Case Closed
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Case Closed

"The Desperate Revival ~The Promised Place~"

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Shinichi confirms Ooba to be the murderer and reveals that he used a glove and plastic bag so his cloths would not be stained with gunpowder. He reveals that the plastic bag was hid in a mascot costume and that it contains Ooba's fingerprints. Ooba counters stating that his co-workers also touched the plastic bag. Shinichi reveals that Ooba confessed to the crimes also since he said his girlfriend's earrings were pink yet color is not distinguishable in the dark and thus reveals that Ooba was with his girlfriend when the elevator doors opened. Ooba confesses and reveals that his father's company was destroyed by Tatsumi and prompted his father to suicide. Shinichi escapes to the bathroom and regresses back to Conan. Conan tells Ran that Shinichi left to solve the case and leaves her heartbroken.
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