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Recap: "Chuck vs. The Ring"

Dum, dum, duh dum! Awesome and Ellie are set to tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony, but Ted Roark returns to throw a wrench in their plans. Plus: Chuck finds himself in a new and even more dangerous role. Hello! Erin Fox here, all curled up with my Subway sandwich and ready to recap the much-anticipated finale of our beloved Chuck . Did you eat a Subway footlong today in support of saving Chuck? Did you read our awesome finale Q&As with Joshua Gomez and Zach Levi? Good, we can now proceed with the recap. Leaving the Buy More We start out at the Buy More, where Chuck walks with a determined gait into Emmett's office and says he's been waiting a long time for this moment. Before he can spit it out, Emmett assumes he's coming onto him and declares himself a flaming heterosexual. Of course, Chuck dismisses Emmett's delusion and says that he's quitting. Ha! Suck on that, Buy More! Casey pokes his head in the office and says he's outta there as well. Cue the triumphant smell-ya-later music. General Beckham asks Chuck what his plans are now that he's free of The Intersect and done with the Buy More. She offers him a gig as an analyst on the new Intersect project — seems the government wants to call him to duty, but Chuck ain't answering. He wants to be a normal guy now. Casey hands him a paycheck from the government and Chuck hugs him (hilarious!) and thanks him for saving his life. Sarah has now been put in charge of the new Intersect program and will be working with Bryce Larken (noooooo!). Sarah looks as excited as I am right now. The Wedding - Part One Chuck and Steve look super-spiffy and nervous as they prep the church for Ellie and Awesome's wedding. I cannot wait to see how the Awesomes act today. When Chuck knocks on the door to speak with Ellie, and Mrs. Awesome (Honey) answers it in a Pepto-Bismol mother-of-the-groom outfit, my heart does a little happy dance. Ellie looks stunning in her lace gown, and Chuck tells her that he's quit the Buy More as part of her wedding present. Ellie is clearly proud of him and says that she made her dreams come true, and what's Chuck going to do about his? To Read More Click here .

Parting Thoughts on a Pretty Chuckin' Awesome Finale - Featured

Spoilers included for Chuck vs. the Ring Until this season, I never quite understood rabid TV fans and their "Save this Show" campaigns. Save Jericho ? Save Moonlight ? Never cared. Even near the beginning of this season of Chuck , while I was enjoying the show...I don't think I would have gone to any extra effort to ensure that it stuck around. Somewhere in the middle of the second season, Chuck evolved from a good show...into a great one (yes, I said great). Many people, I think, initially approached the show with skepticism because it was difficult to take a "spy comedy" seriously. But, after a little time, Chuck has found this uniquely perfect balance between comedy and drama that isn't present in any other show on TV (for me, the closest comparison is Scrubs a few seasons back when it wasn't yet tired). The show is smart, hilarious, heartwarming and all around feel-good. And...especially with these last 2 episodes of the season (and it's a toss up which one I liked more)...the show has demonstrated that it still has tons of room to grow, which is why us crazy fans are buying Subway subs en masse and tweeting up a storm (seriously, #savechuck has been a top Twitter trend all day). Chuck's creator warned us in an interview that we'd set our living rooms on fire if "Chuck vs. the Ring" ends up being the show's series finale. While I'd be heartbroken if the show doesn't get renewed, I actually have seen far more infuriating series-ending cliffhangers. I feel like the show has been foreshadowing this change (which is both a shift and a return to the status quo all at once) for quite some time; Chuck has finally realized his destiny - having the Intersect in his head is no longer a burden, but his purpose. Tack on a little "kung fu" and the promise of a larger scale enemy and you have the perfect set up for Season 3...or if this is (god forbid) the series finale...at least the certainty that Chuck's life now contains some direction. But...don't think I'm resolved to the fact that Chuck isn't getting renewed. I really have good feelings and high hopes, so let's conclude with some happy thoughts from tonight's episode (since Chuck as a show just...makes me happy). Personally, I thought that every Jeffster moment stole the show. The Mr. Roboto performance was nothing short of brilliant. Furthermore, the episode was loaded with great one-liners (per usual), including: -A real shotgun wedding! Just think...that terrible pun is the last thing you'll ever hear! - Roark -Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian ruin your wedding? - Dr. Awesome -Not the flowers! - Chuck -Oh, Chuck me! - Casey What were your favorite moments/scenes from tonight's episode? Also...Should the show be renewed...what do you think of the big set up for next season?