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Burn Notice: Preview of Episode 3.12 "Noble Causes"

On tonight's episode of Burn Notice, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) is caught off guard by a visit from his drug-dealing neighbor Sugar (Arturo Fernandez) from way back in the pilot. But to Michael's surprise, Sugar isn't looking for trouble -- he needs Michael's help fending off a crew of notorious thieves. As a result, Michael ends up infiltrating a mobster crew. On the last episode of Burn Notice, we met Gilroy (Chris Vance), as Michael and Sam (Bruce Campbell) helped bring down a child predator. Catch the promo and photos for "Noble Causes" after the jump. To Read More Click Here .

BURN NOTICE "Friendly Fire" Season 3 Episode 11 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of BURN NOTICE "Friendly Fire" Season 3 Episode 11 airing this Thursday January 28 2010 on USA Network (10 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis: When Sam gets an unexpected visit from a former Seal buddy asking for help, Michael must infiltrate a protected urban barrio and hunt down a child predator. Michael also befriends a psychotic former spy runner in order to learn more about his destructive plans while in town. Source & Preview

Burn Notice Preview: "Friendly Fire" Season 3, Episode 11

As the official USA preview below states, there are two things that turn Michael Weston on: 1. Solving international conspiracies. 2. Fiona. Burn Notice viewers can relate to each very well, and will get a glimpse of each during Thursday's new episode. Check out the promo for the new installment (which focuses on a child predator) below, followed by a trio of photos from "Friendly Fire." Source & Preview

'Burn Notice' Returns Tonight with "A Dark Road" Season 3, Episode 10

This is it, Burn Notice fans. The series returns tonight after more than four months with an episode called "A Dark Road." On it, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) will find himself in more trouble than ever before when his only link to the Intelligence Agency turns up dead and his biggest foe wants him dead (or else, play mind games with him). He takes on a "violent" con man and later gets entangled with Columbian drug cartels and a black ops sociopath. Elsewhere on "A Dark Road" a widow whose husband died during a fake insurance scam begs Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) to help her get her husband's dangerous associates away from her and her son. The widow is apparently caught in an insurance scam. The Burn Notice episode will also feature the long-overdue reunion of Cagney and Lacey tandem Sharon Gless, who plays Michael's mom, and Tyne Daly. Daly will reportedly play an intelligence asset, whom she described as a "little low-rate bureaucrat" who's "protective of her position." Michael's mother will be placed in an "unusual" position with Daly. Source & Preview

'Burn Notice' News Roundup: Sharon and Tyne Reunion 'Good Stuff'

USA Network's Burn Notice returns tomorrow night, and if E! Online is to be believed, the Cagney and Lacey reunion on the episode will be a good one. As we all know, Tyne Daly reunites with her old detective buddy Sharon Gless, who on Burn Notice plays Michael's (Jeffrey Donovan) not-exactly-modest mommy. On the Burn Notice episode, Michael forces his mom to cultivate Tyne's character as an intelligence asset. According to him, they share a wardrobe and a cigarette brand, "good stuff" even for the post-Cagney and Lacey generation, i.e., essentially anyone who were born on the latter of the 80s. Don't get attached to Tina (Daly's character) though, since she ruled out appearing on Burn Notice on a regular basis suppose the opportunity arises. "At the moment I don't have time. I'm doing the Caberet, I actually open tonight in San Francisco and then New York and LA and wherever else it is unintelligible. Yeah so I'm doing my Caberet and after that I'm obliged to play in Washington." Daly, who had an Emmy-winning stint on Judging Amy up to 2005, added that she really wanted to do theater right after going on the CBS drama. And why not? She has a Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for Gypsy in 1989. In other Burn Notice news, tomorrow's episode will have Sam (Bruce Campbell) helping Michael investigate his new nemesis, while Michael and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) continue to "punch up" their relationship after Fiona's attempt to elave Miami and return to Ireland early this season. Catch Burn Notice's return tomorrow on USA. Source Here

BURN NOTICE January 2010 Preview

BURN NOTICE finally returns for its Season 3.5 on January 21 at 10pm on USA and so I thought it was perfect timing to share a couple of previews and a clip. YES! Michael Westen, Fiona and Sam are back in business! I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw those awesome previews. Is it possible for this show to get better and better? It sure looks like it, so get ready for some great Burn Notice new episodes. Source & Preview

Burn Notice Season 3, Episode 10: Preview the January 21st Return! - Featured

Burn Notice returns to USA Network at an all new time, 10/9c, on Thursdays starting January 21st! The third season continues with a "Cagney & Lacey" reunion, as Tyne Daly guest stars alongside Sharon Gless. Other guest stars in the second half of season 3 include: Tyne Daly, Clayne Crawford, Chris Vance, Danny Trejo, Jason Vargas, Spencer Garrett, Tim Matheson, Seth Peterson, Rick Kelly, Carlos Bernard, Garret Dillahunt and more. Check out the promos: Burn Notice January Previews Also check out the official site , the official Facebook fan page , and follow Burn Notice on Twitter !

'Burn Notice' Teases January 2010 Return - Featured

USA Network is giving more and more footage from the January episode of " Burn Notice ". Containing a brief summary of what happened when the show stopped airing in August, the new promo says that Michael will get a lot of trouble when his only link to Intelligence Agency is dead and his biggest foe wants to toy around with him. The first episode, called "A Dark Road", will be airing on January 21. A widow whose husband died during a fake insurance scam begs Fiona for help getting her husband's dangerous associates away from her and her son. Even before the action drama completes the second half of the third season, USA has put an order for the fourth season. Comprised of 16 episodes, the fourth season will begin in Summer next year. Source & Preview

Burn Notice Lastest Episode: Season 3, Episode 9:''Long Way Back''

Fiona is targeted by a dangerous man from her past, forcing Michael to team up with her brother to save her. Watch & Discuss: Watch Season 3, Episode 9:Long Way Back Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 9 Review:Long Way Back

Burn Notice: Season 3 Summer Finale Preview - Featured

Following eight episodes, Burn Notice wraps up with an installment that finds Michael realizing the true price of getting his job back, and it could cost him everything. Last time we saw Burn Notice, Barry (Paul Tei) enlisted Michael's (Jeffrey Donovan) help in tracking down his money-laundering client list, which has been stolen by a vicious thief. Michael went after the thief only to find that the task wasn't all that it seemed. Meanwhile, Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) tried to be supportive of Michael's decision to reconnect with the intelligence community, but she and Michael realized that their differences on the issue may not be reconcilable. After ending last season with Michael jumping out of a helicopter and into the ocean, Burn Notice punctuates its summer season with the episode called "Long Way Back," in which Michael will do whatever it takes to save Fiona (even if it means teaming up with Fiona's ruthless brother) when a dangerous man with deadly intentions from Fiona's past resurfaces in Miami after years of hiding. It's not going to be easy for Michael especially since he's still dealing with his fallout with an emotionally vulnerable Fiona, whom he slapped last episode in order to protect her from a killer in sheep's clothing. One thing's for sure, though, it's going to be an exciting summer season finale packed with lots of action, suspense and spy drama. Source & Video Here