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Review: Ceres, Celestial Legend Episode 8

Yuhi recovers from his wounds, having been protected from fatal injuries by the angel headband. His father and brother come to visit, but Yuhi refuses to see them at first. Aya is annoyed by Tomonori, Yuhi's brother, seeming lack of concern over Yuhi, but Tomonori only responds by flirting with her. Yuhi comes to the room and he vaguely thanks his father for coming, then tells them to leave as "that woman" would be upset if he was there. Tomonori lashes back that Yuhi is just the abandoned son of a mistress, and has no right to refer to his father's wife as "that woman." Suzumi rides back with her father-in-law and Tomonori to the main Aogiri house, while Yuhi explains why he lied about his mother dying, and that only his brother Kazuma was the only one in the main family who seemed to love him. Yuhi says he doesn't need a family, since he was abandoned, but Aya cries at him for saying such sad things. She reminds him no one can survive alone and that he will find someone to romantically love just as much. Yuhi tells her he wants her to be that person, and pushes her to the floor, kissing her. Aya pushes him away, and he yells that he loves her, then holds her down as he kisses her again. Mrs. Q interrupts Aya and Yuhi, and after she's gone he apologizes for his behavior. Meanwhile, Kagami realizes that Suzumi is a C-genome and sends his men to capture her. Aki has been hooked up to a machine that lets him search his own memories. He asks where Toya is, and Kagami tells him that Toya was playing love games with Aya. The Mikage's attack the Aogiri car, forcing it off the road. Suzumi takes over driving, promising to get them back to the main house. Kagami calls Aya to taunt her about Yuki, and tell her Yuki's power surge was caused by her being injected with Aya's blood. He also tells her that another woman close to her is about to have the same experience. Suzumi gets everyone back to the house, but the Mikage men are waiting for them and use gas to knock them unconscious.    Read More... //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ceres,_Celestial_Legend_episodes