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Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 18

Aya and Kagami go to the hospital to visit their respective mothers. Kagami's mother is mentally ill and obsessed with her son getting perfect grades. Kagami reveals that he himself is obsessed with Ceres' "perfection", and has been since fifth grade when he found an old picture of Ceres emerging from a Mikage girl. Aya explains to her unconscious mother that she is going to live with Toya, and Toya assures her that he will protect Aya. Her mother reacts for the first time with a squeeze of their hands. Aya and Toya then return to Niigata to thank the doctor for looking after Toya. They stay and find work in Niigata. One night they accompany the doctor on a call to Sado Island, but fall overboard in the stormy sea.   Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes