Case Closed
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Case Closed

"Shinichi Kudo's New York Case (The Resolution)"

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Shinichi tells his mother his deductions on the case to have her solve the murder. It is revealed that since the mirror was damaged, the employees of the theater fixed the mirror causing it to become shorter. Since the mirror was too low to conceal Heath during the musical, they decided to add a revolving trap door on the stage. It is then revealed besides Heath, the actress Rose Hewitt was informed of the trap door as it was her job to close the trap door when Heath is carried by wires out of it. Yukiko declares Rose to be the murderer revealing that during the time the stage was covered in the fog, Rose shot Heath through an opening between the mirror and the floor as he was rising out of the trap door. Rose then placed the gun on Heath to create the suspicion the true suspect threw the gun on stage from the terrace. As evidence, Shinichi reveals Heath grabbed onto Rose with his blood soaked hands which was found on the inside of her glove. Shinichi and Ran take a taxi to the hotel but stop in an alleyway when Ran's handkerchief flies out the window and onto a fire escape. Shinichi leaves to retrieve it and Ran meets a mysterious FBI agent who orders her to leave as the serial killer they are searching for is nearby. Ran searches for Shinichi and finds the serial killer on the fire escape. The man prepares to shoot Ran but when the fire escape railing gives way, he loses his balance but is saved by Ran and Shinichi. Ran collapses from her illness and Shinichi leaves with her declaring to the man he will capture him the next time they meet. The next day, Yukiko receives a call of Sharon who asks her to tell Ran an angel is watching over her also. Ran awakens from her illness in the present time and phones Shinichi to talk about their time in New York. Shinichi reveals that the serial killer was found murdered by the police shortly after their encounter.
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