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'Chuck': Gone, But Not Forgotten

" Chuck " may be gone, but it certainly will not be forgotten. After five seasons, the little show that could signed off, but not without leaving quite an impact on its fan base. From favorite quotes to favorite scenes, HuffPost TV asked fans to share their treasured "Chuck" memories. Check them out below.  //

'Chuck' Recap: 'Chuck Versus Sarah'/'Chuck Versus The Goodbye' (Series Finale)

It's the end of the road for Chuck. And there's a lot at the end of that road: laughter, tears, and romance, even if it's not in the way you might want. //

'Chuck' Series Finale: Chuck and Sarah Kiss Goodbye and Hello

Casey, is something in your eye? Aw, tough guy. Note: Spoilers, if you haven't watched Friday's series finale, "Chuck Versus Sarah" and "Chuck Versus the Goodbye." NBC’s spy series  Chuck  made its final twisted goodbye to its fans with Friday’s two-hour series finale. The two back-to-back episodes had Chuck ( Zachary Levi ) battling Sarah ( Yvonne Strahovski ) and then that damn goodbye. Read More... //

Series finale review: 'Chuck' - 'Chuck vs. Sarah/Chuck vs. the Goodbye'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the terrific series finale of NBC's "Chuck," in which Chuck tries to restore Sarah's stolen memories. //

'Chuck' Finale Recap: An Awesome Farewell from 'Chuck vs. the Goodbye'

Have you recovered from "Chuck vs. Sarah" yet? Emotions under control? Ready for more? If so, then keep reading. Because we simply can't let the Chuck series finale end without a proper goodbye recap. And so we say a final farewell to "Chuck vs. the Goodbye." //

'Chuck' Finale Recap: The Indescribable Heartbreak of 'Chuck vs. Sarah'

This is the beginning of the end, Chuck fans. One last (long) night of Chuck before the show goes to that big Buy More in the sky. So let's make the most of it -- keep reading for a full recap of the first part of the Chuck series finale, "Chuck vs. Sarah." //

Chuck Review: With All Of My Heart

I have praised Chuck over the past five seasons for its ability to fuse comedy, action, and heart into what I have dubbed here at TV Fanatic as the Chuck Triple Threat . This two-part series finale succeeded in making us laugh, and keeping us on the edge of our seat, but it was the overwhelming number of emotional triggers both " Chuck Versus Sarah " and " Chuck Versus the Goodbye " set off that made it an extremely satisfying ending. At the outset it seemed as if the whole "Sarah lost her memory and was going to be a problem" issue was resolved before it even started, but they flipped that scenario right on its head.  Sarah, in fact, never got all of her memory back from what the intersect and Quinn did to her, which just gave us more time to watch Chuck attempt to jog her memory. Read More... //

Chuck 5.13 "Chuck Vs. The Goodbye" Series Finale Review

Chuck season 5 and the series itself comes to a close with its ultimate thirteenth entry in tonight’s "Chuck Vs. The Goodbye," as Team Bartowski races to retrieve the final Intersect from Nicholas Quinn (Angus Macfadyen), and restore Sarah's lost memories of the last five years.  "Chuck Vs. The Goodbye" closes the series on a high note, balancing both the sweet with the bittersweet in the manner the show has come to employ so very well over the last few years. Wow.  Thus endeth Chuck .  I don’t often have a lot to say when it comes to TV finales, and it’s been a good long while since a series I actually cared about managed to wrap things up on its own terms, but this one got to me.  I actually saw both " Chuck Vs. Sarah " and "Chuck Vs. The Goodbye" a few nights ago when NBC decided to release the screeners, and since watching I’ve likely listened to The Head and the Heart’s " Rivers and Roads " about forty times, if only to relive such wonderful sentiment that caps off five years of sweet memories. Read More... //

Chucksters vs. The Goodbye

How do you say goodbye to something that has been a big part of your life for five years? That’s the question all longtime viewers of NBC’s CHUCK are asking themselves right now. How can a mere television show mean so much to a group of people? Notice I didn’t use the word fans? If [...] //

Maureen Ryan: 'Chuck' Finale Recap: Tears, Jeffster And Triumph

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 12 of "Chuck," entitled "Chuck Versus Sarah," or Season 5, Episode 13 (the series finale) of "Chuck," entitled "Chuck Versus the Goodbye" on NBC. "Chuck, tell me our story." Wasn't the answer Sarah got so much better than an upload from Intersect glasses? I'll go on record right away as saying that I was very pleased with the "Chuck" finale, and I think the last 30 minutes of the final episode rank up there with the absolute best the show has ever done. It got dusty in my house many times during those last two hours, and as a sustained, well-earned sentimental farewell, the finale was everything I could have hoped for. I needed to be convinced, however. When last week's episode ended with Sarah's memories gone, I was alarmed (even though I thought "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train" was a good episode). We've spent five years investing in the relationship of these crazy kids, and right here at the end, they were going to take that away from us? That was a hell of a risk to take in the show's final hours. Read More... //