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Watch a sneak peek of CASTLE episode 7 "Home Is Where the Heart Stops"

When a string of high-end home invasions end in murder, Castle and Beckett must determine who is orchestrating these violent robberies before they strike again. But to catch this deadly thief, Beckett must go way out of her comfort zone to enter Castle's glamorous, paparazzi filled world as his date to a charity ball. Meanwhile, Castle seeks the counsel of a dangerous ex-jewel thief who had once threatened to kill him, on " Castle ," MONDAY, APRIL 20 (10:02-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Sneak Peeks Click here Source Here

Cancellation Buzz: USA Today Names 21 'On the Bubble' Shows - Featured

Similar to our own Cancellation Buzz section, USA Today has assembled a chart chronicling shows for next season that are either "On the Bubble", "Renewed (or Almost)" or "Gone or Nearly Dead". Check it out here: The early line on fall: What's in, out and undecided Not too many surprises, though it's interesting that the yet-to-premiere Sit Down, Shut Up (Sunday at 8:30PM on FOX), is already considered on the bubble. I was actually thrilled to see Privileged listed as a bubble show and not nearly dead, as I really would like to see that show get a second season. It also stung a little to see Dollhouse listed as "Nearly Dead" as opposed to "On the Bubble". Besides the obvious that we already know are canceled, they are considering Worst Week , Eleventh Hour , Life , Kings and Reaper as "Nearly Dead". Still on the bubble are many new Spring series, including Castle , The Unusuals , Southland , Parks & Recreation , Better Off Ted , In the Motherhood , Cupid and Surviving Suburbia . Also remaining on the bubble include current series Chuck , My Name Is Earl , Medium , Samantha Who? , Cold Case , Without a Trace , Gary Unmarried and more. So...which bubble shows do you most want to survive?

Watch a sneak peek of CASTLE episode 6 "Always Buy Retail"

When an immigrant is found tortured and murdered in a ritualistic killing, Beckett navigates the uncharted territory of the mysterious Vodun religion with Castle leading the way. Having researched similar deaths for one of his books, Castle's knowledge and sources prove valuable, but only their apt teamwork can unravel the murderer's motives. Meanwhile, Castle is confronted with the possible return of his first wife, Alexis's mother, whose dizzying personality threatens to upend the tranquility of the entire family, on " Castle ," MONDAY, APRIL 13 (10:02-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source here

Ratings: Did Bob Saget Play to a Full House? - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars averaged 19.6 million total viewers over its 90-minute run, dipping 630K week-to-week. House placed second during the hour with 13 mil, gaining 830 thou. Chevy Chasing CBS comedy repeats, Chuck came in fourth with 6 mil, inching up 380K. * 9 pm CBS' coverage of the NCAA men's basketball championship game drew 16.3 million in its first two hours. That puts it on pace to net out lower than last year's Kansas-Memphis faceoff. ABC's Bob Saget-starring Surviving Suburbia debuted to a solid 12.16 mil; as a benchmark, Samantha Who? drew 14.9 mil for its own premiere in the same plum après-DWTS time slot. At 11 mil, 24 was down a hair from last week, while Heroes continued to redefine its all-time low (6.05 mil). * 10 pm Placing second behind hoops, Castle scored 9.24 million viewers, down 560K. Medium nearly matched its previous audience, sizing up 7.15 mil. Source here

Castle's Nathan Fillion Writes His Own Ticket in Comedic Drama

It makes sense for Nathan Fillion to play a writer on ABC's Castle (Mondays, 10 pm/ET&PT). The son of retired English teachers, he's co-founded a charity, Kids Need to Read, to provide books for underfunded libraries. And while he's unpretentious about his own reading habits - he lists Robert Parker's Spenser novels among recent favorites - he revels in mystery novelist Rick Castle's occasional arrogance on the show. Best known for playing Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity, and for his role as Joey Buchanan in One Life to Live, Fillion got his start performing improvisational comedy in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Castle, which pairs him with alluring detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), lets him handle drama and comedy alike. But as he explained to us, he plays them both the same. To Read The Full Interview Click here .

CASTLE "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins" Sneak Peek

Watch a sneak peek of CASTLE "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins" airing this MONDAY APRIL 6 (10:02-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Preview of 'Castle' 1.04: Hell Hath No Fury

Next on " Castle ", the investigation behind a body found wrapped in a rug on the sidewalk of New York City leads Castle and Beckett deep inside the world of the city's dirty politics. The partners discover a world of expensive escorts, arrogant tycoons, corrupt investigators, and the effects of betrayal. The body turns out belonging to a NYC councilman who is running for re-election. Meanwhile, Castle's final novel in the Derrick Storm series hits the bookstores, causing his mother to search for any and all signs of failure. And at one of his book readings, Beckett tries to throw Castle off his game, only to learn that he has flipped the script on her once again. "Hell Hath No Fury" airs March 30. "Castle" is a new ABC comedy-drama television series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as the titular character and Kate Beckett respectively. On playing the role, Fillion said in an interview, "I'm an actor. I have that wonderful job where every day can be an adventure for me. That's what Castle is. Every day of his life is a field trip. He's a child inside. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to have fun every day, and that's something that 'Castle' has in spades." To Watch The Preview Click here . Source here

Ratings: Mother Makes Smaller Bang, Heroes Hits Low - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars averaged 20.16 million total viewers over its two-hour run, dipping just 4 percent week-to-week. Trailing a House repeat, How I Met Your Mother (7.4 mil) didn't deliver a very big bang in Sheldon and Leonard's time slot, dropping 20 percent from its last regularly-scheduled episode. Chuck came in fourth with 6.05 mil (up 6 percent), followed by Gossip Girl (dipping to 2.2 mil). 9 pm Weakened by a Two and a Half Men repeat, Rules of Engagement plunged 17 percent, to 9.43 mil. 24 hit its first skid in a while, slipping 9 percent, while Heroes (6.48 mil) sank to a new series low. One Tree Hill held steady at 2.26 mil. 10 pm CSI: Miami topped the hour with 13.46 million viewers, followed by Castle , which at 9.8 mil crumbled some 15 percent. Medium (6.56 mil), like its lead-in, hit an all-time low. Source: - Ratings: Mother Makes Smaller Bang, Heroes Hits Low

Watch a sneak peek of CASTLE episode 3 ''Hedge Fund Homeboys''

A once wealthy teenage boy whose family has fallen on hard times is found dead in a rowboat floating along the lake in Central Park. As Castle and Beckett try to piece together the events leading up to his death, his friends do everything in their power to thwart the investigation. As they unravel the truth from the lies, a story of betrayal and obsession emerges. Meanwhile, Castle debates whether he can leave Martha home alone while he chaperones Alexis class trip to Washington, DC. Martha might be an aspiring Life Coach, but that doesn't mean she's trustworthy, on Castle , MONDAY, MARCH 23 (10:02-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source here

Ratings: Once-Hot Gossip Remains Lukewarm - Featured

Monday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Dancing with the Stars dipped 6 percent from its season opener, yet of course dominated the night with an audience of 21.08 million total viewers. Placing second in the hour was House and its very cool "Death Cat," which warmed up to 12.8 million viewers (up 670K). In third, both CBS' The Big Bang Theory (9.76 mil, +300K) and How I Met Your Mother (9.22 mil, up 9 percent) both enjoyed gains. Gossip Girl was welcomed back from its eternity-like absence by 2.24 mil, which was on par with its most recent (and near-season low) audience. * 9 pm CBS' Two and a Half Men (14.02 million viewers) and Rules of Engagement (11.4 mil, up 10 percent) placed second behind DWTS, while 24 held steady with 11.34 mil. One Tree Hill (2.27 mil) dropped 330 thou. * 10 pm CSI: Miami dipped 840K but still bested ABC's Castle , 13.35 million to 11.48 million viewers. Castle matched its premiere audience, but again suffered significant tune-out - minus 18 percent - over the course of the hour. Source here