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Bunheads Canceled! ABC Family Decides Against Renewing the Dance Drama for Season 2

Bye bye Bunheads! ABC Family has decided to officially cancel the ballerina-centric drama after just one season. The network issued a statement that read "Bunheads is a wonderful series that we are very proud to have aired. We took extra time to try and find ways to bring the series back for another season, but in the end it simply wasn't possible." The news comes just one week after fellow ABC Family series The Lying Game was also given the axe -- will you miss Bunheads and the Paradise Dance Academy crew? Sound off in the comments and stick with us at Celebified for more of the latest TV scoop.

'Bunheads' canceled by ABC Family after one season

ABC Family has canceled the beloved but ratings-challenged dramedy "Bunheads" after a single season. The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and starred two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster (who really, seriously, totally deserved an Emmy nomination for her work).The series wrapped its first season back in February but ABC Family took its time making any official decision about the show's future, reportedly in order to see how new summer series -- including "The Fosters" and "Twisted" -- performed in the ratings. The network canceled another bubble show, "The Lying Game," last week.RELATED: Five reasons ABC Family should renew "Bunheads"The first season of "Bunheads" averaged a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo and 1.25 million total viewers overall. The series also starred "Gilmore" alum Kelly Bishop and a quartet of immensely promising young actresses: Julia Goldani Telles, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Bailey Buntain and Emma Dumont.Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger of sorts with emotionally vulnerable Ginny (Buntain)... //

ABC Family Tore Down 'Bunheads' Sets

The network hasn't canceled the Amy Sherman-Palladino-created series but this set disassembling doesn't bode well for the show's future. Read More... //

Is Bunheads Doomed? Why the Beloved Ballet Series Could Still Come Back

ABC Family has torn down the  Bunheads  sets. The network’s new dramas  The Fosters  and  Twisted  are currently outperforming the numbers that Amy Sherman-Palladino’s ballet series was pulling in. There’s been no word yet on a second season, and it was not submitted for Emmy consideration, even though six other eligible ABC Family series were:  Baby Daddy ,  The Lying Game ,  Melissa & Joey, Pretty Little Liars ,  The Secret Life of the American Teenager,  and  Switched at Birth . Altogether, these signs do not bode well at all for  Bunheads  being renewed. But — and it’s a big but — the show hasn’t been canceled either, a hopeful sign considering the last original episode aired in February: If the network wanted to be done with it, they’d be done with it. So let’s indulge in some optimism, shall we, and focus on the reasons why it  might  come back. Read More... //

'Bunheads' Season 2: 5 reasons ABC Family needs to renew this show

Last night, ABC Family's "Bunheads" aired its "winter finale" -- the last episode in the show's current order of 18 episodes -- and without any official word from the network about the show's future, it may have also been the series finale. That would be a shame.The dramedy from "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is a gem, but judging by the ratings it remains something of a well-kept secret. Prior to last night's episode, the show has been averaging 1.27 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo. Those are not embarrassing numbers by cable TV standards, but they're well under ABC Family's biggest hit, "Pretty Little Liars," and also a dropoff from "Bunheads" lead-in "Switched at Birth.""Bunheads" fares better in the young female demos prized by the network, but judging strictly by overall viewership no one would be surprised if ABC Family threw in the towel. Judge the show by its creative... //

'Bunheads' Sutton Foster: 'Michelle is a hot mess, but a lovable one'

Zap2it: How do you describe your "Bunheads" character, Michelle?Sutton Foster: Michelle is a hot mess, but a lovable one. I think of her as a lone ranger and on her own. ... What she thought her career would be didn't pan out that way. She's holding on to her dreams to be a dancer, to be a performer. I really love her, and she is one of my most favorite characters I have ever played.Zap2it: What's it like working with your brother (Hunter Foster, who played Michelle's brother, Scotty)?Sutton Foster: It has been such a gift! As adults we each have such full lives away from each other. He has been out here in L.A. and staying with me at my house here. It's the first time we had lived together in 25 years. Wow! This is so weird, and to work together is easy. I respect him so much as an actor and as... //

Bunheads Season Finale “Next” Episode 18

Bunheads  "Next" Episode 16 airs Monday, Feb 24 at 9:00 p.m., ET on ABC Family. Episode Synopsis:  The girls secretly follow Michelle to a Broadway musical  audition in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Fanny returns. Michelle’s brother, Scotty (guest star Hunter Foster), pops back up unannounced. And Sasha thinks the girls need to take their relationships  with their boyfriends to the next level, on the season finale  of ABC Family’s original series, "Bunheads," airing Monday, February 25 at 9:00PM ET/PT. READ MORE...

Bunheads Interview: Bailey Buntain on Confident Ginny, Shirtless Frankie

Bunheads fans should prepare themselves for a new side to Ginny and the half-naked side of Frankie. So star Bailey Buntain teased last week in a conference call with reporters, responding to questions about the Musical Theatre audition, as well as her character's love life. Read on for a couple big teases from the actress... //

'Bunheads' exclusive dance clip: 'It's Not a Mint' - Get out the hard hats

brightcove.createExperiences(); With just two episodes left in the winter run of "Bunheads" on ABC Family, the characters are about to face some dramatic situations. Tonight's "It's Not a Mint" will see all the central characters gathered together in the dance studio when a nearby fire threatens Paradise. But in this exclusive clip the focus is on dance, as Boo (Kaitlyn Jenkins), Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles), Melanie (Emma Dumont) and Ginny (Bailey Buntain) participate in an elaborate and unconventional group number set to New Wave band Sparks' 1982 single "I Predict."We're guessing Fanny (Kelly Bishop) wasn't involved in the creation of this one. Check out the clip above and the full episode tonight at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.... //

Nathan Parsons on Bunheads Romance, Stripping For His Bosses, General Hospital Offer

There's something about a man in uniform. That slow, simmering attraction between Bunheads widow Michelle ( Sutton Foster ) and surfer dude Godot ( Nathan Parsons ) officially gets hot in Monday's episode (9/8c, ABC Family) — hot enough to brings in the hooks and ladders. Read More... //