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7:00 PM EST on HGTV
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Time is Running Out for a Sale

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Alicia has accepted a new job in Kansas City, and she and Gale are set to go. They have even made an offer on a house. That offer, however, is contingent on the sale of their home in Chicago, and it's is about to expire!

Episode Reviews

by zazerh

Apr 29, 2015

You know what is better than a few celebrity interviews? Four possibly drunken celebrities sitting on the same couch while interviewed by a fabulously funny and flamboyant Irishman.

Throw in the some internet fails, musical guests, skits, occasional audience participation, the RED CHAIR, all with a UK spin and that is one amusing show.

by scotwot

Jun 10, 2016

He's just so funny and bitchy, his opening monologue is unmissable, yet his gives his interviewees space to talk, unlike a lot of late night talk show hosts. He always says (and I'm not quoting this perfectly), "We let you the audience decide whether or not you like them, we don't *tell* you that you should like them." I love that. They all sit with their chosen drinks and the banter can be side splitting. Plus, Graham is just so funny, he picks great segments and everyone's pretty much sloshed so they happily go along with it.

From days past, if you ever watched Father Ted (one of the all time best sitcoms) Graham Norton was the competitive priest who tried to do Michael Flately's 'Riverdancing' in a crap caravan one very cold and rainy weekend. He was fabulous. One of my favourite episodes, ever.

by Shivoncarla

Nov 06, 2018


The making of a national treasure. Time after time, Graham Norton is the one who asks the questions that no other chat show host would dare dream up. On his red sofa sit the world’s most sought-after celebrities: recent guests have included Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Will Smith, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, the list is endless... Recent polls put Norton top of the list of Britain’s funniest comedians and of celebrities that members of the public would like to invite home for dinner. Not bad for a man who once asked a female guest to fire ping-pong balls from between her legs. As a British Citizen, it's nice to have a chat show host from our side of the water. So what other chat-show is competing with Graham in the UK? Exactly.

by Ellaeulalia

Jan 23, 2016

He is the king of Moderation/ Hosting. Best talkshow. Love the brattish humor !! watch it u will love it :)

by hmab

Apr 29, 2015

Best Late Night Show, Period!
Always featuring a cavalcade of stars, Graham Norton Show never fails to bring laughter, musical entertainment and humor to current events. Actually Zazerh's review says it all, I just wanted to add my two cents.