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Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 11 - Graduation Day Part 2

Buffy leaves Faith's apartment after their battle, and the Mayor appears inside the broken window overlooking the roof and orders his minions to find Buffy and Faith. Xander and Giles are in the library, and Cordelia enters and demands to know what happened to Wesley, who is upset and leaving the country. Giles informs Cordy that Buffy has quit the council and no longer requires a watcher. Willow and Oz are watching over Angel, when Buffy arrives and sends them away. With Angel near death, Buffy hits him until he shows his fangs, and forces him to drink her blood to cure himself. Angel rushes Buffy to the hospital, where she is saved. In a nearby room, another doctor is informing the Mayor that Faith is in a coma. The Mayor overhears nurses talking about Buffy, and attempts to suffocate her before he is stopped by Angel and leaves. In a dream, Buffy and Faith have an exchange in Faith's apartment. The two trade cryptic comments, and Faith assures Buffy she'll heal. She also tells Buffy that "human weakness never fades, even his". The two clasp hands, and Buffy awakens and approaches her friends, ready to go to war with the Mayor. In the library, Buffy finishes detailing a plan (which the audience does not hear), and the gang agree the plan is crazy, but is their only option. Giles cautions that the plan is entirely contingent upon Buffy's ability to control the Mayor. Buffy explains what Faith had told her about human weakness, and Angel remembers that the Mayor was seriously grieving over Faith. Wesley arrives and says he is there to help of his own volition, not on behalf of the council. The Mayor and Buffy detail their respective plans to their allies, and Buffy's friends recruit other students to help. Wesley tells Cordelia that he will be returning to England following the ascension, saying he has no reason to stay now that Buffy has fired the council. Buffy and Angel talk over weapons, and Angel tells Buffy he won't be saying good-bye after the battle. A grief stricken Buffy unwraps the knife she used to stab Faith, still stained with her blood. The graduation ceremony begins and Principal Snyder welcomes the students before the Mayor takes the podium. The Mayor tells the students that it is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Sunnydale, and during the rest of his speech suddenly convulses. An eclipse begins, and the Mayor decides to skip the ending to his speech, and transforms into Olvikan, a giant snake-like demon. Everyone but the students scramble to flee, when Buffy yells "NOW!", and the entire student body removes their robes to reveal weapons and crosses, ready to fight. Xander and Angel lead the students into battle against the Mayor's vampires, and in the chaos the Mayor devours Snyder as he rages at him. Buffy catches the Mayor's attention with Faith's knife, describing in graphic detail how she stabbed her. The Mayor chases Buffy through the school to the library, where all of the books have been removed and the room filled with explosives. Buffy dives out a window as the Mayor exclaims "well gosh!" Giles detonates the explosives, blowing up the school and killing the Mayor. EMTs and firefighters are now at the school helping the wounded, and Buffy is looking for Angel. Giles presents her with her diploma, rescued from the debris. He leaves and Buffy then sees Angel, and starts towards him, but he turns and walks away. The gang, minus Giles, gathers and Willow asks if she is okay, and Buffy says she is. Oz tells them all to take a moment to deal with what happened, that they all survived. Buffy agrees that it was a great battle, but Oz corrects her by saying they survived high school. The scene fades on a charred yearbook for Sunnydale Class of 1999. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 21 - Graduation Day Part 1

The episode opens with the gang preparing for their graduation: Cordelia and Xander discuss the color of their gowns, and Willow speaks to Buffy about all she'll miss about high school. Buffy is considering skipping graduation to fight Mayor Wilkins, until Xander joins them and informs the two that he's to be the commencement speaker at graduation. Faith visits college professor Lester Worth on behalf of the Mayor, and kills him. She reports the kill to the Mayor, who has Faith change into a dress and tells her the ascension is her day as well as his. In class, Anya speaks to Xander, and when he mentions the ascension, and Anya's expression becomes grave. In the library, Buffy shows Giles and Wesley the newspaper which details the murder of Worth. Buffy suspects Faith to be the culprit and the three agree the professor must have known something the Mayor wanted kept secret. Xander and Anya arrive, Anya having experienced a previous ascension. She tells them about a sorcerer who became the pure-demon Lohesh - unlike human-demon hybrids like vampires, pure-demons are much stronger and much larger. At Buffy's house, she packs a suitcase for Joyce and convinces her to leave town for safety. At Willow's house, Willow complains about chaos the ascension would mean and yells at Oz for his detachment from the situation. Oz interrupts her with a passionate kiss, and when Willow asks what he's doing, he replies that he is "panicking". The two finally consummate their relationship. Buffy and Angel discuss Worth's work, which Buffy doesn't understand. The two discuss the confusing nature of their relationship, when Angel is struck in the back by a crossbow arrow from Faith. At the library, the arrow is removed, and Giles and Wesley go over Mr. Worth's files, which indicate that Worth found a gigantic carcass underneath the rubble of a volcanic eruption, which he believed may have been a new type of dinosaur. The group assumes this must be some sort of demon, when Angel falls to the ground - the arrow has been poisoned with a toxin fatal to vampires. Faith reports her attack to the Mayor, and amuses him with a few stories from her childhood before he continues preparations for the ascension. Wesley tells Buffy the Watcher's Council refuses to help Angel because he is a vampire, but Willow's research reveals the poison has a cure - the blood of a Slayer. Buffy arrives at Faith's apartment, and the two battle, eventually taking the fight to the roof. Meanwhile, Giles and Xander find that the Mayor will transform into the demon Olvikan, and find an unseen picture of him in a book - the illustration is four pages long. The Mayor is also alerted to the trouble at Faith's place. On the edge of the roof, Buffy stabs Faith with the knife Faith had received from the Mayor, and Faith congratulates Buffy for killing her, then leaps off the roof onto a truck on the street below. The fall knocks her out, and Buffy watches as the truck carries her away. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 20 - The Prom

Buffy wakes up in Angel's bed at the mansion after the two fell asleep after patrol. Buffy talks a bit about bringing some of her stuff over so every once in a while she could spend the night and she mentions going to the prom. When she opens the curtains to check for the sun, she accidentally lets in a strong beam. It hits Angel, but he manages to move before it really burns him. At school, Anya, still a mere human being, asks Xander to the Prom. Both are dateless and desperate, so he says yes. Later, Buffy, Willow, Oz, and Xander discuss prom plans, and dresses. Joyce visits Angel at the mansion and tells him she's worried about the effect he's having on her daughter. She tells him that he can't get in the way of her future and if Buffy can't see that, he'll have to do something about it. Buffy and Willow are talking prom dresses while Giles is continuing research for the Ascension. Although the pages Willow tore out the Books of Ascension have helped, they don't know for sure what kind of demon the Mayor will transform into. Giles and Wesley will both be chaperoning the prom which Buffy protests is going to be the one and possibly last night of fun they'll have in Sunnydale. Meanwhile, in a small house, someone plays a video for a caged beast that makes it go wild. Buffy and Angel are in a church getting married. As they exit the church, Angel is fearful of the sun, but it is Buffy that burns up and dies--not him--when they come in contact with the sun's light. Angel wakes up. While patrolling, Buffy and Angel have an argument. Angel's still very disturbed by his dream, the visit from Joyce, and what the Mayor said to him and Buffy during their last encounter and tells Buffy they need to talk. He tells her that it's unfair for her to be in a relationship with him because of all the things he can't give her. In order to make her realize how serious he is, he breaks up with her and tells her he doesn't want be with her. He plans to leave Sunnydale after the ascension. Buffy goes to Willow for comfort and she realizes that Angel was right; the two of them really can't be together. But, after such a long and dedicated relationship falls apart so quickly, Buffy just feels horrible and cries. At "April Fools," a store where Cordelia works, Xander spots her through the window and goes in to tease her for what he perceives as her spending a long time trying to pick a dress, however he is stopped short when an assistant chides Cordelia for speaking to a customer. She reveals that due to her parents committing tax fraud, she's now working there to save up for a prom dress because her family lost all of their money and now she has nowhere to live and she can't afford to go to any of the colleges that accepted her. Xander is clearly shocked by this and can't come up with any words in response while Cordelia says that he can go back to his friends and laugh at her getting her comeuppance. Their argument is cut short as one of the beasts that broke free breaks through the window and kills a boy dressed in a tux. At the library, they study the video of the attack, and spot a guy outside who turns out to be Tucker Wells, who used to have a chemistry class with Oz. Tucker has plans to ruin prom night by sending a hell-hound trained to attack those in formal wear after the students. Buffy vows not to let the hellhounds ruin the big night and issues orders for everyone to split up and search for clues. She ends up finding an address at the butcher where Tucker ordered cow brains to feed the demons. She runs into Angel and the two have a post-break-up argument. As Cordelia leaves work, she finds that her prom dress has been paid for. Buffy returns from her searching and orders everyone else to attend the prom while she takes care of the hounds. She tells Giles that Angel is leaving town. She finds Tucker in his basement and confronts him, asking him why he wants to ruin the happiest night of a senior's life to which Tucker simply tells her he has his reasons (although the audience see that it's just because the girl he asked to the prom said no). Buffy ties Tucker up before he can release the hound, but she also finds out that there are four hounds, and three are already on their way to the school. After killing all of them, Buffy changes into her prom dress and shows up for the dance. Everyone looks amazingly dressed up in their tuxes and formal dresses. Cordelia shows up and clings to Wesley (after thanking Xander for paying for her dress, restoring their friendship) while Anya tells Xander of her past cursing unfaithful men, and Willow and Oz just enjoy the evening. When Class awards are given out, Xander is disappointed when he is snubbed for Class Clown. Then Jonathan approaches the microphone and asks if Buffy is in the room. Buffy, who was getting punch, slowly turns around. Jonathan says that the next award is a new category, and gives a speech saying that while they may not be friends, the student body has noticed whenever something creepy or horrible happened, Buffy was always there to stop it and that most of them have been saved by her at least once. As a result, the Graduating Class of 1999 has the lowest mortality rate in Sunnydale High history and she is to be given an ornately decorated parasol bearing a small engraving saying 'Buffy Summers - Class Protector'. Buffy can't believe what she's hearing, and approaches the stage to the cheering of her classmates and friends and she happily accepts the award from Jonathan. Afterwards, the students continue to dance when Angel surprises her by showing up in a tux. While Angel assures her that his presence doesn't change their status, Buffy is just glad to be held in his arms as they dance. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 19 - Choices

The Mayor gives Faith a knife for a gift in exchange for picking up a box at the airport. Buffy and Angel are fighting off vampires at the cemetery. They then discuss their relationship and how it seems to be going nowhere. Buffy's mom finds out that Buffy was accepted to Northwestern, but Buffy is reluctant to make any plans for leaving because of what she'd be leaving behind. Joyce doesn't seem to be hearing a word of it and goes to call family members in Illinois. At school, Principal Snyder is on a drug search, and even searches a student's lunch. Buffy and friends discuss their college futures and Buffy mentions that she did get accepted to the University of California, Sunnydale. Willow on the other hand has been accepted to every school in the country and some out of, including Oxford. Xander has plans to travel around and find out what his future may be since college isn't posing as much of an option. Cordelia arrives for long enough to insult everyone based on their college futures. Buffy tells Wesley and Giles that she wants out of Sunnydale. Her slaying job, however, is too much of a problem for them to just ignore. Buffy then decides that if she takes the offensive against the Mayor, bringing the fight to him, that she could defeat him, stop the ascension and then be able to go away for college. Later that night, Faith is there to meet the box at the airport, killing the courier and taking his hand off to separate him from the box. Buffy watches from the bushes as Faith arrives in a limo and brings the box to the Mayor. After the coast is clear, Buffy attacks the limo driver and forces information about the box out of him before staking him. When Buffy returns to the library, with information about the Box of Gavrok, Giles and Willow bring maps of City Hall so that they can plan their attack on the building in order to get the box back. The box, which is being kept in a top floor conference room is protected by magic which they plan to have Willow destroy before they can take the box. Since they have to destroy the box with a ritual, Xander is sent off in search of ingredients. Wesley is annoyed that no one will listen to him, and feels that they are rushing this too much. On his way to find ingredients for the ritual, Xander spies Cordelia in a clothing shop. He stops in long enough to give her his best comeback to the insults she provided him the day before but she shocks him with her acceptance letters to several very important colleges. That night, Wesley and Giles drop off Buffy, Willow and Angel at City Hall. Back at the library Xander and Oz prepare to help Willow with the ritual to take of the protective barrier on the box. After Willow performs the spell, she leaves, and Buffy gets ready to take the box. Angel lowers her through the skylight to take the box. After she gets the box though, an alarm goes off and the rope gets stuck. Buffy is left hanging as two vampires enter. Unable to get Buffy free, Angel jumps down and a fight ensues. After tearing up the conference room, they escape through the main doors and hide in a bush while Giles and Wesley cause a diversion. The Mayor is extremely angry that they got away with his box, but he suddenly becomes very happy when he finds that Faith has captured Willow. The gang finds out about Willow's capture and they're all very upset; Oz is, of course, taking it especially badly. Buffy decides that they will trade the box for Willow. Wesley is strongly against it and tells Buffy that she was right to take the offensive against the Mayor, and that by giving up the box, they are sentencing all of Sunnydale to death. Everyone fights over the issue until Oz ends the argument by smashing the pot needed for the ritual and Buffy tells Giles to set up the meeting. Willow tries to escape from the room she's locked in, but only succeeds in attracting the attention of the vampire on lookout. He comes in with intentions of just taking a bit of blood, but she manages to levitate a pencil and stake him before he can take a bite. Willow sneaks out of her room and finds the Mayor's office. Inside, she also finds the Books of Ascension, which she reads until Faith finds her. Willow tells Faith that she's made her decision and that it's over now and they fight for a bit until Faith brings out her knife ready to kill Willow until the Mayor stops her, having received the offer for a trade. The meeting takes place in the cafeteria where everyone meets the Mayor and his crew armed with weapons. The Mayor gives a speech about how he doesn't think that Buffy and Angel have any future together. The trade is made, but Principal Snyder shows up with security guards before anyone can leave, expecting to find drugs in the box. One of the guards opens the box and a large beetle-like creature crawls out and kills him. Another beetle breaks free and the two manage to attack The Mayor and Buffy. Both beetles are killed, one with the knife the Mayor gave Faith, and the Mayor leaves, box in hand, with Faith following behind, reluctantly leaving behind the knife. At the library, Willow tells everyone her story, then presents Giles with a few important pages which she tore from the books. Wesley reminds Buffy that the gang are now back exactly where they started, with no way to stop the ascension. At school the next day, Buffy comes to the conclusion that she's never going to leave Sunnydale. Willow tells her of her plans to go to UC Sunnydale because she wants to keep helping Buffy save the world and continue her study of Wicca. Buffy is overjoyed that her best friend will be staying in Sunnydale and tells Willow she loves her, and then comments on how something can be different to how it appears. Meanwhile Cordelia is still in the clothing shop looking at a dress, but it turns out she isn't shopping at the store...she's working there. That night Buffy and Angel talk about Buffy's future and she says that everything will be okay, although Angel isn't so sure. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 18 - Earshot

On patrol, Buffy runs into two demons that she fights and then kills one of them. While the other escapes, the blood from the demon she killed mixes with a cut on her palm she received while fighting it. The next day at the library, Buffy finds that they're making very little progress with the Mayor and stopping the ascension. Willow asks Buffy if she's talked to Angel and then suggests that Buffy straight out ask him what happened with Faith. Percy checks in with Willow to reschedule their study session and then she talks to Buffy about the basketball game after school which everyone except Buffy is going to. Buffy goes to Giles after she finds that her hand is itching where she was cut and that, because she came in contact with the blood of one of the demons, she may be infected with an aspect of the demon. Xander and Oz watch the cheerleaders at the pep rally and Xander reveals that he still has a thing for Cordy when he witnesses Wesley looking at Cordelia. Buffy is constantly worried as she waits to find out what aspect of the demon she'll be getting; Willow horrifies her, wondering if the demon was a male. She talks to Angel about it that night and he tells her he'd love her no matter what she looked like. The next day, as she's walking through the halls, Buffy finds out that she can hear the thoughts of others. She talks to Giles about it, and he goes right to work researching it while Buffy decides to put her new ability to work. In class, she listens to the thoughts of her teacher and classmates and answers the questions asked. Buffy also hears the thoughts of Freddy Iverson, who writes editorials for the school newspaper and who has a seriously negative opinion about everything at Sunnydale. Later that day, Buffy goes to the mansion to use her mind-reading abilities to check up on Angel and find out the truth about what happened with Faith. He figures out what she's trying to do, and he tells she can't read his mind because he's a vampire. He reveals to her that what happened with Faith meant nothing and that in 243 years, he's loved only Buffy. At the library, Buffy tells her friends about her ability to read minds. Xander constantly thinks about sex, Cordelia says almost exactly what she thinks, Oz thinks extremely deep thoughts, Willow thinks about how she's left out of things, and Wesley thinks about Cordelia. In the lunchroom, Buffy hears someone think, "By this time tomorrow, I'll kill you all," and then the voices get to be too much and Buffy passes out. When she regains consciousness, she tells everyone to get organized and find out who the potential killer is. Buffy goes home to rest but before she leaves, she overhears Giles's thoughts that she'll go insane if the telepathy continues. He and Wesley found that it happened before, but the person is in total isolation because they can't stop the power. Buffy's mom is nervous around her and doesn't want to stay in the same room with Buffy for very long. Finally, Buffy reads her mind and finds out that she had sex with Giles, on the hood of a police car, twice. Willow and the others go around interviewing students and faculty that were in the Cafeteria to see if they're potential killers. Giles and Wesley have found a possible solution to curing Buffy, but it requires the heart of the second demon. Angel hunts down the demon and the next morning brings the heart to the Summers' home in a glass mixed with other ingredients. He forces Buffy to drink it and then her body goes into convulsions. Willow and the rest of the Scooby Gang were able to locate all the students on the list except Freddy Iverson and they all go looking for him. Back at home, Buffy wakes up and is no longer able to hear thoughts. The gang finally corners Freddy in his office and find out that he's not the potential killer. Buffy shows up just as they find a letter from Jonathan apologizing for his upcoming actions of death on Freddy's desk. The gang splits up to find Jonathan while he is up in the clock tower, assembling a rifle. Buffy spots him from below and puts her Slayer strengths to work as she flies up the stairs, onto the roof, and into the tower. Buffy talks to him and tells him that the reason why everyone ignores him is because they all have their own problems that actually matter more to them than his do. She takes the rifle from him and then finds out that he was really going to commit suicide. Xander checks the kitchen and stumbles upon the overweight lunch lady putting rat poison into the food. She comes out and tries to kill Xander with a cleaver, but Buffy stops her. The lunch lady likened the students to "vermin" always eating and never stopping. Buffy decides that the lunch lady has lost her mind and knocks her unconscious. Giles and Buffy recap what happened as they walk around the school grounds. Giles asks her if she's up for some training, and Buffy says she is, if he isn't too busy having sex with her mother, causing Giles to walk straight into a tree. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 17 - Enemies

Buffy and Faith meet a demon (named Skyler in the script, though his name is not spoken) who offers to sell "the Books of Ascension" for $5000. When Faith reports this the Mayor, he asks her to kill the demon and take the books. At the library, the Scooby Gang discusses "ascension" but they know very little about it until Willow suggests checking in a book which Giles was trying to hide from her due to its magical content. Faith finds the demon, who is desperate to get out of Sunnydale before the Mayor's ascension, and kills him. She goes to Angel, saying she is upset over what she has become, and tries to seduce him so that he will lose his soul through happiness, but she cannot distract him from his devotion to Buffy. The Mayor therefore hires a mysterious cloaked sorceror to take Angel's soul in the "most painful way imaginable." According to Whedon, fans had been eager to see Angelus again.[1] Xander gets the demon's address from Willy; Buffy goes to find him, and Faith tags along. They find the demon dead and Buffy is worried by Faith's strange behavior about it. Buffy tells Willow that she saw Faith kiss Angel; Willow urges Buffy to talk to Angel about it. Faith approaches Angel at his mansion, on the pretext of apologizing for her behavior the night before. She pours blood onto his shirt; the cloaked man then steps out of the shadows and chants a spell; lights flash, Angel yells, and then Angelus is back. He pulls Faith to him and they kiss before Angelus starts beating her up. The two fight and Faith ends up on top, holding a stake to his heart. A truce is made as Angelus agrees to meet the Mayor and the two kiss. Willow reports to the Scooby Gang that the Mayor's computer files were emptied before she was able to access them. With both Faith and Angel missing, Buffy leaves to find out what's going on with the Mayor while Wesley takes a very eager Cordelia and the rest of the group, minus Xander, to the Hall of Records to find information on the Mayor. Faith takes Angelus to meet with the Mayor, and Angelus learns that the Mayor can't be killed. He tells the Mayor of his plans to torture and kill Buffy. Angelus and Faith walk to Buffy's house; on the way they meet Xander, whom Angelus knocks to the ground with a punch. Angelus and Faith lure Buffy to the mansion, where they reveal that they're fighting for the other side now. Angelus knocks Buffy out cold. Buffy wakes up chained to a wall; Angelus and Faith plan to torture her. Faith talks about her painful childhood with a mother who drank too much, and her life as a Slayer living in Buffy's shadow. She reveals what she knows about the Mayor's master plan, which will culminate in his Ascension on graduation day. Having learned all that Faith knows, Angel then reveals that his disensoulment was a sham, and Buffy shows that her hands were not really chained. The rest of the Scooby Gang arrive as Buffy and Faith fight and end up with knives at each other's throats. Telling Buffy that she can't kill her without becoming her, Faith breaks away and runs off. At the library, Giles thanks and bids good-bye to the cloaked man, who faked the spell to repay an old favor: Giles had introduced him to his wife. Wesley is angry that Giles arranged this behind his back, and plans to tell the Watchers' Council about it. Now that everyone is fully aware of Faith's switch to Team Evil, they have to prepare to fight her as well. Buffy and Angel are both shaken by what they had to do; but as Buffy leaves Angel's mansion, he asks, "You still my girl?" and she responds, "Always." Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 16 - Doppelgangland

In a local crypt, Anya, who is now a mere human being, begs the demon D'Hoffryn, her former boss whom she has summoned, to create a temporal fold in time and allow her to go back and retrieve her amulet. The demon denies her request, and Anya vows to get the amulet back with or without his help. At school, Willow practices floating a pencil while Buffy does sit-ups in preparation for Slayer testing. When Buffy mentions Faith, Willow loses her emotional control and the pencil goes flying into a tree. Principal Snyder tells Willow that she is going to be tutoring one of the basketball team stars, Percy West, in History. Later at the library, Giles asks Willow to re-attempt breaking into the Mayor's files. Faith and Wesley come in after training on the obstacle field; Wesley is a bit tired. Faith finds out about Willow searching through the Mayor's files and informs him of it. The Mayor presents Faith with a brand new, fully-furnished apartment and then tells her that he plans to have some vampires kill Willow and make it look like a random attack so she is out of the way and unable to access his computer. Back at school, Oz meets up with Willow and informs her about a gig his band had the other night that she didn't know about. When Willow confronts Percy about tutoring him, he gives his own interpretation of events: that she is to do his work for him. Buffy and Xander pick the wrong moment to ask Willow if she recorded "Biography" for them the other night. Willow, offended at being labeled "Old Reliable," storms away, threatening to do something irresponsible - change her look, cut class, or eat a snack between meals. Anya finds Willow and asks her to help her with a spell, which she does. The spell involves chicken feet and the ritual pouring of sand over the representation of the object desired. The two perform the spell in an empty classroom, and as it's working, several scary images from "The Wish" flash before their eyes. Shocked, Willow moves, accidentally spilling some of the ritual sand on herself. With the spell over, and apparently unsuccessful, Willow is still very frightened by what she saw and refuses to try the spell again. In an abandoned warehouse the vampire Willow from "The Wish" universe appears instead of the amulet. Vampire Willow walks through Sunnydale and is very confused by this world where humans freely walk the streets at night. She enters the Bronze. Percy finds her and orders her to finish his paper; Vamp Willow attacks him. Xander breaks up the fight and Vamp Willow recognizes him from her world, only to be disappointed that he is "alive" (not a vampire). Buffy is surprised by Willow's new leather look, and even more surprised when Willow snarls at her with vampire face. Later that night, Vamp Willow is attacked by two of the Mayor's vampires who mistake her for the human Willow. She easily defeats them and "persuades" them to work for her. Buffy and Xander return to the library and tell Giles that Willow is dead. The three sit commiserating until the real Willow shows up. Xander tries to chase her away with a cross, and Willow merely looks puzzled; recognizing that this Willow at least is not a vampire, her friends simultaneously enfold her in a crushing embrace. Willow is dismayed to learn that there is a vampire walking around town looking exactly like her. When the gang turns to Giles for an explanation, his only response is "something...something very strange is happening." Xander in turn expresses his amazement that the Watcher Council let him go. Meanwhile, back at the Bronze, Anya tries to get a beer at the bar, with the bartender asking for her ID. Clearly not having one she settles for a Coke. Angel shows up looking for Buffy. Vamp Willow and her new minions appear, taking control of the Bronze. Angel leaves to get Buffy and Oz watches as Evil Willow kills a girl. Anya, recognizing what has happened, approaches Vamp Willow with the idea of restoring her to her own world (and Anya's amulet to herself). Angel goes to the library and announces that Willow is dead, before noticing Live Willow standing there. They all head for the Bronze, but Willow turns back to get something and is caught by the Vamp Willow. The two banter back and forth before finally Willow shoots her evil double with the dart gun (first seen in "Phases") and locks her up in the library cage. At Buffy's suggestion, Willow swaps clothes with her sleeping double. Uncomfortable in the leather attire (partly because it is tight enough to constrict her breathing), Willow does her best to pose as the Vamp Willow while the rest of the Scooby Gang waits outside the Bronze. Cordelia arrives at the library, dressed up to impress Wesley, and finds Vamp Willow – wearing Willow's fuzzy pink sweater – locked in the cage. Before releasing Willow, Cordelia takes the opportunity to lecture her on the ethics of stealing boyfriends. Bored out of her mind, Evil Willow apologizes to get Cordelia to shut up, and Cordelia lets her out. Evil Willow shows her vampire face and pursues Cordelia, cornering her in a restroom. Wesley, hearing Cordelia scream, intervenes and forces Evil Willow to depart. Cordelia hugs him and asks what he's doing that night. After Willow's not-so-convincing act at the Bronze, Anya points out to the other vampires that their leader is a fake. Willow screams – a prearranged signal for Buffy, Angel and Giles to enter. As they fight the vampires, Willow retreats to the stage with Oz. Evil Willow then returns, throws Oz out of the way and starts choking Willow. Buffy breaks it up, but Willow shouts for her not to stake Vamp Willow (just as Buffy had shouted, too late, to stop Faith from staking Allen Finch). Despite fully knowing what her evil doppelganger is and does, Willow cannot bear to have her staked. She convinces the others to send her back, arguing that Evil Willow should have the chance to survive in her own world, a suggestion which the homesick doppelganger accepts. With Anya's help they do so; Evil Willow is transported back to the middle of the brawl shown at the end of "The Wish". She has just enough time to smile at being returned to her reality before Oz grabs her and shoves her against a protruding piece of wood from the humans' cage. Evil Willow has just enough time to snarl "Oh fu-" before she turns to dust. The next day, Buffy asks Willow if she'd like to go out that night, but she can't because of all the homework she has. Percy shows up, and before Willow can apologize for not doing his work, he presents her with papers on both Presidents Roosevelt- he wasn't sure which one the report was supposed to be on, and he didn't feel like risking Willow's wrath again. Because of this side effect of Percy's encounter with Willow's vampire double, her schedule is freed up. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 15 - Consequences

Faith's plan to hide her accidental murder in the last episode fails when Finch's body is quickly found. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce orders her and Buffy to investigate and see if anything supernatural was involved. Buffy and Faith sneak into City Hall to try to find out what Finch was doing in the alleyway in the first place; although all of his papers have been shredded, they do learn that the Mayor is in league with Mr. Trick. Privately, Faith asks if Buffy is going to turn her in, and Buffy isn't sure. After some deep thinking she decides to tell Giles what happened, only to discover that Faith has already told him that Buffy was the killer. Luckily, Giles easily sees through the lie, though he lets Faith think he believes her so the gang can keep closer tabs on her and get her off the slippery slope she's on. During a meeting of the gang, Xander tells the others that he slept with Faith. Buffy and Giles are openly surprised; Willow tries to play down her reaction but ends up crying alone in the bathroom. Xander tries to reason with Faith, only to have her try to kill him. He's rescued by Angel, who tries his own brand of reasoning and seems to be making progress. Unfortunately, Wesley has also learned what happened and goes by the book, yanking Faith away for trial in England. She quickly escapes, and plans to hop a boat out of Sunnydale. Buffy finds her, but their meeting is interrupted by several vampires led by Mr. Trick. As he is about to bite Buffy, Faith stakes him and saves her. Buffy returns to the library, sure now that there is still good in Faith. However, in the final scene Faith offers her services to the Mayor. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 14 - Bad Girls

While patrolling, Faith asks Buffy if she's ever had sex with Xander, and Buffy says they're just friends. They slay a vampire wielding a short blade and long blade. The next day at school, the gang is looking into college and they discuss future plans. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Buffy's stuffy new Watcher, annoys Giles in the library while both Slayers attempt to ignore him. Buffy is instructed to go retrieve an amulet that once belonged to a demon named Balthazar, who led a cult of swordsman vampires before he was killed. Faith expresses to Buffy her belief that as the Slayers, they can do what they want, and enjoy it. Buffy is skeptical, but Faith firmly believes Buffy gets off on slaying as much as she does. That night, Buffy finds the amulet but a group of Balthazar's vampires enter before she can take it. Faith arrives and the two slay some of the vampires before retrieving the amulet. After handing over the amulet to Wesley, Buffy leaves to take a necessary chemistry test, but she can't stop talking through the whole test about the previous night and how much she ended up enjoying it. Faith shows up at the window and she and Buffy leave to destroy a vampire nest. The two go dancing afterwards at the Bronze where Buffy meets up with Angel. She's acting very strange and he tries to ignore it and tells her that Balthazar isn't dead and he's looking for his amulet. When Wesley comes looking for Buffy, she takes the amulet from him and gives it to Angel. Buffy and Faith go out and find Balthazar, an obese and ugly demon that must live in a large pool of water and constantly be kept wet. At a loss for weapons against a large group of vampires, they break into a sporting goods store and steal some. Faith continues to expound on her philosophy of being a Slayer to Buffy. "Life as a Slayer is very simple. Want, take, have." The police arrive and arrest them, but in the car, the two Slayers kick down the metal gate separating them from the cops, causing the car to crash and the cops to be injured. The following morning, Buffy checks the local newspaper for any news regarding the accident, but finds nothing. The Mayor is attacked by one of Balthazar's vampires, who is foiled by Mr. Trick and imprisoned. Balthazar demands his minions bring him the Watchers and kill the Slayers. No matter the cost, he must have his amulet. The enemy who crippled him is about to gain ultimate power and he refuses to let this come to pass. Willow presents Buffy with a protection spell talisman and is ready to go slaying that night, but Buffy tells her that it's too dangerous and that she's going with Faith instead. This leaves Willow feeling hurt, with her amulet essentially rejected. The two run into several vampires and stake them, then Allan, the Mayor's secretary walks out and Faith accidentally stakes him, too. He dies before anything can be done and both Slayers flee the scene of the crime in separate directions. Buffy runs into Angel and he tells her about Balthazar taking Giles while Faith returns to the scene where Allan is and just stares at the body. With the two Watchers in his possession, Balthazar searches for answers as to who has his amulet. Wesley is cowardly willing to give up anything in exchange for his life, whereas Giles keeps his, admittedly cynical, calm. Angel shows up with Buffy, frees Giles and everyone fights. When Balthazar captures Angel, Buffy tosses a live wire into his tub of water, electrocuting him. With his dying breath, Balthazar warns them of his enemy. "When he rises, you'll wish I'd killed you all." In his office that night, the Mayor performs a ritual in front of Mr. Trick and the captured vampire. Once it is finished, the Mayor orders that the vampire has his weapon returned to him and be released. Mr. Trick is confused, but does as he's told and releases the vampire. The vampire immediately attacks the Mayor by slicing his head in half...however the head promptly repairs itself with no ill effect on the Mayor and Mr. Trick stakes the surprised vampire. The Mayor tells his right-hand man that the hundred days before the Ascension has begun and that during that period he is completely invincible. Buffy confronts Faith about Allan's death but Faith doesn't want to talk about it. Buffy is aghast. "Faith, you don't get it. You killed a man." Faith's reply: "No, you don't get it. I don't care." Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 13 - The Zeppo

While the Scooby gang slaughters demons in an underground nest, Xander manages to get himself hurt. Buffy suggests he stay out of the fighting. Xander is desperate to find his place after his breakup with Cordelia and the alienation from his friends. When another student throws him a football, he misses and it hits Jack O'Toole's lunch, resulting in Jack threatening to beat him up. Cordelia, having witnessed the entire event, tells Xander he is useless: "You're the Zeppo." Meanwhile, Giles informs Buffy that the end of the world is near. A group is planning to reopen the Hellmouth and bring forth the demons it contains. After a discussion with Oz about what makes someone cool, Xander gets himself a car that he believes will give him something unique. While getting doughnuts for the rest of the researching gang, Xander meets Lysette, who likes his car and wants to go for a ride. As it turns out, the car really is the only thing she's interested in. At The Bronze that night, Xander rear-ends Jack sitting in a parked car. Jack threatens Xander with a knife. A cop shows up, Xander covers for Jack and the two and Lysette leave to go get the rest of Jack's friends - who, being dead, need to be raised from their graves. At the library, Buffy, Willow and Giles are researching, while Oz - in werewolf mode - is freaking out in his cage. Willow thinks it's because he can sense trouble. Giles leaves to try and contact some spirits and hopefully get their help with stopping the Sisterhood of Jhe, a group of fierce demons (of the same sort as the ones that the gang killed in the cave a few days before) that plans to end the world. Xander, drafted as "wheelman", takes Jack and his friends to get supplies to "bake a cake," or rather build a bomb. While the dead boys are getting the supplies from a hardware store, Xander spots Willow leaving the magic shop and tries to talk to her, but she hurries off to go help Buffy. When Jack and friends decide to initiate Xander into their club by killing him and then raising him again, he runs and escapes in his car. He rescues Faith, who was fighting off demons, and takes her to her motel room where she persuades him to sleep with her. She kicks him out, clothes in hand, quickly after. Xander, after realizing Jack built a bomb at Sunnydale High, heads towards the school to stop it. After disposing of Jack's friends, Xander heads down to the boiler room to defuse the bomb. Jack shows up, and they fight. The fight is inconclusive, but delays Jack so that he has no hope of escaping before the bomb explodes. Xander asks Jack who is more afraid of death. Jack points out that he's already dead, but Xander responds that "'walking around drinking beer with your buddies'-dead is a lot different from 'being blown up and swept up by a janitor'-dead." When Jack confronts Xander about dying, Xander merely remarks, "I like the quiet" and stares at him calmly. Jack defuses the bomb with seconds to spare. Xander leaves Jack there swearing revenge, but when he opens a side door he is eaten by the wolf. Meanwhile, Buffy, Angel, Faith, Giles and Willow are at the library fending off the giant multi-headed monster and members of the group of female demons and successfully close the Hellmouth. The next day, Xander decides to keep his harrowing night to himself. Cordelia taunts him as before, but Xander, newly confident, merely smiles and walks by. Source:Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now