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Castle Season 2 Finale Sneak Peeks: "A Deadly Game"

As already reported, the upcoming season finale of Castle will focus on a competition for Kate's affection. Titled "A Deadly Game" and airing this Monday, the episode offer us the death of an intelligence operative. But, in reality, it will bring back Monet Mazur as Castle's ex-wife and create more romantic tension between him and Beckett. What precisely will go down? You'll need to tune in and find out. But we can at least offer two sneak peeks at the finale below. Enjoy! Source & Preview

Castle Season 2, Episode 24 Season Finale Preview: "A Deadly Game"

Romantic tension comes to a head on next week's season finale of Castle. Monet Mazur will reprise her role as Gina Cowell, Castle's former wife and book editor. This arrival simply adds to the triangle already in existence between Beckett, Demming and Castle, all of which forces the partners in crime-solving to confront their feelings for each other. Oh, and there's also a dead intelligence operative at the center of the latest case. Watch the following preview for "A Deadly Game." Source & Preview