Case Closed
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Case Closed

"Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden (Part 2)"

Date Aired: Jun 23, 2002 (Japan)

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Mouri accuses one of Majima's employees who was in debt, but is quickly proven wrong. He then accuses Endou, one of Majima's company managers. The police find a threatening note in the trash from Endou to Majima saying to meet on the roof which seems to implicate Endou further. Mouri says that if Endou tied a rope around the body and used a bow and arrows, it would have been possible to lower the body without a trace. The police go to look for evidence of the arrows and rope, and Conan is shocked when they actually find it because the position the body is in makes it impossible for that trick to have been used. Conan deduces that the culprit is Kiyama-san whose father was murdered by Majima. Kiyama flooded the garden with water and floated the body on an air mat to leave no trace behind.
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