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'Castle' Season 2, Episode 15 - 'Suicide Squeeze' Recap

First of all, those stilettos Beckett had on were awesome. I'm not saying that so much as a girl crush, but as more of a 'Sex and the City' sort of style thing. Her mullet seems to have calmed down a little, and overall, I'm liking her style (though I'm still on the fence about her jacket pictured above). Girlfriends, what say you about the jacket?! It's nice that Castle is so cool with not having a dad his whole life. And whatever he's had in his life has made him the person he is, which is a cool guy with a cool mom and ultra-cool daughter for wanting to play softball with him. Not in the house, though! That can only end badly. Not only that, he has a deep affection for women everywhere, having grown up around women (and continuing to grow up even though he has a daughter now). Anyway, I knew about half-way through that we were talking about Vega getting his daughter out of Cuba, not a girlfriend. That was a nice touch that she ended up with Vega's wife at the end, building a family around Vega's memory. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now