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Catastrophe Season Finale Recap: Unfolding

If youre alive, you should be scared sometimes. ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Recap: Ed Sheeran’s Traffic Jam

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Carrie Fisher on Catastrophe: A Recap of Her (Hilarious) Final TV Performance

Its still hard to believe that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us. But at least now, we can finally see the final rolethe iconic Star Wars actress filmed before her sudden passinglast December: her hilarious work as Robs prickly mother Mia on Season 3 of Amazons Catastrophe. Fisher played Mia in all three seasons [] //

Catastrophe Recap: Getting Old

Rob's secret drinking finally catches up to him. ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Recap: Bargaining Chips

Its hard to get a bead on what Catastrophe is doing this season. ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Recap: What Do You Do If Your Kid Sucks?

In this episode of Catastrophe, Rob is a man unraveling. ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Season Premiere Recap: The Bottom Line

I probably touched my children with fresh penis on my hand!   ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Season 3 Review

Catastrophe Season 3 Review ...Read More... //

Catastrophe Season Finale Recap: The Blame Game

Sharon and Rob can't go back to the way things were.   Read More... //

Catastrophe Recap: Leave of Absence

Sharon and Rob are dancing on the precipice of disaster. ...  Read More... //