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'Chuck' Sneak Peek: The Changing Face of Jeffster (Exclusive Video)

Much is askew in the world of NBC’s  Chuck  on Friday’s new episode, "Chuck Versus the Business Trip," airing at 8 p.m. And  The Hollywood Reporter  has a first look at the mayhem. After realizing that The Intersect has a virus that actively changes Morgan’s ( Joshua Gomez ) personality, the crew sets out to remove it from his brain on the upcoming episode. At the same time, someone at the CIA didn’t get the memo and issued a kill order on Morgan. So, Chuck ( Zachary Levi ) assumes his best bud's identity in order to smoke out the assassin. Read More... //

Mark Hamill Spills 'Chuck' Cameo Details, Talks All About Playing Bad Guys

Mark Hamill made a career for himself playing Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' franchise, but he's since made his career doing just about everything else, including playing quite a few anti-Skywalker bad guys ("I love Luke, don't get me wrong," he said with a laugh). When the 'Chuck' cast announced at Comic-Con that Hamill was the latest awesome guest star popping by the show to play villain for their final season (premieres Fri., Oct. 21, 8PM ET on NBC), the crowds geeked out as their universes collided. But we knew very little about the bad guy he's playing ... until now. I caught up with Hamill to hear all about his James Bond-style cameo (including some details he probably shouldn't have mentioned -- mild spoilers ahead!) and whether or not he'll be returning for more than just "one scene." He also talked about his voice work as The Joker, first in animation and now in hit video games Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Arkham City. I even got him to say a line in the Joker's voice -- don't you kind of wish this was a video interview? Keep reading for more 'Chuck' talk and bad guy banter with the one and only Mark Hamill. //

'Chuck' Video and News: Guns, Not Babies

We've still got two months until we get new episodes of Chuck . But that's OK when we can enjoy the stars of the show playing with firearms (on video!) and giving scoops on the upcoming season. //

'Chuck' Spoilers: Business Trips and Awesome Involvement

After so many spoilers and casting announcements in recent weeks, you would think we'd actually know something about the upcoming season 5 of Chuck at this point. You would be wrong. But that's OK, because it means there are still plenty of surprises and spoilers to come. Thus, we bring you a few more. //

'Chuck' Season 5: 'Smallville's' Justin Hartley and 'Lost's' Jeff Fahey to guest star as brothers

"Chuck" has always been a magnet for guest stars with serious geek cred, and its fifth and final season is certainly no exception. "Smallville" actor Justin Hartley tweeted on Tuesday that he's having a great time on set, and Zap2it has confirmed that he will be guest starring in the second episode of the season alongside Jeff Fahey, who starred on "Lost" as pilot Frank Lapidus.Fahey plays Karl Sneijder, who, as the boss of a diamond company with mines in South Africa, has been investigated by the CIA in the past for alleged criminal activity. They've never been able to pin anything on him.Hartley will star as Wesley Sneijder, Karl's handsome younger brother. A Dartmouth and Oxford-educated anthropologist, Wesley has always done his best to stay out of his brother's business, wanting nothing to do with the "world of espionage and spies."Of course... he isn't given much choice when Karl's enemies kidnap him. Karl will... //

'Chuck' co-creator Chris Fedak: 'We kind of know our ending'

"Chuck" has already come back from the presumed-dead more than once in its four seasons on NBC -- and in each of the past two years, it's had an initial 13-episode order extended. Still, co-creator Chris Fedak can only deal with what's in front of him now, which means that as far as he's concerned, episode 13 of Season 5 will be the series finale of "Chuck."And, he tells Zap2it, "we kind of know our ending."Fedak says he and co-creator Josh Schwartz pitched an outline for Season 5 to NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt (who, by the way, isn't wavering on his statements that this is the last season) earlier this year to help secure a pickup. "So we have a big arc and shape of where we want to go, and we kind of know our ending," Fedak says. "But right now we're making it real and [working on] those week-to-week adventures.""Chuck" has aired, by... //

Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky at Comic-Con: A Jeffster! Break-Up?!?

Sitting down with Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky at Comic-Con was one of the more surreal Chuck  experiences from the press room. Why? Because these two share dynamic and a sense of humor that's eerily similar to their characters. Sahay was just as goofy and fun as Lester, cracking jokes and telling yours truly that he lived a sad little life. Don't worry, it was all in good fun (and he apologized at the NBC party that night). So go ahead and watch the video from our great interview session, as the two discus the upcoming Jeffster! breakup and the impending, depressing final season of Chuck . Also, be prepared to laugh: //

'Chuck' enters the matrix with Carrie-Anne Moss

"Chuck" has cast a love interest for Adam Baldwin's character, and she should be more than up to the task of keeping pace with John Casey."The Matrix" star Carrie-Anne Moss has signed on for a multi-episode run on the NBC series' final season, EW reports. She's the second big guest star to join Season 5 of the show; it was announced at Comic-Con that Mark Hamill will appear in the season premiere. Moss will play a character named Gertrude Verbanski, who despite her ungainly name is a ruthlessly efficient spy. She runs a private firm that competes with Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah's (Yvonne Strahovski) newly launched enterprise.Gertrude also has a history with Casey, and though they've been professional rivals they have clicked personally. That sound you may have just heard is a bunch of "Chuck" fans squee-ing. In addition to the "Matrix" trilogy, Moss' credits include "Memento," "Disturbia" and the upcoming "Silent Hill: Revelation."... //

'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: Baddies, Beards and Zoom

How many days until the October 21? Considering that there are new spoilers out about the first episodes of Chuck 's fifth (and final?) season, there are way too many days left. At least we have spoilers to keep up entertained while we wait for those long-delayed new episodes. New information about episode titles and some impressive bad guys are always good! //

Meet 'Chuck's' New Villain: Talk Show Host Craig Kilborn

As if life as the new intersect on  Chuck  wasn’t hard enough, Morgan ( Joshua Gomez ) will apparently have not one, but two foes to fend off when the show returns for its final season on Oct. 21. First, the news broke during last week’s Comic-Con that  Mark Hamill  will guest star as the season's first big bad, but now an NBC spokesperson confirms to  The Hollywood Reporter  that  Craig Kilborn  will be joining as a another villain for the season premiere, as first reported by TVLine. Kilborn will play Roger Bale, a conman investor who has crossed the wrong people. Read More... //