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'Burn Notice' series finale: 'Reckoning' says goodbye to Michael Westen

"Burn Notice" creator Matt Nix wasn't kidding anyone when he said that the series would have a bittersweet ending. The show went out with both figurative and literal bangs, with its main characters getting happy endings but also having to say goodbye to one another. The final episode of Season 7, "Reckoning," began with the reveal that Michael shot Sonya, not Fiona, after last week's cliffhanger ending. That means that the man Fi -- and viewers -- love isn't actually gone, and that despite his downward spiral while following James, the true Michael wasn't lost forever. He did at least show that he wasn't afraid of death, driving his car into a convenience store to save Sam and Jesse after the store's employee pulled a gun on them. But Michael should have learned by now that "Burn Notice's" central cast of characters is a family, and it wasn't him who ended up having to give... //

'Burn Notice' Interview: EP Matt Nix, Jeffrey Donovan, and Bruce Campbell Reflect on Series Finale

After seven amazing seasons, Burn Notice  is coming to an end. What will happen to Michael Westen? After being left burned in Miami, he created a life and family for himself and that is all threatened now. He went deep undercover to protect those that he loved and in the midst of his mission began to lose himself. "Reckoning" will be the end of Michael's story. Will he get a happy ending? //

Burn Notice Prepares to Say Goodbye: "I'm Really Proud of This Season," Creator Says

For many Burn Notice fans, it might be hard to put the show's entire run into perspective after seven seasons and 111 episodes. Creator and executive producer Matt Nix , on the other hand, is all too familiar with just how long the long-running USA series has been around. "My youngest son was born during the shooting of the pilot and he's now old enough to read some of the scripts," he tells with a laugh. "It's very weird." Sadly, it seems Nix's offspring will have to... //

Burn Notice Exclusive: Sharon Gless Looks Back, Ahead

We've reached the final mission for Michael Westen. Burn Notice comes to an end tonight with a finale that promises tears, tense moments and an explosion or two... or three... or four. While there are no finale spoilers to be had here, I jumped on the phone this week with multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner Sharon Gless, who has been the heart of the series from the opening episode as Michael's meddlesome mother.  Read More...   //

Sharon Gless Fires Up the Final Burn Notice

Guess Neil Young was right: It is better to burn out than to fade away. "We're going out with a bang," Sharon Gless says of Thursday's Burn Notice 's series finale. "The last scene will matter immensely. It's gonna be shocking. People will be stunned. But there's a sweetness at the end."   Read More...   //

Burn Notice Series Finale Promo: How Will It End?

This. Is. The. End. So intones the official USA Network promo for this Thursday's Burn Notice Season 7 finale, which, of course, will also serve as the long-running drama's series finale. How will "Reckoning" wrap up? Will Michael regain the trust of those he betrayed? Will James succeed in bringing him down? Will someone make the ultimate sacrifice? Will boxes of Kleenex be deployed around the country? Answers will be forthcoming in just a few days. Until then, check out the latest trailer and prepare to say goodbye:   //

'Burn Notice' series finale: Script page reveals Michael and Madeline conversation

With "Burn Notice's" finale only days away, USA is rolling out all the stops to promote the last episode of the hit show. The latest piece of information released to tease fans is a redacted page of "Reckoning's" script that shows (most of) a conversation between Michael and Madeline. The script page, which was posted on the "Burn Notice" Facebook, begins with Michael telling his mother, "The CIA found out what I was doing." She asks him, "So what are you going to do?" Unsurprisingly, Michael's answer is redacted. The conversation then turns to the subject of Charlie, who is sleeping on the bed during the scene. Much of the context for their chat about Charlie's birthday is lost because so much of it is redacted, but the fact that the conversation ends with Madeline smiling hopefully bodes well. Episode 13 of "Burn Notice's" Season 7 will feature the death of one major character.... //

'Burn Notice' Series Finale Photos: How Will Michael Get Out of His Spiraling Downfall?

"Reckoning": Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) finds himself at the end of the road after James (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson) unleashes hell trying bring him down. Still at odds with the CIA and unable to forgive himself for betraying his team, Michael will need to regain the trust of those closest to him to finish what he started, but in order to face the last of his demons some sacrifices must be made and lives risked. - From USA. Read More... //

The Series Finale of 'Burn Notice' & the Summer Finales of 'Royal Pains' & 'Graceland' Air Next Week on USA

On Thursday, September 12 at 9 p.m./8c, after seven unforgettable seasons, the Emmy®-nominated original drama BURN NOTICE comes to an end that fans won’t want to miss.  Read More... //

Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 12 “Sea Change”

Burn Notice  Season 7 Episode 12 “Sea Change” airs Thursday September 5, 2013 at 9 pm on USA. Episode Synopsis:  Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 12 “Sea Change”- Michael must expose his identity to James and Sonya. Meanwhile, Fiona, Sam and Jesse form a plan to retrieve Michael. Read More... //