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What Ever Happened to Dave Chappelle?

After Dave Chappelle stunned his fans and the entertainment industry in May 2005 by abruptly leaving production of the third season of his insanely popular Comedy Central sketch comedy series, Chappelle's Show , the comedian has been flying under the radar with impromptu stand-up shows and surprise appearances. TVGuide.com caught up with Charlie Murphy, of Chapelle Show's "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" sketch fame and brother of Eddie Murphy, to get the scoop on whether or not he and Chappelle had kept in touch after all the Season 3 turbulence. "I actually just retained his phone number [a few] days ago because I had to talk to him," said Murphy. "So he'll be hearing from me soon." Chappelle has quietly returned back to the stage since falling off the grid with several stand-up performances, but is still keeping a low profile. "He's doing fine. He's doing some stand-up out on the West Coast, and I heard he's out in L.A. recently," said Murphy. "The last time I saw him was up in San Francisco up at the Punch Line [Comedy Club]." Murphy looks forward to getting together with his friend Chappelle sooner than later and still holds his former sketch partner in the highest regards. "That's one of the most talented guys in the sphere of what I do," Murphy explained. "I really appreciate his contributions, I really enjoy watching him and he's just a really dynamic cat. There are so many guys that are not what Dave Chapelle is. It makes you realize what comedy really is." read from: TvGuide