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Bombs, Betrayals and Babies: The Best of 'Chuck' Season 4

With a season as good as Chuck ?s fourth, it?s hard to pick the highlights. But why not make the attempt? Here are some of the best aspects of Chuck from the past season. Best Plot Twist: Take Your Pick from the Finale "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" was truly one plot twist after another. The CIA ended Team Bartowski’s careers. Alexei Volkoff disappeared into Hartley Winterbottom. Chuck lost the Intersect. Vivian came back from the Dark Side. Chuck and Sarah gained control of the Volkoff fortune. Team Bartowski reformed as a private spy agency in the newly-purchased Buy More. The whole plot of Chuck to date is part of a larger conspiracy. Oh, and Morgan is the new Intersect.   Read More... //

Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger'

We knew there would probably be a plot twist in the season finale of Chuck but then ?Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger? went and pulled off at least three just in the one episode. Thank goodness it?s not the end of the series, because that much quotable goodness can?t disappear. //

Chuck 4.24 "Chuck vs the Cliffhanger" Recap

Before we plunge into the season finale of  Chuck , make sure you're caught up by reading  last week's recap . The finale begins five days ago.  Chuck and Sarah start freaking out a week before their wedding.  Sarah is worried about sharing her intimate feelings in front of a crowd.  What about a dry run, Chuck suggests.  They'll be ready for anything if they practice before hand.  Smash cut to the ER.  Ellie and Devon place Sarah in an ice bath to slow down her heart rate and any possible tissue damage caused by the Norseman.  They need to find the antidote for whatever radioactive "poison" was used on her.  Sarah rouses and says Chuck looks worried.  "Don't freak out, because we're ready for anything," she tells Chuck before falling back asleep.  Chuck tells her that he will fix this, and that they will be together. Chuck turns to Casey and says only Volkoff, the creator of the Norseman, will now how to save Sarah.  It could take weeks to get him out, so they'll have to break him out.  They go to the penitentiary, but Volkoff is gone.  Casey goes pale when he hears the voice of Clyde Decker, the man the government sends to kill the guy who's supposed to rub out other agents.  Decker tells them that a wash program has been initiated for Agent X and Operation Bartowski.  Chuck is ordered to stand down, but he refuses.  "You may be a hard ass," Chuck retorts to Decker, "but I am the Intersect."  Chuck smashes the monitor on which Decker has appeared.  "Let's move," he tells Casey as they depart. Read More... //

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger” Review (Season Finale)

CHUCK  "Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger" Season 4 Episode 23 – As a season finale, this would have been a decent send off. But this isn’t a series finale. This is a season finale because NBC renewed Chuck  for a fifth and final lap of 13 episodes. Yay! Frankly, I would not have mind had this been the series finale.  Chuck  is a television show I really like, but season four has been hit and miss, and  Chuck  suffers for being an hour long show when every episode (including this one) really only has enough juice for twenty minutes, and usually the final twenty minutes. This episode was pretty lacklustre. We all knew Sarah was not going  to die, so there was no suspense in that. There was suspense in seeing how far Chuck would have to go to save her, and it turns out, not very far at all. CIA turned evil on him (which I sorta predicted in an earlier review, not that that matters) he broke Volkoff (now the innocent Hartley Winterbottom) out of the CIA detention facility, brought him to Volkoff Industries to reunite him with his daughter, had a really cringe worthy debate with him in the reception of the freaking evil lair where apparently nobody recognised either Chuck or Volkoff himself (that part was so stupid) surrendered himself, pleaded with Vivian, Volkoff showed up, kiss kiss, exchange identities for antidote, Chuck arrived with Russian reinforcements and the Cat Squard (one of my least favorites episodes of  Chuck , though I was glad to see them here to help out their friend ) gave Sarah the antidote and that’s it. Read More... //

'Chuck': Insider dish on season finale!

How’s that for a cliffhanger, Chuck  fans?  In the last 30 minutes of the  Chuck  season finale, Chuck and Sarah became nearly-billionaires, got married, bought the Buy More, and started a rogue spy group. And we haven’t even mentioned Morgan. Luckily, EW spoke with Chris Fedak, exec producer/puppet master of the madness, who explained how what we saw in this epic finale is going to impact the show’s fifth and final season. "What we’re really excited about is that season 5 is very much a return to Chuck season 1 and 2. Chuck doesn’t have the Intersect, but there’s a new fish out of water who has to go on these missions," he says. "Chuck is in the position of having to protect his buddy, like Sarah and Casey protected him season 2." Read on for more of our chat. Read More... //

'Chuck' 4.22 'Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger' Review

Chuck played by the numbers: it set up a big event (Chuck and Sarah's wedding) for its big finale, an episode which you can consider even bigger as we now know it also sets the table for the sho... //

'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 24 (Season Finale) Recap

Okay, for those of you who watched the season finale of 'Chuck,' let's take some deep breaths before we plunge into the recap. For those who didn't watch, you need to stop reading right now, go to your DVRs and tune in. In the meantime, let's congratulate Chuck, Sarah and the rest of Team Bartowski for pulling off yet another renewal. Granted, it's only 13 episodes, the show will be moved to Fridays, and it will most likely be its last season; however, it's good to see that it will return to the NBC lineup. All that in spite of the fact that the network itself has not given the show a shred of the promotion it's due. The renewal is especially important because of went on in the finale, which changes the entire playing field. If you've caught your breath or watched the show, then read on. Read More... //

Chuck Review: I Know Kung Fu Too

Before finding out that Chuck was renewed for a fifth and final season, I was worried that "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger" would live to its title and leave us all upset when the show was cancelled by NBC.  Luckily for all us Chucksters, we will get 13 more episodes to conclude the series in a way seen fit by creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz. So when "The Cliffhanger" ended the way it did, with Team Bartowski all fired by the CIA, the group starting as free lance spies, Chuck being told all that has happened to him was an elaborate plan, and Morgan downloading a new intersect, I thanked my lucky stars that it didn't all end like this. Read More... //

'Chuck' season finale: Back to the future

Before late last week, a good percentage of "Chuck" fans had made a degree of peace with the idea that "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" would be the last we'd ever see of our favorite nerd spy hero. The main hope was that it would go out on a strong note.Then it was renewed for a final season, and then "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" aired. Would that have been a great (if tantalizing) series finale? Sure. But man oh man, am I happy it wasn't.Because Morgan Grimes, sudden super-spy, is going to be awesome.We'll spend the next few months thinking about the implications of the finale's final couple of scenes, but what made the payoff so spectacular was the fact that the 40 or so minutes before it were also great. Here was a Chuck who, even after being de-Intersected by the CIA, remained confident enough in his own worth as a spy (or focused enough... //

'Chuck' - 'Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger': Saving Sarah

"That guy may think he's a hardass, but I'm the Intersect." -Chuck Well, not so much anymore. And I'm okay with that.   In the last few weeks of this season, I had made peace with the idea that this would be the final season of "Chuck." The ratings had taken two significant dips (the first right before "Chuck vs. the Push Mix" aired, the second after the show came back from a few weeks of repeats), and I was in full rationalization mode:   We got four seasons when few of us ever imagined we'd get more than two! We've had so many would-be series finales already that saying goodbye to "Chuck" is already imprinted on my DNA! Jeffster! performing Mr. Roboto is only a YouTube click away! The renewal news came in late last week, and I watched "Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger" on Saturday. And as Chuck began laying out his plan to be freelance spies, and as Morgan took out the Intersect sunglasses General Beckman had so thoughtfully hidden in Chuck's going-away box, all I could feel was gratitude:   I'm so glad NBC ordered one more season, because  that  is a show I want to see!  Read More... //