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'Castle' Season 2, Episode 21 - 'Den of Thieves' Recap

You could just hear the voices in Castle's head during this episode of 'Castle.' Did I miss my chance? Should I have put the moves on Beckett by now? What is wrong with me?! Heck, even Lanie told Beckett, "You've been working with Castle for a year, and not a damn thing has happened. We had a pool going. I've lost a lot of money on you two." No one else can believe they're not together yet either. And just why aren't they together? Opposites attract, and it's clear they'd be perfect together. The new cop, Detective Tom Demming, may not be dirty, but I still don't like him. Although that was a pretty hot scene when he and Beckett were sparring in the gym. As in, ultra-hot. It reminded me a little of the scene in 'Lethal Weapon 3' where Mel Gibson and Rene Russo are comparing scars. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

So close and yet...

I really, really enjoyed this episode. And yet, I feel like it went wrong somewhere. It was just too...neat. For about the first half, I was deep into the storyline. There were an exceptional number of twists and turns in this one, I felt - the writers of Castle are masters of red herring, to be sure. The case kept getting bigger and more intricate as the episode wore on, and always in an acceptably believable way. There's a mastery to that type of storytelling. The fact that I was able to call one of the major twists is maybe a sign that they were just a bit too obvious, but I was only partially correct so even that worked out fine. Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming proved to be a great addition to Castle. He'll be around until the end of the season, and I'm actually alright with that. He and Stana Katic - and he and Nathan Fillion, to an extent - have pretty solid chemistry. Nowhere near as phenomenal as the chemistry between the two stars and the supporting cast, but he fits in. Also, he wears a purple tie and spends a good portion of the episode in workout gear and sweat, which is a good look for him. The sparring sessions with innuendo were not particularly original, but fun to watch and the fight choreography was quite creative. Two elements involving Demming especially stood out to me as excellent. First, the love triangle bit. This is always a tricky place to go on a show where the not-quite-romantic-involvement of the two main characters is pivotal. Leave it to Castle, though, to get it right. Beckett and Demming have chemistry, if not an overly large amount, and he's likeable enough that I don't dismiss him out of hand via the You Aren't Castle criterium. And, he provides an opportunity to show that Castle and Beckett aren't whiners, they aren't mooners, and they aren't overtly/irritatingly jealous. Wishful and attracted, certainly, but in no way aggravatingly obvious. It's a nice change from the norm, e.g. Booth and Brennan of Bones . Last note on this element: Michael Trucco must be tired of playing the likeable-but-not-enough third wheel (see: his character in BSG ). Probably the best thing about the entrance of Demming, though, is that he had a function beyond the above. He provided the opening for a more in-depth look at Esposito. The second-tier characters of Castle get kind of shafted. They provide so much of the comedy but have so little real development as human beings. "Den of Thieves" really delved into Javier Esposito, though. He's always had a personality, to be sure, but I feel like I understand it a lot more now, and therefore have an elevated sense of respect for him as something beyond comic relief. Ryan too, by default. Despite all that good stuff, my overall feeling regarding "Den of Thieves" is nearing disappointment. The story seemed to start falling apart toward the end of the episode. Well, maybe "falling apart" isn't the right phrase. More like...all the elements just fell into place way too neatly. If there's such a thing as incredibly underwhelming, this was it. No real twists, nothing really unexpected-and-out-of-the-blue-but-totally-awesome. Just, "Oh. It was the dickish IA guy. My goodness." Nothing against Scott Cohen, who was plenty scary in that final showdown, but Holliwell as the bad guy was just such an obvious mood. After the driving experience of the body of the episode, the conclusion was a bit of a let down. As I said, Demming'll be around for a couple more episodes. I'm hoping that Michael Ironside's character, crimelord-type Victor Racine, will also stick around as an adversary to lend some cohesion to the end of the season. But maybe not. As long as the show picks back up from this week, I don't particularly care how. (This review also posted on my blog at //meltedbrain.wordpress.com .)

Castle' Season 2, Episode 21: Beckett gets a love interest. Let the games begin!

I'm not afraid to admit I teared up watching Castle last night. Probably not at the part you think - at the end, when Castle looked sad watching Beckett chat with robbery detective Tom Demming (Michael Trucco, who'll recur for the rest of the season). But when Esposito, cradling his old partner, introduced him first to Ryan, then said, 'And this is my other partner, Castle.' I'm a sucker for male bonding, and that was the ultimate. It was nice to see Esposito take center stage in an episode. He ended up helping his old partner, who he thought had died at the hands of the organized crime boss they'd been investigating when Internal Affairs had accused the partner of being dirty, clear his name. Demming was brought in to work the case with Beckett after a safe deposit box at a bank was robbed and an ex-thief was murdered. The best part of the investigation had to be when Beckett kept Demming busy in the gym kicking each other's asses Miss Congeniality-style while the boys snagged his cellphone to see if he'd placed calls to the crime boss and was therefore the dirty cop from Esposito's old precinct trying to cover his tracks. The way Esposito, Castle, and Ryan darted into the room to run his numbers - subtle and hilarious. Love them together. (In case you missed the final moments of the episode: It was the IA guy who'd been dirty and set up Esposito's partner by saying Esposito had asked for an investigation.) To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now