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Trio of Showtime series get early premieres

Showtime announced early premiere dates for a trio of shows airing next January. John Wells' new drama series "Shameless" will hit the network on Jan. 9. Matt LeBlanc's comedy "Episodes" and the fourth season debut of "Californication" will air on Jan. 10. "Shameless," starring William H. Macy as a working-class husband and father in Chicago, will air at 10 p.m. on Sundays. "Episodes" has LeBlanc playing a spoof of himself, an actor who's woefully miscast in a sitcom. That will air at 10 p.m. on Mondays followed by "Californication." Source

Tommy Lee Snags Cameo on Californication

Tommy Lee has signed up for a role he's familiar with - a rocker - on an episode of Californication, a show rep says. The 47-year-old Motley Crue drummer will play a singer who has an encounter with Hank (David Duchovny) while performing at a hotel bar. The casting news was first reported by E! Online. Rob Lowe to play ... Hank on Californication? Lee joins previously announced Season 4 guest stars including Rob Lowe and Lenny Kravitz's daughter, Zoe Kravitz. Californication returns to Showtime next fall. Source Here

Callie Thorne Cast on Californication

Callie Thorne is coming to Californication. The actress, who starred for years on Rescue Me as Sheila Keefe, will guest star on season four as a single mother that gets involved with Hank. But here's the twist, as reported by Fancast.com: Thorne's character will be the mother of the actress who is portraying Hank's daughter in the movie being made about his life. Moreover, Hank is sleeping with that actress (played by actual actress Addison Timlin). Read that again. I promise it makes sense. Rob Lowe will also play a key role on season four of the show. Source Here

Rob Lowe As Brad Pitt on CALIFORNICATION

Rob Lowe will be paying homage to Brad Pitt by sporting his bohemian, off-screen look, in an upcoming episode of CALIFORNICATION. Rob Lowe will guest star in three episodes of the upcoming 4th season of Californication as an unpredictable mega-watt movie star 'Eddie Nero,' a contender to play Hank (David Duchovny) in the film version of his blockbuster novel. Source Here

Californication Taps Zoe Kravitz for Recurring Role

Lenny Kravitz's daughter, Zoe Kravitz, has been tapped for a recurring role on Californication, Entertainment Weekly reports. The 21-year-old will play Zoe, a wild musician who recruits Becca (Madeline Martin) for an all-girl band. She is slated to appear in six episodes of the Showtime drama, starring David Duchovny. Kravitz, whose mother is actress Lisa Bonet, recently appeared in The Greatest and will next head to the big screen in Twelve, due out next month. Californication will return for its fourth season this fall. Source Here

Michael Ealy Joins Cast of Californication

Perhaps planning for life after FlashForward, if that ABC drama gets canceled, Michael Ealy has joined the cast of Californication. The actor will appear for five episodes next season, playing a love interest for Natascha McElhone's Karen on the Showtime hit. Ealy came aboard FlashForward halfway through its first season and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role on the critically-acclaimed mini series Sleeper Cell. Earlier this week, we announced that Rob Lowe will also guest star on the fouth season of Californication. He'll portray a movie star hoping to portray David Duchovny's character in a film. Source Here

Rob Lowe to guest on 'Californication'

I am already a huge fan of Rob Lowe's post-Brothers & Sisters career. First, he booked a recurring role on NBC's Parks and Recreation to showcase his comedic side (his first episode airs May 13, and he plays a state auditor); now, The Wrap reports he'll guest star on the fourth season of Showtime's Californication. He'll play 'Eddie Nero, an imbalanced yet charismatic, award-winning movie star who finds himself in contention to play Hank Moody (David Duchovny) in the film version of [F---ing & Punching].' It's a one-episode gig that could be expanded, and I'm already confident saying it needs to be. How delicious is seeing Lowe, no stranger to a sex scandal, guest star on Californication period, let alone as an actor who could be cast as Hank in the adaptation of the book based on his dalliance with then 16-year-old Mia? I'm picturing Duchovny and Lowe (channeling his St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night days) trying to out cool one another, and I like it. A lot. To Read More Click Here .

Californication Adds Recurring Characters for Season Four

While the fourth season of Californication won't premiere on Showtime for months, the show has announced a pair of major casting decisions. Carla Gugino and Addison Timlin have both nabbed multiple-episode arcs on the David Duchovny dramedy. Gugino, who recurred on Entourage as Vince's agent, will play a new love interest for Hank Mood. Her character will be a corporate attorney. Timlin, meanwhile, will appear in eight episodes. She'll portray a movie actress. Source Here

David Duchovny on CALIFORNICATION Season 4

Earlier today, we were at the press day for The Joneses (which we'll have more on closer to the April 16th release date), starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny as a seemingly perfect family who moves into a suburban neighborhood and immediately impresses everyone they meet, but who, in reality, are really a fake family, commissioned by a marketing company to introduce new products around the world. During the interview, Duchovny took some time to give an update on where his Californication character, Hank Moody, will be going in Season 4 of the popular Showtime series, which starts filming on April 19th for a possible September premiere. He also said that he really enjoys getting to work with new guest stars each season, and that the upcoming season promises some great ones. Check out what he had to say after the jump: To Read More Click Here .

Coolest Moments of the Week: A Dexter Shocker, Closer's Dilemma, the Last Dance and More! - Featured

This week, television taught us that all good things must come to an end. Californication's Hank Moody made a difficult choice. The brothers of Nip/Tuck performed an ethically questionable surgery for personal gain. So You Think You Can Dance finally acknowledged the high art that is krumping. And Dexter , a show about a serial killer, made death surprising again. Welcome to Coolest Moments: Finale Fever Edition. 9. Worst Production Values: Dear Oprah Winfrey's Producers: In the future, when you are interviewing the president of the United States at the White House, even if it's for a Christmas special, please remember to change the filters and camera set-ups from "Tearful Movie Star/Victim of Tragedy Tell-All" to "Important Political Figure." A wartime nation dealing with a shaky economy does not want to see its leader in loving, dewy-eyed, soft-focused close-up. Save those flourishes for Travolta's next visit. Thanks! Love, Us 8. Best Confession: In the closing moments of Californication's third season, Hank Moody gets into a fistfight with Mia's agent. Backed into a corner by the extortionist suit, Hank admits to Karen that he slept with Mia when she was 16, just before the police show up to arrest Hank for assault. Talk about violating the penal code! 7. Best Solution to a Situation: Conan O'Brien, not satisfied with the moniker the Jersey Shore nickname generator gave him, asks Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino for a replacement. The washboarded stud dubs the Tonight Show host "The Solution." "I love it!" O'Brien gushes. "Ladies, if you have a problem, I am The Solution!" Next up: transforming him into a "guido." 6. Grossest Surgery: Christian and Sean face an ethical dilemma on Nip/Tuck when a district attorney offers them a deal: If they perform liposuction on a death-row inmate who is too heavy for lethal injection, their son Matt will be released from prison. They agree, and the subsequent surgery scene is beyond graphic - even by FX standards. The surgeons remove layers of bloody flesh like they're folding bed sheets. After watching, you won't need lipo; you'll never eat again. 5. Nicest Surprise: The Sing-Off sounds too corny to be good. But a group performance of Queen's "Under Pressure" in the premiere episode demonstrates the show's cool factor. It's like watching really good karaoke, but sober and with better wardrobe. To Read More Click Here .