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  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes
    • s1e32Training a Vine
    • s1e31How to Harvest Annual Herbs
    • s1e30The Hunt for the Best Heucheras
    • s1e29Preparing Roses for Winter
    • s1e28What Deer Damage Looks Like
    • s1e27Feeding and Mulching Roses
    • s1e26Ridding Your Garden of Slugs and Snails
    • s1e25Where to Cut
    • s1e24How to Sharpen Pruners
    • s1e23A Survey of Pruning Tools
    • s1e22Removing Root Suckers
    • s1e21Pinching Stem Tips
    • s1e20Deadheading Flowering Shrubs
    • s1e19Deadheading Annuals and Perennials
    • s1e18How to Prune Tomatoes
    • s1e17Shelter Plants From Winter
    • s1e16How to Wrangle a Cactus
    • s1e15How to Divide Ornamental Grasses
    • s1e14How to Divide and Transplant an Agave
    • s1e13How to Remove Dead and Diseased Wood
    • s1e12How to Prune Hybrid Tea Roses
    • s1e11How to Prune Floribunda Roses
    • s1e10How to Prune Climbing Roses
    • s1e9How to Prune Shrub Roses
    • s1e8Controlling Weeds
    • s1e7Fertilizing Basics
    • s1e6Autumn Turf Tips
    • s1e5How to Dig, Divide, and Store Dahlia Tubers
    • s1e4Trim a Hedge with Straight Edges
    • s1e3How to Prune Hydrangeas
    • s1e2Fall Leaves Make a Great Natural Mulch
    • s1e1Edging a Garden Bed