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Californication Review: All Roads Lead Back Home

With their literary pilgrim off finding her voice, Hank and Karen were left alone to find out if there is anything else keeping them together. Hank wasn't the only one struggling with matters of the heart on " I'll Lay My Monster Down ." A despondent Atticus was also missing the love of his life, but lacking any sort of real plan to win her back.  Read More... //

Californication Review: Decadence Incarnate

Atticus took a break from doing cocaine off his mirror this week, to actually look at himself in it. Just when Hank had found his creative mojo again and Charlie was on the path to career reincarnation, their meal ticket decided to hang up his leather pants and work on his sobriety this week on " The Abby ."  Unable to bring down the walls of Castle Abstinence on their first attempt, Hank and Faith needed some bigger guns and few can pop off more colorfully than Richard Bates. I think I would have gone to class a lot more consistently in college if he had been one of my professors. His message to live first, write later, was very apropos given Becca's choice to go abroad. His passion for teaching was evident, but all Hank had to do was dangle the adventure of smuggling drugs into rehab in front of his nose and he was out the door like Indiana Jones.  Read More... //

Californication Review: Destructive Criticism

After reading Becca's first attempt at a novel, Hank tried to delicately express his thoughts, but what came out was more like a parental Code Red . The truth was not easy to hear, but Becca took it. When Hank's script was weighed and measured, it too was found wanting, but the literary lion was not exactly prepared to handle the truth. " Everybody's a F. Critic " showed even the most celebrated of authors can pen a piece of garbage. What followed was an interesting look at how Hank dealt with such a bold faced rejection.   Read More... //

Californication Review: Party Like a Rock Star

On last week's Californication , Atticus's inspiration had run dry - that was, until a near death experience put a spark back into the air. This week, Hank and Charlie returned home to find Charlie's house trashed as a result of Becca trying to find some inspiration of her own. When Hank tried to play parent and lecture Becca about the dangers of drugs on " The Dope Show ," she brought up his own creative process and threw it right back in his face.  Despite all Hank's shortcomings as a parent, Becca still looks up to her father for his many talents as a writer. So it should not have come as such a shock to see his daughter headed down the same path he took, in her search to find her own words. Tiier conversation had all the makings of an Anti-drug PSA... //

Californication Review: Pizza, Cocaine and Apple Juice

After last week's episode, it seemed like Season 6 of Californication had been cleared for takeoff. But " In the Clouds " never really got off the ground as Charlie and Hank boarded Atticus's place destined for New York City. Alanna Ubach did make the ride less bumpy with some off the wall antics.  Before leaving to catch his ride on Air Atticus, Hank sat down with Becca to try to talk some sense into her. Becca thwarted her father's intervention of sorts by proving to him she is staying busy in her pursuit to become not only book smart but full of carnal knowledge. Despite making Hank's stomach turn, all she had to do was give his ego the smallest of strokes and he allowed her to take over Charlie's house while they were away. Read More... //

Californication Review: Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire

At the onset of this week's  Californication, Hank was severely lacking inspiration. When it came to " Rock and a Hard Place ," however, there was no shortage of creative lubricant. What we were treated to, was an episode consisting of many classic traits of the show. Namely, sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was very happy to see Hank not taking his "sobriety" so seriously. Hank lighting up a smoke and slugging whiskey, while pouring over his typewriter, is usually a formula for success when it comes to an episode. After seeing him win the lone contestant, dead man float competition in Charlie's hot tub, I knew we were in for something good. Read More... //

Californication Review: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

This week on Californication , both fresh out of rehab, Hank and Robbie Mac meet to discuss a potential project, one with which Hank cannot get on board at the outset of " Hell Bent for Leather ." Charlie, meanwhile, was happy to have his best friend back - but didn't like the sound of Hank's plans.  The whole reason any of us know Hank Moody is because the man has a gift for the written word. Because he has strayed from his wheelhouse, his life has been a tumult. So it was very interesting to see Charlie almost enabling Hank, pushing him toward another project like those which have only caused him grief. Hank may have his drinking under control, but he needs to listen to his heart and get back to doing what he does best.   Read More... //

Californication Review: Gotta Have Faith

I would have thought a funeral would be the last thing Hank would want to attend after his reaction to Carrie's death. I guess a day out of rehab with the lovely Faith was all he needed to silence his demons on " Dead Rock Stars ." I was a little surprised Gabe recommended Faith attend the funeral in the first place, but I was floored when he suggested Hank go along for support. If you hang out in a barber shop, eventually you will get a haircut and Hank got one heck of a trim in the form of a night spent partying with Atticus. Read More... //

Californication Review: He's Back!

Hank said, "No, no, no" to rehab this week on Californication. That was until he got to know Faith, played by this season's brightest guest star to date, Maggie Grace.   After a disappointing premiere left me worrying about the rest of Californication Season 6 , " Quitters "made a me a believer once again.  Charlie was right. The surly, mean-spirited bastard we all know and love, was back. Charlie's description of Hank was as accurate an account as I have heard and lead off an episode full of memorable Californication quotes .  Read More.... //

Hank Is A 'Disasterpiece' in Californication

The hit Showtime series, Californication is back for its sixth season with an amazing lineup of guest stars (like Marilyn Manson) and more comedic dark struggles for Hank Moody (played by Golden Gl... //