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Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Before Meeting You... "

It's been six months since Nayu came to this school and started causing a ruckus by first going after creating an Underwear Club and then forming the Underwear Appreciation Society. The transformation of the cast over the course of twelve episodes and six months in show has been pretty solid as they're all much different in some key ways from the beginning. Nayu's got a lot of friends, most of them have become more outgoing and all are much more aware of their bodies and how they're growing as well as discovering something of their own sense of style. Trouble and hardships along the way, but this group of friends held together pretty well. This is a difficult challenge though and the one taking it the hardest is Haruka considering her feelings for Nayu. She takes it so badly that she says things she will regret and insists that this is the end of the Society as she storms off. It's a difficult situation and most of them try to give her some space so she can calm down after that, and over the next few days it's interesting to see just how much of an impact Nayu and the others have had on the girls at the school. Haruka has to come to realize that while also recognizing that she went pretty far in what she said and it may be hard to mend fence at that point, so much so that she's not even sure how she can do that. Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "An Afternoon With Her"

With everything getting closer, there's a whole lot of pressure building on Nayu that's not unexpected. She's in demand at the school with her skills but she's also coping with a radical change at home by telling Keigo that she's ok with going to Kyoto. Having worked so hard to make friends and trying to be accepted for her interests there, the change to a new school is something that she dreads but will do for her brother. Having to go through all of those issues again, which could be even worse, weighs heavily on her. Throwing herself into the work she can get helps but it also makes her busier than she should be. The culture festival is going in an interesting way as the Underwear Appreciation Society has been approached by the acting club for help with their plans. Since Nayu's group can't really run something since they're not an official club, helping out another definitely works well for them. The three girls in the acting club want them to design some costumes that are very Utena inspired, along with a few normal cosplay kind of things, and Nayu's pretty keen on the idea for a challenge. The club also tries to get Nayu and the others to help out by being in the play since they're so short on members. Promises of small lines goes a long way as the girls are curious about it but don't want to be too heavily committed to something. Nayu's even approached later by another class that's running a maid café as the crafts club refuses to help make those kinds of outfits. With Nayu trying to distract herself, taking on a few more costumes is just what she (doesn't) need. Read More Click Me!

Chu Bra! - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Have Pride With Those Chests"

The culture festival is fast approaching and the Underwear Appreciation Society is trying to figure out the best thing they can do for it. The society still hasn't really gotten a whole lot of acceptance in the school but they've managed to skirt around the edges of things well enough to keep operating. But they want to be more involved because they are all good kids and they have some fun ideas, though nothing that would really make them all that accepted to a general public. Having a booth that teaches people how to unhook bras in their sleep or showing off mansierres, shades of Kramer from the Seinfeld show, aren't going to win them much good thought. With planning to figure out what to do underway, Kiyono reveals that she won't be all that involved. Telling it in a sort of offhanded manner in order to draw attention to herself, she informs the others that she'll be doing modeling for Orarisu Apparel which is where he mother works and she'll be showing off underwear that's been designed there. That instantly draws Nayu's attention and she and the other girls all go along to the modeling shoot to check it out. It's fairly standard modeling material with some cute outfits and poses and such, but it doesn't go well when it's revealed that Kiyono asked for a size too big on the bra which makes it look loose on her, a definite no no in modeling. And this is after days and days of trying to increase the size of her bust through any method possible. Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra! - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "My Seventh Grade Summer Vacation"

As the series has gone on, it's definitely been a decent show in allowing the characters to grow and change somewhat noticeably. There's a blunt moment towards the end here as Keigo is walking behind everyone and realizing just how much Nayu has changed and the friends she has now as well as her general comfort level with so many people. It's a pivotal time for a lot of kids as this age is where they define themselves more and a lot of that comes from how other people look at them. With very good friends at her side, Nayu's discovering who she can really be. As are other people in the group as this episode so plainly point out. Interactions with other people is one of the bigger themes as it starts off with Yako being oblivious to her childhood friend Kota and the changes they're all going through. After a sports competition, she ends up using the boys changing room along with him because something is wrong with the girls one and she doesn't even really register him as a boy. Part of it also comes from all the Underwear Society things as she doesn't view a sports bra as real underwear, or at least the sexy kind that could cause problems with a boy. But as Komachi reminded everyone recently, for most guys all underwear is erotic and that must be kept in mind. The discussion about it is interesting but it's Nayu's comments that she's found it easier to talk to boys because of Komachi that's the big point of it. They're all gaining new comfort levels because of the interactions with each other. Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra! - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''An Underwear Overnighter"

Poor Komachi is about all that really needs to be said about this episode. Chu-Bra moves into one of the expected areas for a school based comedy show in that it's time for a 'club' overnight trip. The trips are usually pretty fun as they're supposed to deal with organizing club activities for the rest of the school year and serving as an additional bonding event for the participants. One is organized for the Underwear Appreciation Society with Keigo and Mizuno serving as the guardians for and off to a seaside inn they go to do just that. Of course, such things are going to be relegated to the ride home so most of the show is all about the fun and fanservice. And they do significantly bump up the fanservice here, including a brief scene of a naked Nayu practically groping a naked Haruka who is on her back because Nayu's trying to get her to spread her legs. Soapy adventures indeed. Mizuno gets picked on a fair bit in this episode, first for the t-shirt bra she wears on the trip which is functional but unattractive, especially in comparison to the strapless item that Kiyono is wearing since she's so mature and aware of everything in that condescending way that cuts right through Mizuno. Mizuno's hoping to catch Keigo's eye a little bit this time around after the dream she had about him, but she spends more of her time panicking than anything else. When everyone pulls out their swimsuits and Mizuno actually has her old school swimsuit '" complete with named stitched on it '" that leads to a big fanservice moment as the girls take her shopping. Stringy strappy items are the choice du jour, though she does settle on something that works really well for her and is punched up a bit by Nayu for style. Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Swaying Hearts of Men"

It's summertime in the world of Chu-bra and that means the new uniforms are coming into play which has boys and girls alike excited. The lighter and simpler uniforms appeal to the girls while the guys like the added viewing they get from such things. For the age of the kids that Nayu goes to school with, it comes at a time when they're more sensitive as to how they view each other. And for Nayu in particular, it's even more of a challenge since the underwear she likes to wear tends to show through her top even more which draws even more attention to her that she doesn't want. The challenges for Komachi during this time are particularly tough, since the Society is meeting at the moment and one of their things is getting hands on with the underwear. The poor guy isn't confident enough in himself to handle it well which is made worse by the fact that when he views the mannequin with the underwear on it, he sees Nayu in it. It's rather cute and endearing since it shows him being interested in someone, but he can't handle the pressure and freaks out, quitting the Society. Since he's been involved with it, other classmates look at him differently though he causes a bit of that himself. When he gives some of the boys in his class grief for looking at girly magazines, he does it by criticizing the models choice of underwear because it's digging into her and so forth. The boys aren't sure what to make of it while the girls think he may just be a pervert in the end, even if he is understanding of some of their issues. Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra! Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Radical Puberty

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) Chu-Bra has done the fairly standard setup with the first few episodes introducing the core characters and then focusing on their mission, this time to create the Underwear Appreciation society. Along the way we got some nice friendships that are being built up and a secondary character in Mizuno as the teacher and club advisor becoming more involved in their society. She also had the added benefit of knowing Nayu's older brother Keigo which introduced a potential non-school age romance into the show. At the halfway mark of the series, Chu-bra finally brings in its next character that's been skirting the edges of the show for a bit now with Kiyono. She's been floating around most of the episodes, sometimes saying something biting or just giving a look, but now she's made her intent clear to join the Underwear Appreciation Society. And unlike the other girls as Yako has come to find out, Kiyono plays by a different set of rules. It's discovered that she is the same age as the rest of them but she has a different approach to life as she's plainly looking for the love of her life and is intent on making sure she can attract him. And because of that, much to Nayu's dismay, she views underwear as a weapon whereas Nayu views it as something to protect oneself with. The meetings are fairly awkward at this point because of the two views and poor Komachi is getting caught up in the middle of it. Nayu wants to use the approach of talking about comfort, value and design of underwear and even brings in a disassembled bra as a kit of sorts to showcase the point. Kiyono wants to use the Society to help herself become more womanly. She's already getting grief from the school as she uses some make-up and she's also quite open about showing off her underwear, something that strikes fear in Yako. The core argument of the episode is an interesting on aimed at Nayu where she has to grow to learn that there's value in underwear that's not functional in terms of support and protection. That underwear can be used to entice, excite and attract men. Source Here

Chu-Bra! Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Between Being an Adult and a Kid

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) With Nayu's hopes for an underwear club shattered because of some peeping tom boys, she's finding herself unsure of what to do now. She's had so few dreams in her life, especially since the death of her parents, that when something is taken away it does hit her fairly hard. It's also quite noticeable when she's in this mode as she's very quiet and withdrawn. Keigo has a clue about what's going on but he knows she has to be able come to him herself in order to explain things. There's a very good brother and sister moment where she asks him to help comb her hair, which lets him know that she's about ready to talk about things. The problems at school are certainly difficult ones for someone like Nayu who is innocent yet talks passionately about underwear. That she does so with it being something more akin to comfort and education rather than anything saucy doesn't matter as adults and others only see it in the least appealing of ways. What saves the situation in the end though is the arrival of Komachi, who is feeling rather guilty about what happened even though he was the one that broke up the peeping. It was that he drew attention to all of it that bothers him since he feels that's what caused it all to flare up like it did. So he wants to help and offers the best suggestion that Nayu could get '' to create and Underwear Appreciation Society so they can meet and talk about things. They just don't get their own club room or funding, but they can gain members and be productive in their own ways. To Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra Season 1 Episode 04 Review: Each Has Their Own Shapes

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) Chu-Bra continues to do its best of straddling the line with what it wants to portray and with the fourth episode I again find myself enjoying it but not quite sure I should. The educational quality we've talked about before is again the focus here and it's something that they're dealing with quite naturally, as well as bringing in the flak that Nayu will get from this entire endeavour. The boys starts to get a bit more involved this time around though and a minor incident sends up a big warning sign for those in the school staff about just how bad of an idea this whole thing may be. Nayu's quest to create an Underwear Club is having a ripple effect, but in all honesty much of what we see here would happen regardless. As the school year slowly gets underway, the usual things that boys do deal in start to come to light, such as the 'big breast ranking' sheet that ends up falling in front of Haruka at one point. With her body type, she's obviously at the top of the list and that's making her even more self conscious than she has been before. She's long had people point and stare at her and it's even worse now because the boys she goes to school with are noticing her and they're unsure of how to properly react to it. It's a confusing time all around and kids act out in very different ways. To Read More Click Me!

Chu-Bra Season 1 Episode 03 Review: A Windy Day

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) In some ways, I can understand how many of the girls in this show feel when talking about this show to other people. As Nayu goes about talking about her love of underwear and the reasons why, it's easy to see why others get embarrassed or really shy about it. In trying to explain this show to people without seeming creepy, it is rather difficult to do. That said, as the third episode rolls out, it is a lot of fun and there's a certain charm and tenacity to the way Nayu pursues her goals in the face of adversity that I can't help but to admire. She's settling well into her school life now that she has some friends but she'd like to do some club activities as well as working on her various underwear projects. The best of both worlds would be to join the Crafts Club where she could work on her own project, though it would have to go on display. While she has no issue with it, everyone else seems to have a problem with it, even the advisor, so it doesn't go over well and she's left distraught over what to do. The solution? An offhand remark by Yako that she should form an Underwear Club so that she can do what she wants and possibly find a few likeminded people. It's a good plan but a difficult one that will face opposition from a lot of quarters. Her initial advisor is a bit surprised by it but he seems to be behind it, though he recommends someone else to take on the role since as a man he would not be completely appropriate. The Crafts Club advisor however recommends that she doesn't even try to do such a thing as it's inappropriate and morally questionable, which pushes Nayu into a bit of a depression about the entire thing. To our surprise though, the one person who offers her the best advice is her unknown nemesis of the episode, Hiroki, who has been trying to stake out his problems with her for the entire episode. Having lost the opening ceremony speech to her, and apparently other ones in the past which she doesn't remember, he's intent on not letting her beat him again. Yet he offers the best advice for starting up a club, something that we'll hopefully see come to fruition in the next episode. To Read More Click Me!