his arrival on Parks and Recreation similarly cemented, it's unclear what Sen. McAllister's exit consists of. From the looks of this, it may be a tragic one ... Source Here

Photos - Brothers & Sisters 4.17 "Freeluc.com"

A new episode of Brothers & Sisters will be airing on March 14 and ABC has released several promo photos and a synopsis for the episode, which you can view below. KITTY'S SURGE IN POPULARITY CREATES A MEDIA CIRCUS FOR HER FAMILY, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". Source & More Photos

'Brothers and Sisters' 4.17 Preview: Freeluc.com

Picking up where this week's episode left off, "Brothers & Sisters" March 14 episode will still focus on the Sarah-Luc complication. Luc has 4 weeks until his visa expires and at the end of last episode, Sarah has agreed to marry him. Problem is now not only between the couple but also includes Kitty. Kitty's newfound fame creates havoc for Luc and Sarah, as Luc faces possible deportation. Turns out, Luc is a former pornstar whom Kevin finds out about online. "Luc and Sarah are getting back together but they are going to go through a lot of hurdles," Gilles Marini explained. "He's going to bring a lot of complications in the Walker family because of his background. It's at times funny, at times exciting and at times, very sad." Meanwhile, Nora swallows her pride and reaches out to Tommy to help her save the company from the Walkers' longtime nemesis, Dennis York. Source Here

More Sneak Peeks - Brothers & Sisters 4.16 "Leap of Faith"

A new episode of Brothers & Sisters will be airing on February 28. We already posted one sneak peek from the episode and now ABC has released several more, which you can view below. These videos are for Kristine's fellow Canadian who was cheering on our boys last night in Vancouver and harasses me constantly about Brothers & Sisters' sneak peeks. HOLLY DISCOVERS THAT THERE MAY BE HIDDEN VALUE IN OJAI FOODS, ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .

Brothers & Sisters Preview: "Leap of Faith" Season 4, Episode 16

Luc made a surprise return on last week's Brothers & Sisters, "A Valued Family." This week, his visa issues cause huge problems for Sarah, who not only struggles with her feelings for him, but worries that she might lose him again - to another woman. But who? This is a central story line of "Leap of Faith." Meanwhile, Rebecca wrestles with Justin and with herself to move on after their loss, Kevin finds "breaking up" with Robert is extremely difficult, and Holly believes she has uncovered the hidden value of Ojai Foods at last. Click to enlarge some pics from the episode ... To Read More Click Here .

Brothers & Sisters Preview: "A Valued Family" Season 4, Episode 15

This Sunday on Brothers & Sisters, the Walker family shares love and loss on Valentine's Day. In "A Valued Family," Sarah rediscovers the love of her life, Luc (guest star Gilles Marini). Excited? We're sure she is. Except for the small matter of Roy. Sarah's latest love interest has grown on her, but he's clearly the "safe" choice. Will her heart lead her to Luc instead? Elsewhere in SoCal, Kitty makes an entrance into politics with her family and new campaign manager Buffy (guest star Cheryl Hines). Meanwhile, Justin and Rebecca face the struggles impending parenthood brings, and Holly makes a decision about her Ojai shares. Source & Preview

Photos - Brothers & Sisters 4.15 "A Valued Family"

Brothers & Sisters returns from its current hiatus on February 21 (see when other shows return from their Olympic hiatus). ABC has released a few (really, very few) promo photos for the episode, along with a synopsis. I wish I had more photos to share with you, but you can check out the photos we previously posted for the February 28 episode. KITTY MAKES A GRAND ENTRANCE INTO POLITICS ON ABC'S "BROTHERS & SISTERS". To Read More Click Here .