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'Castle' Episode 8.19 Photos: Jonathan Silverman Guest Stars as a Man Who Miraculously Survives a Poisoning

Official episodic photos for Castle season 8 episode 19, "Dead Again," airing Monday, April 25. From ABC: "When a mild mannered safety inspector for the city (guest star Jonathan Silverman) miraculously survives a poisoning, it might be luck; but when he survives another, it?s a mystery Castle and Beckett will have to solve." ...  Read More... //

Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: Castle and Beckett Booze It Up

  This season of Castle has been a serious roller-coaster ride that recently hit a fresh peak, with Beckett ( Stana Katic ) moving back in with Castle ( Nathan Fillion ) so the two can go after LokSat together. But the couple moving back in together doesn't just mean a joining of forces. It also means the ...  Read More... //

'Castle' Episode 8.18 Photos: Can Beckett and Castle Clear Hayley's Name?

Official episodic photos for Castle season 8 episode 18, "Backstabber," airing Monday, April 18. From ABC: "After Hayley does a favor for an old friend, she finds herself implicated in a killing and cyber-terror attack. Now, Beckett and Castle must rush to solve the case and clear Hayley?s name."   Read More... //

'Castle' Episode 8.17 Photos: Are Castle and Beckett Searching for Aladdin's Lamp?

Official episodic photos for Castle season 8 episode 17, "Death Wish," airing Monday, April 11. From ABC: "The murder of a man connected to smuggling Turkish relics sends Castle, Beckett and the 12th Precinct on a search for a stolen antique believed to be Aladdin?s lamp, in hopes that it can lead them to the killer."   Read More... //

Castle Sneak Peek: Esposito's Old Flame

Its a funny story. Or not. More like a Heartbreaker, really. Turns out Detective Esposito once had a serious workplace romanceof sorts. It ended with a gold coin heist and Esposito putting his beloved in cuffsand not the fun kind. Yeah, its complicated, but is he over her the way he claims?   Read More... //

'Castle' Episode 8.16 Photos: A Case Traces Back to One from Esposito's Past

Official episodic photos for Castle season 8 episode 16, "Heartbreaker," airing Monday, April 4. From ABC: "A clue at the scene of the death of an armored-car driver leads Beckett and Castle back to an old case solved by Esposito. But complications arise when they learn that Esposito might not have been telling them everything about his past with the culprit."   Read More... //

'Castle' Creators, StudioCanal's Tandem Partner on 'Take Two' (Exclusive)

An L.A. private detective teams up with a Hollywood actress straight out of rehab in the new comedy crime series.  Read More... //

Best 'Castle' Quotes from 'Fidelis Ad Mortem'

Beckett returns to the police academy to find who killed a recruit officer in Castle season 8 episode 15, "Fidelis Ad Mortem." During the case, she meets a recruit who could very well break all of her records and wonders if the killer could be someone she knows well. Plus, Castle wrestles with whether he should tell Beckett what he learned in Los Angeles. Here are the best quotes from "Fidelis Ad Mortem." ...Read More... //

Castle Sneak Peek: Badass Beckett Proves to Be One Kickass Mentor

In the next episode of ABCs Castle, Beckett will take a police academy cadet under her wing after she pins the young woman under her knee, as seen in this exclusive (and awesome) sneak peek. In the Rob Bowman-directed Fidelis Ad Mortem (airing Monday at 10/9c), Kate (played by Stana Katic) returns to her [] //

'Castle' Episode 8.15 Photos: Beckett and the Team Return to the Police Academy

Official episodic photos for Castle season 8 episode 15, "Fidelis Ad Mortem," airing Monday, March 21. From ABC: "When a recruit officer at the NYPD Academy is killed, Beckett and the team go back to their old training ground to investigate. Meanwhile, Castle must reckon with a decision with profound consequences for him and Beckett." ...  Read More... //