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Castle Recap: Using Your Noodles

This week on ABCs Castle, as a murder cast suspicion on an ESL class, it was Rick who learned a most unexpected lesson about his missing time. As I previously shared, this episode, And Justice for All, was a companion piece of sorts to next weeks L.A.-bound escapade, guest-starring Summer Glau, Gerald McRaney and [] //

'Castle' recap: 'And Justice for All'

Castle goes undercover in an ESL class to solve the murder of an immigrant from El Salvador.   Read More... //

Castle Season 8 Episode 13 Review: And Justice For All

Rick headed back to school once again only this time he wasnt the teacher, but the student on Castle Season 8 Episode 13 . I cant say Ive heard a lot of French Canadian accents, but for some reason Castles kept reminding me of Kermit the Frog. Thats not a bad thing, per se. I love Kermie. As much as Im sure two NYPD detectives probably deal with plenty of people who dont want to talk to them, I was glad Castle was sent in to gather information on this linguistic mystery.   Read More...   //

'Castle' Recap: Castle's Memories Begin to Return

Castle is not a subtle show. Nor is it usually a very political one. It makes an exception with "And Justice for All," though, a giant "screw you" to the mounting American political movement to villainize immigrants. Definitely not subtle, but any time Martha delivers a life lesson, it is impossible not to be a little touched.   Read More... //

Castle, “The Blame Game” is a Scary Fun House Deja Vu

Castle, "The Blame Game" is a solid episode. Finally! It has a few things that need to go, but Castle Season 8 episode 12 is one that gets most of it right! THE SET UP How Castle, "The Blame Game" starts out is…okay. The symbol on the mirror is intriguing and the shadow of the gunman as she sees him in the mirror is scary. Then comes the overkill. (Sorry, but writing about a show that thrives on puns and double entendre, it had to be said.) The viewer gets to see the body crumpling to the floor and the blood splattering on the mirror. We then hear writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) saying "Booyah" – while the camera is still on the mirror. It feels like the writers think this is a game of "Halo" and they just scored a headshot. It’s not. This is supposed to be the murder of a young woman, there’s no victory in this. READ MORE...


"Castle" Season 8 Episode 12 "Blame Game" aired last Monday, February 22, 2016 at 10:00 PM on ABC. In this episode, New York’s finest must race against time to solve a murder and to rescue Captain Katherine "Kate" Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), who were abducted and were forced to play a game in order to survive. Aside from this, the details regarding a major changed was recently teased. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the eighth season of "Castle". The episode began with a woman getting shot after discovering a strange symbol on her mirror. READ MORE...

Best 'Castle' Quotes from 'The Blame Game'

Castle and Beckett are lured into a deadly game in Castle season 8 episode 12, "The Blame Game." The two find themselves held captive in identical rooms with strangers, and the only way out alive is to play their captor's twisted games. Here are the best quotes from "The Blame Game."   Read More... //

'Castle' Recap: Castle and Beckett Must Kill or Be Killed

Let's start out by addressing the elephant in the room: Castle gets kidnapped. A lot. Alexis, ever the lamp shader, ends this episode of Castle by remarking that her father is "abducted twice a year." It's an excessive trope, but it does tend to produce good episodes. "The Blame Game" is not an exception. Castle is at its best when it channels the mystery stories that inspired it, and this episode is a cross between an Agatha Christie novel and a Psych 101 nightmare.   Read More... //

Castle Recap: I Want to Play a Game

If you like solving puzzles, this weeks Castle was (to some degree) for you. But if you came for much of anything else you probably left disappointed. Taking a cue from Saw though not even Rick dared noted the obvious parallels? the episode found Rick drugged and held captive, lured by the prospect [] //

'Castle' recap: 'The Blame Game'

Can Castle and Beckett escape the room?   Read More... //