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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13 Review: La Dolce Vida

On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13 , the drama continues as the Carvers finally confront Olivia and Natalie about their decision to publish Thomas' manuscript. Plus, April and Beth go on a well deserved girls' trip to Rome, Italy. Natalie and Olivia just wouldn't let Thomas' manuscript stay a family secret. They had their minds set on destroying the Carvers for something that was all Thomas' fault. Deep down I always knew Natalie was a bit jealous of April and Brenna. For starters, Natalie was a love child and was forced to be a secret her whole life. Natalie never had the chance to grow up in the same household as her father and siblings, which made her feel like an outcast.   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Ready or Not

Ready or not! On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 12 April reunites an old college roommate who turns out be her biggest rival. Also, Beth reveals some shocking news that will force her to put her career on hold.   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 11 Review: First Person

On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 11 April, Sara and Brenna are still dealing with the news regarding Thomas' death. With Natalie still missing, the question remains whether she'll tell anyone what she knows.   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 10 Review: A Bottle of Secrets

On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 10 the Carver women finally found out the secret George was hiding from them, but how did they handle this shocking information?   Being stuck inside the house during a snowstorm is enough to make anybody go insane. Add some alcoholic beverages,family secretsand people searching for answers to the mix, and then you've got yourself a serious problem.   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Wild Thing

April finally takes a ride on the wild side! On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 9 April is still getting used to living life without Leo. She ends up inheriting Leo's money through his will and testament. With April's new found fortune, it seems like she's going to try to live her in life in the moment. That's something Leo always wanted her to do. But all money isn't good money, right?   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 8 Review: The Ghost in You

Losing a loved one will never be easy. On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 8 we see how April is coping with the sudden death of her husband Leo. It has to be hard for April to lose Leo so soon. The two lovebirds were newlyweds and talked about potentially starting a family together. Within a blink of an eye, Leo was gone.  Read More...   //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 7 Review: As Long As We Both Shall Live

Married lifeisn't supposed to be this heartbreaking. On Chasing LifeSeason 2 Episode 7 , April and Leo are finally adjusting to life as newlyweds. Things are not that easy for April as she has always lived at home with her family and never lived with a boyfriend before being wed. It seems as though April may be having second thoughts about the whole married life. This particular episode showed the raw and emotional side of a newly married couple. It definitely showcased the difficulties a couple may have when one of the spouses is facing medical issues.   Read More...   //

Chasing Life Recap: Certain Tragedy

After a whirlwind romance culminating inan even whirlwind-ier wedding April and Leo were finally allowed enoughbreathing room on MondaysChasing Life to properly evaluate the state of their relationship. Unfortunately, that wasnt the best thingfortheir relationship. The duo ended up bickering over whether or not to have children someday lots of general future [] //

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Last W

Raise a glass for Mr. and Mrs.Hendrie, y'all! On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 6 April and Leo finally tied the knot, but it came with A LOT of hurdles. I honestly thought they weren't gonna make it down the aisle after April's collapse, but I was wrong. April now knows she's been taking too many risks, and she's put herself in danger. This should be an interesting storyline to watch unfold for the remainder of the season. Deep down she thinks she's going to be okay, but after collapsing at her wedding, she realized the truth.   Read More...   //

'Chasing Life' Recap: Does Dominic Stop the Wedding?

In this episode of Chasing Life , "The Last W," April questions Leo's motives for proposing, Dominic decides not to attend the wedding, Natalie attempts to bond with her grandmother, and April and Frankie argue. Leo and April's big day is finally here -- we had to wait five whole episodes -- but don't get out your Kleenex just yet. The bride-to-be and her groom have a few loose ends to tie up before they tie the knot, like writing their vows. April is determined that the couple write their own vows, but she finds herself struggling to come up with something worthy of a talented writer such as herself.   Read More... //