Case Closed
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Case Closed

"The Stunt Car's Utmost Limit"

Date Aired: May 28, 2006 (Japan)

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The Detective Boys visit a Kamen Yaiba Stunt Show. The director, Shinji Fukamachi, and assistant director, Hidehiko Nakasato, scold the stunt driver, Kengo Rikiishi, for doing such a dangerous stunt with the car. Kengo blows off their words and has cameraman Daisaku Kijima retake his next shot later. The directors tell Kengo that he was to wait for an RC car identical to his own to do the off the roof scene, which angers Kengo and thinks the crew don't respect his skills as a driver. Shinji sees Masao Nishiwaki, the mechanical technician, on the readiness of the cars for a retake. The kids go and meet with the crew, and Mitsuhiko and Genta go see the cars which Genta places a sticker on the RC car, to make it look cooler, but the technician comes to take it to the roof. The kids are having fun until they hear a fight. Kengo has had enough of the director telling him not to do the stunt again that he does it in a blind rage, which is caught on film by Daisaku. As he makes it to the top, Kengo didn't get out and dies on impact. Conan sees the seat belt was loose, meaning Kengo tried to get out, but something prevented him from getting out. Conan and the crew look at the footage of the event, then someone alerted the police and Conan pursues them. The kids mistake Conan's actions as him investigating without them, and follow him to the roof where he says the accident was a carefully planned murder. As Megure takes statements from the crew, who explain Kengo's want to do the stunt was what killed him, and each fight with each other saying who they think is the killer. Conan uses Agasa to solve the case by proving Fukamachi is the killer who prompted Kengo to do the stunt. Fukamachi had Car A, which had no air bomb, driven by Kengo which was right where he was. But Kengo swapt Car A for B on the roof unaware of the bomb being in Car A, and Conan shows the sticker was on the car- until Genta says he put one on both cars. But Conan shows the corner of the coat was caught on the car which crashed, but not on the one on camera when it started. Conan pulls the remote from the director's pocket and has the technician prove the crashed car is the RC car and the director had it lock the seat belt to hold Kengo as he fell. He confesses and states that he was in debt and used the production money to pay it off, also Kengo didn't drive but the RC was driven by the remote preventing him from getting out. On their way home, Genta is full, Ayumi is fawning over her autograph by Yaiba, and Mitsuhiko, Agasa, and Conan are Covered in stickers by Genta.
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