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Chrono Crusade Complete Collection Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) When Chrono Crusade was first released in the US, it was riding a large crest of popularity from its run in Japan and the end of the manga itself. ADV Films had quite a lot of promotion going on for the show, highlighting the voice cast which was at the top of its game at the time and bringing over the manga creator for conventions. During the time of release, at least at the start, fandom revolved a lot around Chrono Crusade. Originally released as seven volumes, those discs make up this collection which brings us back to how many shows were done once, long ago. Going back to this series after several years has certainly been fun. Chrono Crusade takes place in the roaring twenties, but the focus is on members of the Order of Magdalene, a church organization that deals with the devils that invade our lives. The Order is quite extensive in the country with numerous offices and members all around, but the initial focus is in New York City where we're introduced to the team of Rosette Christopher and Chrono. They're a high unusual and unique pairing as Rosette has made a contract with Chrono who is actually a devil. Several years ago when she was younger than her teenage years already make her, she and her brother Joshua stumbled upon a crypt where Chrono was being held. The two siblings befriended him and spent a lot of happy times together, but those times came to an end when Joshua's life changed as hidden powers came out and he disappeared. To Read More Click Me!