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The 'Californication' Cast Talks Nudity, Guest Stars & This Season's Hijinks (VIDEO)

'Californication' has always been a rollercoaster of a show; it's heartfelt and bringing you to tears one minute, offensive and borderline disgusting the next. Having seen the entire fourth season already -- with pretty ladies and Hollywood tempting Hank Moody more than ever -- I can tell you that it's no different. I caught up with castmembers Pamela Adlon, Evan Handler and Madeleine Martin, as well as guest star Carla Gugino, to hear about the ups, the downs and the big changes happening in Hank's universe this season (Sundays, 9PM ET on Showtime). Read More... //www.tvsquad.com/2011/01/20/californication-cast-interviews-season-4/

David Duchovny on Californication Season-Five Pickup—And How Long His Backside Will Hold Up

This just in: Showtime's  Californication  will live on for season five! So how long will it go beyond that? I just spoke to  David Duchovny  exclusively moments ago about the good pick-up news, and he revealed how long he sees himself staying on the series, and his one (very funny) reservation... "I'd like to go six seasons," David says of  Californication 's fate. "I always thought six would be a good number …72 episodes would be right." Read More... //feeds.eonline.com/~r/eonline/kristin/~3/W-H7zjrV6Kw/b220735_david_duchovny_on_californication.html

Showtime News: 'Californication' Renewed, 'Nurse Jackie' and 'United States of Tara' Get Premiere Dates and More

Good news: David Duchovny will continue to seduce women on your TV screens for another season. At Showtime's Television Critics Association panel this afternoon, Entertainment President David Nevins announced that the network has renewed 'Californication' for a fifth season. The comedy's fourth season, which chronicles the attempt of Duchovny's womanizing Hank Moody to stay out of jail after some ill-advised sexual adventures, premiered on Sunday night to its highest-rated telecast ever. Also at the panel, Nevins officially announced a new reality series that will follow the San Francisco Giants as they defend their World Series title in the 2011 season. The show doesn't yet have a title, but it will likely air during this year's baseball season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. //www.tvsquad.com/2011/01/14/showtime-news-californication-renewed-nurse-jackie-and-un/

‘Shameless’ Is Showtime’s Biggest Drama Debut in Seven Years

Showtime's Californication delivered its highest season premiere Sunday, drawing 848,000 viewers at 9 p.m. for its fourth season opener. Its Season 3 premiere attracted 27,000 fewer viewers (821,000). The series did not receive its typical Dexter lead-in. Matt LeBlanc's latest, Episodes, performed well following Californication at 9:30 p.m., grabbing 768,000 viewers. Most importantly, the half-hour comedy had 91% retention from the David Duchovny-starrer. To Read More Click Here. //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/NLwSu0mElHI/californication-delivers-highest-season-premiere-69929

With Hank's Secret Revealed, How Much Californication Is Left?

Californication faces a dilemma in Season 4.  The Showtime comedy, which returns Sunday at 9/8c, ended its madcap third season with a gut punch: Hank (David Duchovny) was arrested on assault charges moments after telling his ex, Karen (Natasha McElhone), of his tryst with Mia (Madeline Zima), who, unbeknownst to Hank at the time, was underage. And while that reveal presents plenty of drama for Season 4, it also unearthed a crucial secret that's carried the show since the pilot. "We've been using that event as a motor for behavior and plot since the beginning," Duchovny tells TVGuide.com. "And I guess that now that is no longer a secret, it is no longer a motor. In a way we're free of it, which will be interesting for the next year, and we'll have to...  //www.tvguide.com/News/Californication-David-Duchovny-1027480.aspx?rss=breakingnews

What Can We Expect To See In Season 4 Of 'Californication'?

So, "Californication" is returning soon, and everyone’s favorite blind-in-one-eye leading man David Duchovny reprises his role as the perpetually creatively-blocked novelist Hank Moody. And I bet you real money he’s going to be having sex with people this season. Lots of sex. That he’ll feel bad about later. Actually, that’s the entirety of "Californication." Hank Moody has sex, feels bad about it later, then does it again. But gosh if he isn’t just so darn loveable. I know the show is about that cycle. I know the show is supposed to be about how Hank Moody is a sex addict, and how he’s trying to combat this by doing…actually, he’s doing absolutely nothing. I mean, all the press and materials for the show depict Hank as a sex addict, but it’s never blatant in the actual show. And outside of a brief couple of episodes in season 3, he doesn’t try bettering himself in any way shape or form, either. So instead Hank just seems really horny. To Read More Click Here.

Californication's a No-Go for Carla Gugino

Showtime's smarmy sex-com strands the gifted actress with a throwaway role as an attorney defending  David Duchovny 's sleazy writer. It's a pale reprise of her ball-busting turn as a Hollywood agent on  Entourage . Gugino deserves a better gig. Her underrated TV series  Karen Sisco  and  Threshold   should've been given more time to build an audience. She's proven she can kick ass on the big screen in films like  Watchmen  and  Sin City  and she costars in the upcoming buzz magnet  Sucker Punch . Now it's time someone lets her really cut loose on TV again. Do you think Carla Gugino belongs on a better show than  Californication ? Source Here

Californication Season 4 Preview: The Secret is Out...

Californication  kicks off its fourth season on Sunday. When this Showtime hit returns, we learn that a lot can happen in a weekend. The premiere opens with Charlie meeting Hank outside of jail. Viewers quickly discovers that Moody wasn’t the only thing let out in the last 72 hours: the secret he has tried so hard to conceal has gone viral. Rather than setting him free, the truth behind the real author of "Fucking and Punching" has those close to Hank kicking and screaming. The reveal has landed him in the middle of a scandal that has Hollywood buzzing.  While Hank’s lawyer (Carla Gugino) tries to get him out of the legal system’s grasp, Charlie is busy negotiating a film version of Hank’s book with his former agency. Along with Hollywood darling Sasha Bingham (Addison Timlin), this company is anxiously welcoming the troubled protagonist with open arms. With so much uncertainty in life, I’m happy to have Hank back for another scandalous season. Some might call him predictable, but I find him consistently genuine.  To Read More  Click Here.

Sneak Peeks to the New Season of 'Californication'

It's less than two months away from the fourth season premiere of "Californication" and Showtime has released a teaser as well as behind the scene featurette which would give viewers a clue about what Hank Moody would do next. The last time we saw of the troubled writer was when he was escorted by police officers for assaulting Paul. It looks like the fourth season would be about redemption. "We ended up with Hank going to jail so that was the low point and this season we're gonna rise up again," David Duchovny who plays Hank said. Madeleine Martin aka Becca added, "This season is about love, lost and carrying on." The BTS footage which uses Darren Criss' "Jealousy" as the background music, also reveals that Hank resorts to prescribed pills and alcohol during his dark hours. To Read More Click Here.

Californication Season Four Trailer: Released!

A few days after releasing the first trailer for the new season of Weeds, Showtime has done the same for Californication. We already know a few details about what's to come on this David Duchovny comedy, as Callie Thorne will guest star as a new love interest for Hank; Michael Ealy will do the same for Natasha; and Rob Lowe will appear, scruffy beard and all. Season four premieres in January and we're excited to present the first extended look at how complicated Hank's life is about to get: Source & Trailer