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On the Bunheads Set: A Mad, Chatty World of Ballet

Amy Sherman-Palladino has two passions: dancing and rapid-fire dialogue. Long before she created the WB’s motormouthed Gilmore Girls , she was a dancer who nearly passed up a writing gig on the staff of Roseanne to audition for a touring production of Cats . Her ABC Family series set in a ballet school, Bunheads (which returns to finish its half season tonight at nine) pairs these two great loves. And she’s been adding more dance routines this season because her characters, in her words, "yammer" so fast that they’ve been coming up short, so they need more scenes to fill out the hour. For the last half of this season, they’re experimenting with something new, her answer to the Sorkin walk-and-talk: the yammer-and-pli é . "We just shot a scene where the girls are in a spat, and the whole thing takes place during a dance routine," Sherman-Palladino said last December on the L.A. set of her show. "We built a dance with yammer. A yammer dance. It’s tricky as shit. It wasn’t hard enough to do separately, so I just had to throw it together." Read More... //www.vulture.com/2013/01/on-set-bunheads-mad-chatty-world-of-ballet.html