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Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 15

  The Aogiris have moved to Matsubara on Toya's suggestion, to look into the legend of the hagoromo there. They are staying in Yuuhi's father's villa and attending Kaisei high school. They meet a girl named Miori Sahara who looks just like Aya/Ceres. Miori tells Aya that her childhood sweetheart disappeared a year ago. Aya meets Toya by the sea and tells him that their investigations revealed that the hagoromo at a local shrine turned out to be just a piece of cloth. Toya looks at the sea and memories flash back to him. He sees Miori and recognizes her. As he crosses the street towards her he gets hit by a car and Aya's choker falls off. Though he isn't badly hurt, he no longer recognises Aya nor Yuhi. They later go to visit him. Miori tells them that he is Toya Mizuki, her childhood sweetheart, and that he is still amnesiac. At school, Miori asks Aya to leave him alone, for his sake. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he's taking Aya away, as he promised before. Aya cuts her hair on an impulse.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes