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Chuck 5.08 "Chuck Vs. The Baby" Review

Chuck season 5 swaddles up its eighty entry with this week’s "Chuck Vs. The Baby" as Chuck and Sarah delve into the past by confronting her rogue former CIA handler (Tim DeKay) over a missing child involved with one of her last missions. After some strong weeks "Baby" may offer up a bit of tonal whiplash in its contrasting plot lines, but ultimately comes together for a solid look into Sarah's mysterious past. Sigh. With another holiday week gone by, NBC dumps yet another Chuck episode to the no-man’s-land of Friday, New Years’ Eve Eve. With most still on vacation or at the very least enjoying a Friday night social life, how little must NBC’s regard for Chuck have dissolved to burn off yet a second important episode during a time least likely to be watched? Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/ROqTqibcVxM/114269

'Chuck': You're not alone, Sarah Walker

That's two episodes in a row of just fine, fine work for "Chuck." Co-creator Chris Fedak had promised an "epic" Sarah-centric episode with "Chuck vs. the Baby," and we got pretty close to that descriptor.A couple of plot holes prevented it from being quite as awesome as it might have been, but Yvonne Strahovski anchored the show with a fantastic performance that was enough to paper over some of those nitpicks.The baby Shaw mentioned at the end of "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit" turns out not to be related to Sarah in any way but was the "package" in an assignment led by her old handler, Kieran Ryker (a much-more-menacing-than-usual Tim DeKay). The child is the heir to a huge fortune, which Ryker intends to keep for himself, but Sarah upends those plans, shoots Ryker in the shoulder and delivers the child to her mom, whom the CIA doesn't know about and who Sarah knows... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/12/chuck-youre-not-alone-sarah-walker.html

'Chuck' Recap: The Top 5 Moments from 'Chuck vs. the Baby'

This one was all about Sarah Walker. Thanks to Daniel Shaw's cryptic ending to last week's "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit," we knew that something was up. What we didn't know was just how much of Sarah's past would come to light in "Chuck vs. the Baby." It was a sentimental, occasionally even sappy episode. And here are the Top 5 moments! //www.buddytv.com/articles/chuck/chuck-recap-the-top-5-moments-43288.aspx

Chuck Review: The Game of Life

It was teased back in September that Sarah Walker's mom would be introduced in the final season of Chuck .  Over three months later Momma W finally showed up, played by the wonderful Cheryl Ladd in " Chuck Versus the Baby ," and helped produce what was one of the most emotionally rewarding episodes of the series. Although she came to Chuck Bartowski, as well as the audience, with a hard candy shell, it didn't take long for both parties to figure out that Sarah Walker had a softer side.  While Sarah's father wasn't all bad all the time, it was obvious that Jack Burton was not responsible for the giant heart Sarah has proven to have over the past four years. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/12/chuck-review-the-game-of-life/

'Chuck' 5.08 'Chuck Versus The Baby' Review

This week's Chuck boasts some very familiar special guests - and a baby. It's unashamedly sentimental, but that's just fine for a fun adventure as we near the end of the series. //www.starpulse.com/news/Brittany_Frederick/2011/12/31/chuck_508_chuck_versus_the_baby_review

CHUCK Recap: ‘Chuck Versus the Baby’

THE MISSION – Holy Matrix!  What a flashback!  Sarah has changed so much.  Five years ago she could take down eleven men without blinking or thinking. Neither did she have the sensitivity to deal with a crying baby, but our girl learns fast. Call Mom! Did I mention that this baby is the key to [...] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2011/12/31/chuck-recap-chuck-versus-the-baby/

'Chuck' - 'Chuck vs. the Baby': The mother and child reunion

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Chuck vs. the Baby," the December 30th episode of NBC's "Chuck," in which Yvonne Strahovski kicks ass in another strong Sarah spotlight. //www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/chuck-chuck-vs-the-baby-the-mother-and-child-reunion