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Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 24

Mikage says that Ceres/Aya will die along with Toya's child. Yuhi stabs him with his chopsticks out of sheer fury. Chidori lent him her power and ability. Toya comes in screaming her name. Toya gives Aya the celestial robe and he just becomes mortal. Howell and the chief find out that Aya is dying. They run to her. Mikage gets there and tries to kill Toya, but fails when Ceres becomes her true original self, a full-fledged celestial maiden with her full strength and power infant.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 23

Aya yells out Toya's name after he produces her real celestial robe. Then Aya becomes herself again, but the chief holds her back. The female ancestors of the celestial maiden killed themselves and destroyed the Mikage building. Toya saves Aya from the chief. Yuhi, Toya, and Aya escape to a safe room. Toya tells Aya how he was created by the mana of the celestial robe after it was discarded. He is about to return the celestial robe to Aya, but he will become a complete human being. Aya tells a shocked Toya that she is going to have his baby.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 22

One of the descendants of another celestial maiden took revenge on the Mikage for the death of her cousin. She sang and destroyed the Mikage's building. The celestial robe is fully re-created and Ceres goes to reunite with it. Howell assists her in bringing her to it so she can be alive again with her mana and become a full-fledged celestial maiden. The chief of the Mikages tells Ceres that he will give her to no one. Then Toya suddenly appears with amazingly large and wide white feathered angel wings.    Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 21

The Progenitor captures Ceres on her way to reunite with her long-lost celestial robe. She told him that she had never loved him in the first place and that his only use was for creating seed in order to perfect progeny and more superior human descendants. He was shot and then locked up. Ceres and Aya had a conversation about what really happened in the past. Then Aya awoke and Ceres does not answer Aya's question of if she really had indeed strongly loved the Progenitor.    Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 20

Aya willingly goes to the Mikage and asks where Toya is. She finds out that he is dead. She sees a vivid vision of how he had died and faints from shock upon learning that the Progenitor, her own twin brother had murdered her husband.    Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 19

Aya and Toya come back from their long journey with Ceres's warning of there being only six months left to find her celestial robe. Aya faints from exhaustion on their way back to the Aogiri house. While she is sleeping, Toya and Suzumi learn that Aki has captured Chidori and Shota to do C-genome testing on them. Toya and Yuhi go to the Mikage headquarters with a group of soldiers to save Chidori and Shota. While Yuhi finds and rescues Chidori, Toya searches for Shota. Yuhi and Chidori pause in the parking lot to let Chidori rest a moment.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 18

Aya and Kagami go to the hospital to visit their respective mothers. Kagami's mother is mentally ill and obsessed with her son getting perfect grades. Kagami reveals that he himself is obsessed with Ceres' "perfection", and has been since fifth grade when he found an old picture of Ceres emerging from a Mikage girl. Aya explains to her unconscious mother that she is going to live with Toya, and Toya assures her that he will protect Aya. Her mother reacts for the first time with a squeeze of their hands. Aya and Toya then return to Niigata to thank the doctor for looking after Toya. They stay and find work in Niigata. One night they accompany the doctor on a call to Sado Island, but fall overboard in the stormy sea.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 17

An unconscious Toya washes up on the beach and is brought to a clinic. He tells the doctor that he was travelling around beaches in search of his memory of the ocean, was chased by thugs and dumped into the sea. The doctor orders him to stay until he recovers and can work off his bill. Toya sneaks out and is fired on by Wei's men, but is found by the doctor before they can get to him. Aya visits her mother in hospital and finds Aki there. Aki takes her captive and, back at the Mikage building, tries to rape her. Toya's dagger sends out a pulse of energy and throws Aki off. Toya senses that Aya is in danger, takes the doctor's motorcycle and hurries to Tokyo. Aki orders Kagami's men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead. Alec Howell is told to give her a drug to manipulate her mind. He objects that the shock to her system might cripple her, but Kagami says that Ceres will then take over, which is his objective. Aya is put in a truck and driven over to the lab.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 16

Ceres and Miori face off above the Mikage building. Miori asks Ceres to transform back into Aya so that she can have her revenge against Aya. Miori reveals that she is Aya's cousin and that her mother was killed by Aya/Ceres on her sixteenth birthday. Aki tells Toya that his memories as Toya Mizuki are false and tries to kill Toya. Deep within her mental cocoon, Aya hears Aki's voice telling her not to run away. Aya returns and calls out to Toya, who gets the strength to fend off Aki. Toya tears off the Mikage collar and protects her from Miori. Miori tells Toya of her wish that they could live together happily with his fake past, then flies up to the roof of the building and throws herself off before Toya can stop her. Aya is deeply scarred by the incident and refuses to eat. Toya goes to the Aogiri residence and tells Suzumi that he still cannot remember Aya. He goes to the sleeping Aya and leaves his dagger with her so they will always be together. Toya then sets off in search of his real self, with the flicker of a true memory as his guide.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes

Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 15

  The Aogiris have moved to Matsubara on Toya's suggestion, to look into the legend of the hagoromo there. They are staying in Yuuhi's father's villa and attending Kaisei high school. They meet a girl named Miori Sahara who looks just like Aya/Ceres. Miori tells Aya that her childhood sweetheart disappeared a year ago. Aya meets Toya by the sea and tells him that their investigations revealed that the hagoromo at a local shrine turned out to be just a piece of cloth. Toya looks at the sea and memories flash back to him. He sees Miori and recognizes her. As he crosses the street towards her he gets hit by a car and Aya's choker falls off. Though he isn't badly hurt, he no longer recognises Aya nor Yuhi. They later go to visit him. Miori tells them that he is Toya Mizuki, her childhood sweetheart, and that he is still amnesiac. At school, Miori asks Aya to leave him alone, for his sake. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he's taking Aya away, as he promised before. Aya cuts her hair on an impulse.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes