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Season 6

12 Episodes

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Season 6


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  • 12 episodes
    12 episodes
    • s6e13Swapping a House for a Condo
    • s6e12Family Needs More Room Before Baby Comes
    • s6e11Homeowners to Sell House Themselves
    • s6e10Ditching the House for Adventure
    • s6e9Selling to Raise the Property Value
    • s6e8Fending Off the Feng Shui
    • s6e7Inspection Throws Dream House in Question
    • s6e5Clock Is Ticking on Home Sale
    • s6e4Canine Pals Warrant Country Move
    • s6e3New Baby Means Room Needed for Three
    • s6e2Turning Out the Townhouse
    • s6e1Trading the City for the Country