Case Closed
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Case Closed

"Friendship Can't Be Bought with Money (Part 2)"

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After a thorough investigation, Conan finds out how the body was placed on the road and who the murderer is. Conan impersonates Agasa's voice and reveals that Shirafuji's body was murdered and placed atop the van. The culprit used the sunroof to hold down Shirafuji's body and wrapped her body in a plastic covering to reduce friction. When the sunroof was released, Shirafuji's body fell backwards while the campervan was in motion which explains why they found the body on the way back. Conan then reveals the culprit to be the college student Haruka Tendou, evidenced by her change of clothes. Conan reveals that her she changed to a pair of similar jeans but the design was slightly different and that she threw away her other jean as it contains Shirafuji's blood. Tendou confesses and reveals that she was pretending to be rich and she found out her friends knew the truth yet only used their relationship for money. During the ride back, Haibara allows Ayumi to call her "Ai-chan" upon accepting their friendship.
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