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Castle 2.10 "One Man's Tresure - Promo Photos & Synopsis

We've got a few more weeks of new Castle episodes before it goes on the regular holiday hiatus (damn you, Christmas if only I didn't love the presents so much.). First we have a new episode on Monday, November 16th (which we have already posted promo photos for), but now ABC has released photos and a synopsis for the November 23rd episode, which we have for you below. Synopsis:: WHEN A MAN IS FOUND DEAD INSIDE A GARBAGE CHUTE, CASTLE & BECKETT HAVE THEIR HANDS FULL WITH HIS WIFE & FIANCEE, ON ABC'S "CASTLE" Source & More Photos

CASTLE "Kill the Messenger" Season 2 Episode 8 - Preview

Watch a preview of Castle "Kill the Messenger" Season 2 Episode 8 which airs Monday November 9 2009 at 10:00 p.m., ET. Episode Synopsis:: Castle and Beckett investigate the hit-and-run death of a bike messenger, brutally murdered to prevent him from delivering a package, the contents of which could free a wrongly convicted man from prison. In a surprising twist, this tragic death is linked to a murder case that Captain Montgomery investigated a decade earlier. To solve the present murder,Castle and Beckett must dredge up the past by uncovering the secrets and scandals of a prominent New York family, on " Castle ," MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC. Source & Preview

CASTLE "Famous Last Words" Season 2 Episode 7 - Preview

Watch a preview of Castle "Famous Last Words" Season 2 Episode 7 which airs Monday November 2 2009 at 10:00 p.m., ET. Episode Synopsis:: When an up-and-coming rock star's dead body is found staged in a scene straight out of her hit music video, Castle and Beckett delve into the world of obsessed fans, sleazy managers and jealous band members. But it's only when Alexis uncovers the true meaning behind the lyrics of the final song that clues to the killer's identity begin to surface, on " Castle ," MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC. Source & Preview

Michaela McManus on CASTLE Season 2, Episode 9 - Sneak Peeks

Check out the first photos of Michaela McManus guest starring on Castle Season 2 Episode 9 "Love Me Dead" which airs Monday November 16 2009 at 10:00 p.m., ET. Michaela McManus will play Scarlett Price, a vulnerable call girl that Castle wants to help. McManus is better know for her role as A.D.A. Kim Greylek from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit . Episode Synopsis:: The murder of an Assistant District Attorney thrusts Castle and Beckett into the world of ex-cons and escorts. But when Castle's desire to help a vulnerable call girl endangers the case, Beckett is forced to decide between honoring promises and putting a killer behind bars. Matters are complicated even further when Castle's daughter shares a potentially explosive secret with Beckett instead of her father, on " Castle ," MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Source & More Photos

Castle Picked Up for Full Second Season - Featured

ABC has picked up Castle for a full 22-episode season, TVGuide.com has confirmed. The procedural dramedy, which stars Nathan Fillion as an author who helps solve crimes to cure his writers block, debuted in March to 11.6 million viewers. Although the show's numbers have fallen off a bit this season (it's averaging between 9 and 10 million viewers), it has held a respectable chunk of its Dancing with the Stars lead-in. ABC previously announced full-season orders of new comedies Modern Family , Cougar Town and The Middle as well as freshman drama FlashForward . Source Here

CASTLE "When the Bough Breaks" Season 2 Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a preview of Castle "When the Bough Breaks" Season 2 Episode 5 which airs Monday, October 19 2009 at 10:00 p.m., ET. Episode Synopsis: Castle's book agent, Paula Haas (guest star Debi Mazar), approaches him with a career changing opportunity, but taking it would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett. Will the murder of an unidentified woman found dead in a manhole be their last case together?, on " Castle ," MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Oct. 19, 2009 - Featured

* Castle (10:02/9:02c ABC) She's a hard-nosed detective. He's a charmingly irreverent crime novelist. Surely this partnership can't last for long. Or can it? After all, the show is premised on their unlikely pairing. Things could change tonight, however, when Debi Mazar dances her way onto set to play Castle 's agent and she brings with her an offer that may be too good for him to pass up. The catch? It could mean the end to Castle's days of derring-do as Beckett's partner, and that would certainly be a crime. * Bud Greenspan Presents: Beijing 2008 - America's Olympic Glory (7/6c Showtime ) Those who have seen previous documentaries on Olympic Games from Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Bud Greenspan will know what to expect. For those who haven't: These are profiles of athletes that follow their stories from preparation for competition through the final results, focusing on the attributes that make them Olympians. This film from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing includes such U.S. standouts as gymnast Nastia Liukin, fencers Keeth and Erinn Smart and swimmer Jason Lezak. * House (8/7c Fox) House and company won't be back until November, so if they want to get a Halloween episode in this year it had better be now. Sure enough, House sees ghosts (confronts them, anyhow) while Chase's loose ethics are coming back to haunt him (and messing things up with Cameron). Tonight's patient is a cop with heart-disease worries. Actually, he doesn't have heart disease, but he wants to be treated for it because his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all died from it when they were 40. * The Big Bang Theory (9:31/8:31c CBS) Wil Wheaton is known for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation , but, when he makes an appearance on tonight's episode in a cameo, Sheldon hopes to make him the "crushed." It seems that Sheldon harbors an undying resentment for Wheaton that goes back to his childhood. So, when he hears that his nemesis is competing in a trading-card game, he relishes the chance to compete with him. * CSI: Miami (10/9c CBS) Adam Rodriguez's tenure on the series is rapidly coming to an end. The actor, recently seen in Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself , will soon join the cast of Ugly Betty as an old high-school flame of Betty's sister, Hilda. Tonight, Rodriguez - er, make that Delko - starts making his exit strategy, which becomes apparent to Calleigh. The central story focuses on a lethal outbreak in Miami that is investigated as murder. And there's good news for Khandi Alexander fans. The actress, once a series regular, returns tonight to help with the case. - Tim Holland Source Here

CASTLE Special Halloween Episode "Vampire Weekend" - Photos

Check out some photos of the special Castle Halloween episode "Vampire Weekend" Season 2 Episode 6 which airs Monday October 26 2009 at 10:00 p.m., ET. Episode Synopsis: As Halloween approaches, Castle and Beckett are called to a graveyard where the body of a young man sporting vampire fangs has been discovered with a wooden stake driven through his heart. Their investigation takes them deep into the heart of New York's underground vampire fetish community, where they learn that the motive for the victim's murder may be hiding within the pages of the graphic novel he was writing before his death, on " Castle ," MONDAY, OCTOBER 26 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC. Source & More Photos

Castle Preview: Is a Kiss in the Cards?

Nathan Fillion's character on Castle doesn't take many things seriously, something that perhaps has rubbed off on the actor. When asked what he thinks will lure viewers into the ABC procedural dramedy's second season, the 38-year-old former Firefly and Desperate Housewives star cracks jokes. "This season we decided to go with no hooks, no hooks at all," Fillion tells TVGuide.com. "That's become our mantra: no hooks, let's just coast. One episode, we actually take an episode from the first season and just changed everybody's names and filmed it again." Co-stars Stana Katic and Seamus Dever, who join Fillion on the other end of the line for a telephone interview during a break from shooting, laugh at most of Fillion's jokes. All the actors say humor is what sets Castle apart from the glut of other crime procedurals. "The writers are very realistic about the kind of show that we have," Katic says. "We're a crime procedural, but through a light-hearted, comedic eye. I think the other shows that we reference are kind of dark and try to be very realistic and scientific and pragmatic, and I think we just have fun with it." Dever is a fan of the show's focus on the nuts and bolts of being a homicide detective. "I think there's a little bit of a post-modern comment on other shows because we come around after America has been exposed to 10 years of CSI," Dever says. "I think we're commenting on what really is police work: pounding on doors and taking phone calls, rather than being about forensics. I think that comes from the police officers and detectives that work on our show." Read More: TVGuide.com - Castle: Is a Beckett-Castle Kiss in the Cards?

Castle Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 3 - 'Inventing the Girl'

It's fashion week and Castle and Beckett get to see what happens in the background as they investigate the murder of a model. Watch & Discuss: Watch Castle: Season 2, Episode 3 - 'Inventing the Girl'