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'Chasing Life': Ranking Leo and April's 10 Most Romantic Moments

While April?-Dominic fans may be rejoicing in the unexpected and tidy demise of April's husband, fans of the newlyweds are still mourning the loss of Leo Hendrie. Of all the hardships April has endured since being diagnosed with cancer, none was more heartbreaking than watching her process Leo's death. Leo may be gone, but he and April's unorthodox romance will live on, thanks to these epic romantic moments. Have you got a favorite Leo and April memory? Share it in the comments section below.   Read More... //

Chasing Life Preview: April Discovers Leo's Final Gift, Lashes Out at Dominic

Prepare yourselves,Chasing Lifefans, because Mondays episode (ABC Family, 9/8c) is going tohurt. A new batch ofphotos from the episode offer a glimpse into Leos funeral,which includes lots of balloons and an apparent serenade courtesy ofRuPauls Drag Racecontestant Adore Delano. But its theclipsreleased from the episode that are really going to hit you like this [] //

Chasing Life Boss on Tragic Twist: You Haven't Seen [Spoiler]'s Final Episode

Chasing Life fans and characters will be afforded a chance at a bit more closure, in the wake of the tragic twist uncorked in this weeks episode of the ABC Family drama. In Monday nights episode, As Long as We Both Shall Live, newlywed April (played by Italia Ricci) discovered that husband Leo [] //

'Chasing Life' Preview: Will April and Leo Make It Down the Aisle?

Will there actually be a wedding on the August 10 episode of Chasing Life ? Ever since Leo popped the question to April in the season 1 finale, the couple has been moving full steam ahead with wedding plans despite April's grim prognosis. But like many star-crossed lovers, these two have their share of obstacles standing in their way: illness, ex loves, family secrets and potential cold feet, and in the teaser trailer for the big wedding episode, we see that April may be having some doubts, Dominic is still very much in the picture, and the bride-to-be's health is a question mark.   Read More... //

Chasing Life's Krysta Rodriguez Teases Vanessa's Backstory, Says Playing a Character With Cancer Is 'Cathartic'

Chasing Lifes April Carver doesntknow it yet, but newcomer Vanessa (played bySmashalumna Krysta Rodriguez) might just be her guardian angel in disguise. Sure, Vanessas blunt manner of speaking seems off-putting at first, but as Rodriguez points out to TVLine: Anytime Vanessasays something to April, it changes her entire life. She switchedher clinical trial after a [] //

Chasing Life Picture Preview: What Mistake Does April Make?!?

It's party time! Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 2 shows us our new, care-free April Carver, on vacation with her BFF, Beth. The two friends look to be having a rare time as they consume alcohol and dance around. We know that from the official teaser, April makes a shocking decision that is sure to annoy fans of the show, but these pictures show us what leads her to the point of no return. It looks like Beth might have ditched her new boyfriend already for someone more interesting, but will this guy prove to be just as bland? Remember to return here for a full run down after the episode airs.    Read More....   //

Chasing Life EP on Natalie's Discovery, April's Setback & More Season 2 Scoop

Chasing Life kicked off its long-awaited second season Monday, and because its not enough for April to merely juggle a wedding and a new career you know, on top of her ongoing cancer battle the writers also decided to throw the mother father of all curveballs at Ms. Carver. Im referring to the final [] //

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Chasing Life' Season 2

At the end of season 1 of Chasing Life , April Carver, a good girl with dreams of being a big-time journalist, was facing another round of chemotherapy and had accepted her boyfriend, Leo's, marriage proposal. The finale was the perfect amalgam of sadness and joy. ABC Family's Chasing Life demonstrates that life consists of a series of challenges, some more daunting than others, and how everyone has their own ways of overcoming them. But along with the bad, there is the good, which can manifest just as unexpectedly.  Read More... //

Chasing Life In Slot Upgrade, Becoming Us Pushed To 10 PM By ABC Family

Chasing Life i s on the move again. After announcing earlier this month that the dramas Season 2 premiere, originally slated for Aug. 17, was being moved up to July 6, ABC Family today said that Chasing Life also is getting a new time slot, moving from the originally announced Monday 10 PM berth to 9 PM, following The Fosters.   Read More... //

Chasing Life Sneak Peek: A Wedding Scare, a Shocking Kiss and Flying Fists!

Chasing Lifes April and Leo arent just getting engaged theyre walking down the aisle in TVLines exclusive promo for Season 2 (premiering July 6 at 10/9c)! But will the couple actuallysay, I do when the ABC Family charmer returns, given all the obstacles standing in their way? For starters, Dominic exclaims that he still [] //