Case Closed
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Case Closed

"Find the Buttocks' Mark! (Part 1)"

Date Aired: Jan 11, 2004 (Japan)

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Conan and Haibara, along with the other Detective Kids, are walking home from school discussing the previous event that occurred, meanwhile Ran and Sonoko visit Jodie who is in the hospital recovering from her injury. Jodie explains to Ran and Sonoko that she is a FBI agent and tells them a makeshift story to hide the fact that Haibara's life is in danger. Afterwards, Jodie's superior comes in and they talk about getting Haibara in the witness protection program. As Ayumi left the rest to go home, she ran into the Phantom Killer, but with many witnesses around, he fled the scene. The only clue is the mark on Ayumi's hand from the item that the culprit dropped on the ground and quickly retrieved. It is later discovered to be the symbol of a car brand as the same mark was also imprinted on Genta's rear end as he sat on Satou's car.
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